September 2010 Minutes

Troop 494 Committee Minutes

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.


1. Welcome

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


2. Colin R. Eagle Project Review

The Committee reviewed the Eagle project for Colin R., which involves renovating and upgrading the area in and around the first known settlement area in the city of Vadnais Heights.  His plan is to construct a wood chip path leading up a grade to a marker location that denotes the settlement area.  He will also be constructing a retaining wall around the marker site.  There is also vegetation and brush that must be cleared for the marker to become more visible to the general public. The Committee suggested changes to his drawings and diagrams, as well as his materials list.  With this in mind, he will present his project again to the troop Committee at the next troop meeting before going for final approval from the district on October 7.


3. Report from PLC

Jay R. reported that we recently had a successful Court of Honor.  The PLC is currently planning for the October backpacking trip, which will be at Afton State Park.  This was changed from the original plan of going to Jay Cooke State Park.  The PLC is also discussing combining two of our smaller patrols into one larger one.


4. Scoutmaster Report

Jim Letourneau discussed the Scout who recently apologized to the troop for an inappropriate action that he committed while the troop was returning from SeaBase.  Jim reported that this Scout has successfully met all of the requirements that the Committee set for him to make amends for his action, including his apology, his temporary suspension from troop activities, and his payment and letter of apology to the store.  Jim asked if the Committee agreed that with the completion of these conditions, the Scout has successfully put this incident behind him and that it would not be an obstacle to his attaining the rank of Eagle in the future, and the Committee agreed.


Jim also reported that he has printed a wall chart to keep a record of who has completed individual requirements for the Quality Unit patch for this year.  He will update this chart as necessary.


Jim also noted that there were several Scouts who attended both the Meet the Teacher Night at Otter Lake School on September 2 and Pack 437's first pack meeting on September 20.  We are trying to make more of a presence at their meetings to help increase Scout recruitment.


Christy Bartlett is working on gathering email addresses from the parents of second-year Webelos to add them to our weekly email updates.


Jim is also looking into doing an informational session on the Tech Chip during Merit Badge Weekend in November.


5. Camping Subcommittee

Mary Sue Abel updated the Committee on upcoming campouts.  We have the backpacking trip at Afton State Park planned for October 10-12.  Merit Badge Weekend is scheduled for November 12-14 at Kiwanis.  December will be the Lock-In at Shoreview Community Center.  We also have Snow Huskies and Spearhead tentatively scheduled for January 21-23, 2011.


The OA Fall Conclave is taking place this weekend at the Almelund Threshing Grounds near Taylors Falls.


The downpayment for each crew for Northern Tier will be due at the beginning of October.  Crew leaders will also be determined in October.  As previously mentioned, all three of the Northern Tier crews will be attending for seven days.


Rick Rausch reported that our troop trailers and its equipment are being reorganized.  The trailers should be back at their regular storage location after wreath and popcorn sales wrap up.


6. Advancement Subcommittee

Joe Mikkelson noted that a lot of progress is being made in Road to First Class.  Four Scouts have recently earned the rank of First Class, and there are three new Scouts who have joined our troop within the last few weeks.


Christy Bartlett reported that there is an even distribution of Scouts at each of the ranks.  There is currently one Scout, 5 Tenderfoots, 13 First Class, 5 Star, and 11 Life, plus 2 Eagle Scouts.  The Advancement Committee is looking to meet with all of the Scouts to review how they are doing with advancement.


Tim Willard is working on a list of merit badges for Merit Badge Weekend.  He is also looking for counselors who may be able to teach one or more of the historic merit badges that are marking the 100th anniversary of Scouting this year.


Tyler DiSera’s advancement records have not been received from his old troop in Hawaii yet, but Christy will work with Dave DiSera on getting them.


Christy discussed updating our merit badge books in the troop library, specifically those that are Eagle-required.  Several members of the Committee stressed that if we update the merit badge books, both counselors and Scouts should read the contents of the book to stay updated on anything that changes between editions.  Scouts should be coming prepared for merit badge sessions, and any prerequisites that need to be completed before attending a class session must be done before completing the rest of the class material.


7. Fundraising Subcommittee

Joe Mikkelson reported that the next signup date for grocery bagging is October 19.  One policy that Cub enacted as of late is that they are no longer taking telephone calls for signing up.  Rather, organizations must now write a letter stating their intent to sign up for a bagging date.  Joe will check to confirm this policy change, and he will then attempt to sign up for a bagging date in January.


Wreath and popcorn sales kicked off at the Court of Honor last week.  Sales for both fundraisers end approximately at the end of October.


8. Community Service Subcommittee

Jim Hering noted that Feed My Starving Children is scheduled for October 12 at their Coon Rapids location.  We will meet at the White Bear Cub at 5:00 pm and begin food packing around 6:00 pm.


9. Treasurer's Report

No report.


Christy Bartlett will submit the 2011 budget to the District at the Roundtable meeting.


10. Old Business

Roger Scherping will be talking to those who have not recently renewed their Youth Protection training to renew or otherwise complete it.  Those adult leaders who do not renew or complete the training will not be able to recharter in January.


The Committee will be completing the special needs awareness session at next month's Committee meeting.  The session will likely run for about a half hour.


Roger also addressed the Committee on the status of our troop website.  The old site has been taken down.  It was also determined that the calendar which Roger has been diligently updating for the past two years is not the one that appears on our troop website.  Consequently, it appeared that no one was keeping an up-to-date troop calendar since the new site went up.  Roger will ensure that the updated calendar is the one that appears on the website as soon as possible.


Roger also reported that the Memorabilia section of the old site has been completely transferred over and updated.  He and our Scout Webmaster will also be establishing a YouTube account for sharing our videos from campouts.  Finally, Roger and Jim determined that we will put up on our new site only 50 pictures for each weekend event and 100 pictures for each week-long campout (such as Tomahawk or Sea Base).


11. New Business

The Many Waters District will be holding the annual University of Scouting training day on October 30 at Hudson High School.


Jim Letourneau mentioned that the Friends of Scouting campaign will be starting soon.


12. Comments / Closing

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.