May 2010 Committee Minutes

Troop 494 Committee Minutes
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

1. Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2. Report from PLC
Jay R. reported that we will begin planning for the bike trip next week.  He also noted that we will be beginning planning for Tomahawk soon as well.  There is also a Court of Honor planned for June 22.

3. Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau reported that we are still looking for more den chiefs to help with Webelos recruiting next year.  This will be targeted for the fall.

Jim also passed around a sheet noting the requirements for the Quality Unit Award for 2010.  He will create a signoff sheet that Scouts and adults will use to earn the award.

Quintin A. and Paul J. have been accepted for attending Grey Wolf training.

The two Scouts who were selected for the Star of the Future award are Brian D. and Andrew S.

Jim composed a packet of information regarding the “Tech Chip”, which included a training document as well as a parent approval form allowing Scouts to bring electronics to campouts.  We will table this idea until after Tomahawk.

Jim also passed around a new calling tree spreadsheet showing the changes in the Eagles and Flaming Arrows patrols.

4. Camping Subcommittee
Mary Sue Abel reported that we have not had any new adults sign up to do four days on the Duluth to Hugo bike trip.

Jeff Abel noted that ground transportation has been finalized for Sea Base for both crews.  He also looked into side trips for the sailing crew; there are options available for later discussion.  At this time, we have not assigned crew leaders.  There is a team-building event at the Clarke/Boerner cabin scheduled for June 6.  Sailing health forms are due June 30.  The Scuba crew is doing their dives June 22 and 23. 

Mary Sue noted that flights for the Sailing crew have changed to where there are now connections to be able to get down to Florida and back.  However, there is no confirmation that this change has been applied yet.  MarySue will check on this.

Mary Sue also reviewed the schedule of campouts for the rest of 2010 and for 2011.  We will need to offer something for those not going to Sea Base in August of this year.  The Lock In is December 11.  March and April 2011 have been booked for both Planning and Basic Skills.

Mary Sue distributed a list of food-buying guidelines to help Scouts and parents buy food for weekend campouts.  Jeff suggested the idea of having a patrol “chef” to double-check that all food is out for the patrol at each meal, to make sure nothing is left over at the end of the weekend.

Mary Sue also discussed gas reimbursements.  In the past, drivers were reimbursed for trips longer than two hours.  MarySue will develop a recommendation for the Committee.

Deb Clarke reported that the Tomahawk parents meeting is scheduled for June 1.  Deb will make copies of parent letters.  Deb will also email copies of merit badge signups to the Scouts for advance notice of what will be available this year.  We will make merit badge cards available to the Scouts at this week’s meeting.  Physicals need to be completed by June 29.  We are suggesting that parents make a copy of the health form, and then get both the original and the copy to Deb, with the copy being for our records.

The swim test for Tomahawk is scheduled for June 29, with an alternate date of July 13.  We will also need to request picnic tables, tents, and cots soon.  We have four Scouts signed up for the T2 program, and these Scouts have been signed up for their respective programs.  Jim Letourneau will follow up with Jay on ordering shirts.  Jeff Abel mentioned the need to get the shooting sports permission slips signed before we leave for Tomahawk.  MarySue reported that the menu is nearly finalized for the week.

MarySue reported that after this week’s meeting we will have a Northern Tier 2011 meeting.  Commitment letters will be distributed, and those letters need to be signed and turned in by June 8 to guarantee a spot on the crew.

Rick Rausch reported that there is a propane tank that needs inspection or replacement, and we also have a stove that needs inspection as well.  We also have troop tents from Star Camp that are currently being dried out.  One had bent poles that will need to be straightened.  Jim mentioned that we may want to look into better quality stakes for the tents.  There might also be some things that could be taken out of the trailers to empty them out.

Jeff Abel reported that selling materials from the surplus store as a fundraising would be a violation of rules set up by the surplus store.  He turned in our latest recharter form.

Mark Beckers has not heard anything back on first responder training.  There are three adults interested.

5. Advancement Subcommittee
Jeff Abel noted that the younger Scouts are making good progress towards First Class.   Joe Mikkelson is keeping a spreadsheet that notes the dates of requirement completion.  With this spreadsheet, the Advancement Committee will be better able to record dates into the computer records.  The spreadsheet can also be a better indicator of when Scouts are ready for Scoutmaster conferences or Boards of Review. 

Shelly Jokinen reported that there will be a Court of Honor on June 22.  We will make an announcement for Scouts to complete any advancement work that could be done before the court.

Jeanenne Rausch and Pat Mahoney are interested in the position of Eagle Coach.  They will sit down with Jim to discuss the requirements for the position.

6. Fundraising Subcommittee
Joe Mikkelson reported that we have another bagging date scheduled for August 15.  The manager for the White Bear Cub asked us to sign up only in five-month intervals.  Shelly Jokinen also suggested we look into Festival Foods or the Cub Foods in Maplewood.  Mark Beckers brought up that we consider the White Bear Kowalski’s.

Jim Hering noted that there is a hot dog wagon that we can use through the Freedom gas station to fundraise as well.  This fundraiser takes a large time commitment, though.

Michele Willard noted that she is computing the last numbers on our flower fundraiser.  She commented that in general, the flower sales this year was good.

Michele also reported that Jim Golding is finalizing his review of Mickman’s, a possible new wreaths vendor for this year.

Bridget Newman is working on the shirts for the Manitou 15K race.  Mary Sue noted that there is also a signup sheet for Scouts to help out with the race.  The race is scheduled for June 5, and Scouts need to be at Matoska Park at 7:00 am wearing orange class B uniforms.

7. Community Service Subcommittee
Jim Hering noted that there were no changes from our current community service schedule.

The Committee decided that a request to have our Scouts march in the Memorial Day Parade was received with too short of a notice.

8. Website Subcommittee
No report. Jim Letourneau noted that we need to begin moving pictures onto the troop website to get a history of what we have done on our recent and past campouts.

9. Treasurer’s Report
No report.

10. Old Business
Roger Scherping noted that we will move the special needs awareness class topic to the fall of this year.

Roger has not heard back from the Rotary about making our annual presentation there.

11. New Business
Mark Beckers has signed up to attend the next Wood Badge class in late June.

12. Comments/Closing
The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.