June 2010 Committee Minutes

Troop 494 Committee Minutes

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

1. Welcome

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


2. Report from PLC

Jay R. reported that the bike trip was last weekend.  He noted that a good time was had by all. The PLC is in the process of finishing planning for Tomahawk.


3. Scoutmaster Report

Jim Letourneau explained the requirement sign-off for the Quality Unit award for 2010. Scouts and adults need to complete three out of five individual requirements in each of the five different categories in order to earn the Quality Unit award.  Jim will keep track of these sign-offs.


Jay noted that the use of the calling tree is currently satisfactory, but there is room for improvement to let Scouts become better aware of upcoming meetings and events.

Jim also reported that we have a tentative outline for the week at Tomahawk, as well as a duty roster ready to be filled in.  Jay has received a copy of this information.

Quintin A. and Paul J. will be attending Grey Wolf training in the next few weeks.


4. Camping Subcommittee

May Sue Abel reported on upcoming camping trips for the remainder of this year.  We have not planned very much for the beginning of next year as of yet.


Sea Base health forms are due tomorrow for the sailing crew.  We have not selected crew leaders as of yet; this will likely be done at Tomahawk.  All of the crew members on the scuba crew have been certified.

Northern Tier signup sheets are now on the troop website.  The 10-day roster is filled, and the 7-day roster is nearly full as well.


Mary Sue had all of the drivers on the bike trip turn in receipts for gas cost reimbursement.  We currently do not have a policy written, but gas reimbursement can be done on a trip-by-trip basis.


Rick Rausch noted that final preparations are being done on troop equipment for Tomahawk.


5. Tomahawk 2010 Planning

Costs for Tomahawk have been estimated at $255 for Scouts ($280 for first-year Scouts), and $90 for adult leaders.  Food costs are factored into the estimates.

Mary Sue discussed t-shirt options. We may not be able to have a logo on the back to indicate the 100th anniversary of Scouting.  The color of shirt we will use for Tomahawk will be determined later.  Shirts will be ordered this week.


We will send an email out to determine the count for people attending Wednesday night’s dinner. The deadline for replying will be the Tuesday before Tomahawk.  The menu is set.


The menu for the week is secured and the count has been figured.


Jim Letourneau will talk with Pack 437 to determine who is coming to Wednesday night’s dinner from the Cub Scout pack.


The Committee reviewed a request to allow a female sibling, who is staying in Family Camp, to spend the entire week in camp with us, supervised by her mother.  The request was made because the mother is attending Tomahawk to supervise her Scout, and she has no alternative care options for the sibling.  Tomahawk is not a family camp, and the Committee was concerned about setting a precedent for future years and about the impact on the boys of sharing their week at Tomahawk with a younger sister there.  After discussion the Committee voted, with about half of the members abstaining, to allow this one-time exception.  It was agreed that Jim Letourneau would develop a list of expectations for the week, and he would be the one to decide whether the sibling would be asked to leave camp because those expectations were not being met.


Ken Rowe noted that he posted Tomahawk charges, emailed people with negative balances, and distributed Scout Bucks statements to those in attendance.  Bike trip costs have not been figured into the statements.  Tomahawk balances must be paid before Scouts attend camp.


Jeff Abel noted that those taking any shooting sports merit badges at Tomahawk must get parental permission before doing any shooting activity.


Physical forms for Tomahawk were due tonight.  Deb has stressed to have people make copies of their forms.


Anyone who did not take the swim test at the Community Center will have a chance to do so on July 13 at Ken Rowe’s house, or back at the Community Center depending on the number of people who may need to take it again.


Jeanenne Rausch has stepped forward to be our medical officer during the week at Tomahawk, and the Committee thanked her for filling this important role.


We are requesting 22 tents, 55 cots, 4 tarps, and 10 picnic tables for use at Tomahawk.


Deb Clarke will submit the roster and the limited-space merit badge signups to Tomahawk this week.


6. Advancement Subcommittee

Christy Bartlett distributed the Advancement Report.  We do have a good distribution of Scouts working on the different ranks.  There are also several scouts who are very close to Eagle.


Joe Mikkelson reported that most of the second-year Scouts are approaching First Class, just working on some loose ends to finish up the requirements.


Christy also noted that Scouts now have labels in their books denoting the new requirements for this year.


Andrew Sanville has chosen July 25 as the tentative date for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.


7. Fundraising Subcommittee

Joe Mikkelson noted that the July 3 bagging date at Cub is cancelled.  We are still scheduled to bag again on August 15.  We are now on a 5-month scheduling pattern to bag at the White Bear Cub.


Jim Golding reported on wreaths.  We will have pricing quotes just after the July 4 weekend.  We are considering using Mickman Brothers as an alternative wreath provider instead of Evergreen.  Roger will review the quotes with Jim after the Fourth of July.


Flower sales are now complete. Sales were comparable to last year.


Bridget Newman reported that we had another good year for the Manitou 15K race.  Each Scout will earn approximately $55 for their Scout Bucks account.


8. Community Service Subcommittee

No report.


9. Website Subcommittee

No report.


10. Treasurer’s Report

No report.


11. Old Business

Roger reported that the White Bear Rotary has not yet chosen a date to make our annual presentation; however, they may want us to make the presentation to the full group every other year now and present just to their Board in between.


12. New Business

Roger reported that the National BSA announced new guidelines regarding Youth Protection training.  Adult leaders are now required to have this training to become or continue to be an adult leader within a unit. This training must also be renewed every two years.


13. Comments/Closing

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.