March 30, 2010

Christy Bartlett filled in for Roger Scherping at this meeting. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.


1. Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2. Report from PLC
Jay Rausch reported that as part of the Planning Weekend the scouts filled out an evaluation.  There were no big concerns regarding the overall running of the weekend.  Jay noted that the Scouts liked the opportunity to be the patrol leader for their individual patrols.  Jim Letourneau suggested that we hold a one-day session to go over the points of being patrol leaders as a refresher course when the Patrols switch patrol leaders in the September time frame.

3. Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau reported on recruiting from Pack 437. There are still one or two Scouts from there who are currently undecided. We had two Scouts join us from Pack 437, as well as one Scout from Troop 431. We need to recruit Scouts from our troop who can serve as den chiefs, who can then work with the Packs.  Jim is hoping to re-establish a connection with Pack 529 by the fall of this year.

Jim also noted that he will follow up on the Quality Unit award sign-off card for 2010.

The two nominations for Grey Wolf have been received, and Jim is waiting to hear back.

Jim also has five names for receiving the Star of the Future awards.

Jim would like to make a plan for a review of the “Tech Chip” at Basic Skills.  This card is used to show that Scouts are able to use electronics on campouts, but in a responsible manner.  The card would be very similar to the Totin’ Chip. The committee agreed that this would be something to pursue for the future. We discussed adding a Parent Sign off as well, because of the dollar value of some of these items. The Parent's approval would be the first step in this process.

Jim noted that that the leadership cards handed out at the Planning Weekend are being received well by the Scouts. This card applies for all of the positions of responsibility in the troop.

4. Camping Subcommittee
Jim Letourneau noted that he will be making calls to Northern Tier this week to try and register us for three crews for August 2011.

Basic Skills is coming up next month (April 17-19), and will be held at Fred C.

Star Camp is scheduled for May 21-23, which will be at Stearns Scout Camp in Annandale.  We are making plans to build a “gateway” as an entrance to our site. The Committee discussed gathering building materials ( Mike Cerney and Bill Johnson volunteered to see what they could come up with) to be able to build it at the Basic Skills outing. We are also looking into inviting Packs 437 and 529 to go to Star Camp as well.

We are looking into certifying one or two of our adult leaders as first responders.  With a first responder in the troop, we are able to distribute medication in camp ourselves at Tomahawk.  The state of Wisconsin requires this for any long-term camping trips we do.

Deb Clarke noted that the bike trip is scheduled for June, and we are planning to do three days instead of the typical four.

We will need to figure out if anyone is interested in doing T2 at Tomahawk soon.  We also have a deposit for this year’s Tomahawk coming up.  New guidelines also are requiring all participants to get a physical for Tomahawk this year.  We will ask Quintin A. to begin a signup sheet for Tomahawk if he hasn’t already.  We will also plan for mentioning details on Tomahawk at the April 20 meeting.

Tour permits are currently being worked on for Sea Base as well as troop-level training for the adult leaders.

No quartermaster report or military surplus updates.

5. Advancement Subcommittee
Christy Bartlett reported that two boys (Andrew S. and Allen C.) are ready for Eagle boards of review.  We are currently looking at setting dates for them.

We currently have 1 Eagle, 7 Life, 7 Star, 11 First Class, 5 Second Class, 7 Tenderfoot, 2 new first-year Scouts, and 1 currently at Scout.

Ben H., Nick S., and Joe S. are currently working on their Eagle projects ideas, the first phase of the write up process.

We also discussed the possibility of doing a Troop Level Eagle Expo of sorts.

Christy is also currently working on printing labels to denote the new rank advancement requirements for this year.  Any Scout who currently is working on a rank started before January 1 must complete the new requirements for this year.

6. Fundraising Subcommittee
Michele Willard noted that the Scouts sold over $14,000 worth of flowers this year.  We will need to get money turned in by May 1.

We have a bagging opportunity coming up this Friday (April 2) at the White Bear Cub Foods. The bagging is scheduled from noon to 6:00 pm.  Jim will let Jay and the assistant patrol leaders know about bagging.

One parent mentioned that her son was not able to sign up for the April bagging since the list was full. It was noted that some of the Scouts signed up are not on the roster for this summer's high adventure trip to SeaBase.  Bill Johnson felt that the sign up should be limited to high adventure Scout participants and their parents as first choice as this fundraiser originally intended. Other Scouts can then work this fundraiser if space permits.

Bridget Newman reported that the Manitou 15K race is scheduled for June 5.  She discussed that there is a newer online registration form being used this year than what was used in previous years.  Bridget is currently soliciting donations as well, and these are due by May 1.  Jim noted that we should send out a note to our Charter Partner, the Rotary Club suggesting that local businesses in White Bear should donate to the cause.  The Committee agreed that this would be a good idea.  We will look into shirt designs in the next several weeks, and possibly hold a patrol competition to see who can come up with the best design.

Bill Johnson reserved a site for flower sorting at the beginning of May.

7. Community Service Subcommittee
Deb Clarke reported that Scouting for Food is scheduled for Saturday, April 24.  We will meet at Polar Lakes Park in White Bear Township.  Jim Hering will talk to the White Bear Press about putting in an article about the event.

We will not be doing the cemetery cleanup for St. John’s this year.

Heritage Park cleanup is scheduled for Tuesday, May 4.  We will emphasize bringing our own materials (rakes, tarps, etc.).  Christy has volunteered her home again for a meal.

Relay for Life is scheduled for Friday, July 30 at South Campus.  We will promote this event for a good turnout.  Christy will mention the event to the Cub Scouts as well.

Jim Hering would like to get Feed My Starving Children on the calendar for Tuesday, October 12.

8. Website Subcommittee
There was a note about a link not working on the troop website. We will send a note to Roger Scherping or Steve Anastasi about this.

9. Treasurer’s Report
No report.

As far as troop trailer insurance, this is still being looked into.  We need to get an inventory of what we have in both trailers, so this may be a good thing for Nick A. (our new quartermaster) to work on at Basic Skills.

10. Old Business
Jim Letourneau noted that we are currently at 49% of our goal for Friends of Scouting.  Any other money for FOS needs to be turned in by April 1.  We are still planning on doing some kind of follow up.

Deb Clarke reported on special needs awareness. We are in the process of scheduling a class, and Deb will talk to Roger Scherping further about this.

11. New Business
Scouts will need to be at the roundtable meeting at 7:15 to conduct the opening flag ceremony.

12. Comments/Closing
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.