October 26, 2010 Committee Minutes

Troop 494 Committee Minutes

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

1. Special Needs Awareness Training

Deb Clarke gave the Committee a presentation on Scouts with special needs, specifically those who have been diagnosed with ADHD or autism, and on ways that adult leaders can effectively work with those Scouts.


2. Welcome

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


3. Report from PLC

Jay R. reported that we are going to do a Bowling Fun Night at White Bear Bowl on November 2 since it is Election Day.  We have eight lanes that we can use, and we will meet at the bowling alley at 6:30.


4. Scoutmaster Report

Jim Letourneau reported on Tech Chip training, which will be done at Merit Badge Weekend.  He handed out information that we can put up on the troop website.  See attachment.

We received a request for another troop to join us for the Lock-In at Shoreview in December.  The Committee agreed to let that troop join us for the event.


5. Camping Subcommittee

Mary Sue Abel noted that the second installment for Northern Tier has been deducted from Scout Bucks.  We have a total of 27 Scouts and adults attending Northern Tier next summer.  We will hold crew meetings shortly and determine whether to invite Scouts from outside our troop.

We will be going into the lottery for Philmont in 2012.  Open registration for the event begins October 31.  Quintin A. will start an interest sheet for those who may wish to attend.

Mary Sue gave an update on Spearhead and Snow Huskies.  We currently have 9 Scouts and 5 adults who will be attending this event in January.  These people are now committed and we be charged for the event unless they find a replacement.

Rick Rausch reported that equipment in the trailers is in the process of becoming winterized.  Rick also noted that he received a large box of mosquito netting from Tom DeGayner that we can put into use in the future.

Pat Mahoney reported on first responder training.  He noted that there may be a session that we could attend in Eden Prairie next March.  Roger Scherping will also check with his contact at the Red Cross.


6. Advancement Subcommittee

Jeff Abel noted that we have four Scouts who are starting on their Scout requirements. There may be as many as about 15 Scouts joining us from Pack 437 next March.

Shelly Jokinen noted that meetings are continuing with Scouts who are approaching Eagle.  We have several Scouts who are very close to completing all of their requirements.

Shelly will also ask Michele Willard for a complete schedule for Merit Badge Weekend for the next troop meeting.

Christy Bartlett is currently working to obtain advancement records for Tyler D., who recently joined our troop.

Ann Cerney will provide Roger with the email addresses for the Webelos so they can be added to our weekly email list.

Roger noted that our next Court of Honor will be January 18, 2011.


7. Fundraising Subcommittee

Joe Mikkelson reported that we were not able to get a spot at the White Bear Cub for bagging in January.  He will write a letter that will be used for requesting dates for bagging.  We will try to reserve a bagging date for February, and Joe will call to check when we need to have a letter submitted.

Roger will send an email to the Cub Foods in Maplewood to see if we might be able to bag there as well, and he will also contact Ramsey County about their waste disposal centers.

Wreath and popcorn orders are due tonight.  Jim Golding and Joe Hetzer were not in attendance, and Ken Rowe collected forms and money for each of the fundraisers.


8. Community Service Subcommittee

Jim Hering reported that we had 33 Scouts and adults pack food at Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids.  We packed approximately 2,000 meals, and the event was a big success.

Jim also reported on an elm-planting project.  He will see if we have the proper tax status to help this individual.

9. Treasurer's Report

Ken Rowe will work with Rick Rausch to get values for the troop equipment so that we can look into insurance. 

 Ken reported on troop credit cards.  He has applications that can be filled out and submitted.

The budget for this year looks good, and the 2011 budget is nearly ready.

Ken noted that there are a number of overdrawn Scout Bucks accounts.  He will be e-mailing Scouts who have negative Scout Bucks balances.

The Committee agreed with Ken’s idea of charging all participants the estimated cost of an event on the Tuesday before the event, and then following up afterwards with the actual costs.  This will enable Ken to keep the Scout Bucks accounts updated more effectively.

10. Old Business

Roger noted that the calendar issue on the troop website has been corrected.  The website also now has a slide show of pictures on the home page that highlights our past campouts.  We have photo albums from nearly 60 events dating back to 1998, and we have also established a YouTube account with videos from past campouts.  The website is now complete.

11. New Business

We will be rechartering in December instead of January this year.  Roger will find out more information on rechartering at the next district Roundtable meeting.

Ann Cerney discussed Adopt a Family.  There are two families that we may be able to help as we did last year.  The only comment that was received last year was that since the parents were really the ones responsible for this project last year, the Scouts were essentially unaware of the project and so did not get the true meaning of helping out these families.  We may be able to invite the leader of the project to come to a troop meeting to discuss what is involved in doing it.  Jim Letourneau will check with the PLC so they can decide if this is something the troop would like to do again.  December 14 will be the latest date we can complete this project by if we decide we would like to pursue it again.

12. Comments / Closing

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.