April 2012


1. Welcome Roger Scherping –

Minutes approved from the last meeting.  New members, Mike Cogan and Terry Hietpas, from the new first years, joined us for the meeting.

2. Report from PLC Quintin A.-  
- Basic Skills preparation: Quintin reported that 4 patrols agreed to sleep in tents.  Went over weekend agenda including session details and who is in charge of doing them, nightly activities including skits, and chaplin duties Sunday morning.   
- WB Lacrosse ticket sales service project was not supported by the Scouts, nor is it really considered a community service event.
- Feed My Starving Children dates discussed:  Scouts definitely want to do it, but are having conflicts with the dates to do it.  Roger will check to see what is still available and get back to the troop. 
- It was decided not to pursue a flag retirement ceremony.

3. Scoutmaster Report Jim Letourneau –

Jim reported that Quintin is still working on finalizing the 2013 calendar. It should include FOS and Courts of Honor.  Jim is in favor of making name tags at Basic Skills this weekend.  Scouts should wear them, along with the adults working with the first years.  We are going to need two more patrol boxes but need to figure out where to store them.  We will hold off on making them until after a new trailer is bought.

4. Camping Subcommittee MarySue Abel-
- 2012 Philmont preparations- going fairly smoothly as they have gotten in a few hikes so far. They are trying to find some alternative nights to get more hikes in.  It was communicated that Basic Skills weekend is highly recommended to participate in to assist with getting the necessary pre-hikes in.  If Scouts don’t respond to the emails crew leaders may have to follow up as well to make sure their equipment up to date and have sufficient break in time.  It is important that the crews meet their agreed-upon preparation commitments. 
- 2013 High Adventure – Voyager houseboat was decided on; 2014 thought they would try to do Sea Base again.
- April 27 - Basic Skills at Fred C. Anderson has 49 Scouts, 24 adults going.  Pack is coming on Saturday.   Mike and Jeff can drive the trailers.  Need to make sure that all the meal prep is coordinated after the meeting.  Mary Sue will meet with Marc to coordinate food buying for the adults.  Ken would like to have a check in table set up for check in and collecting fees.
- May 18 - Backpacking at Afton; have 6 sites reserved currently as there can only be 6 people on a site per State Park rules.  35 people are signed up.  There should not be an issue to find space for more if needed.
- June 22 prep for Philmont – Scouts would like to go to campsites at Fred C Anderson. Day trips to Taylors Falls could be activities for the younger Scouts while the older Scouts do longer hikes.
- Tomahawk – We will have to decide on which troop guided merit badges to work on. Mary Sue would like to discuss with Bridget merit badge options for in camp Tomahawk.  Deb will get a sign-up sheet going for Tomahawk merit badges due to deadlines coming up.  It was decided to have the swim test date on the June 26th Committee meeting night.  An update on need for second camp site was given: The current troop at the Tuscarora site is open to having members from our troop.  For 2014 have reserved the Tuscarora site.
- August campout has not yet been decided as feedback from the younger Scouts was needed.  Perhaps Lake Elmo.
- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch absent
- Camping store - Jeff Abel absent

5. Advancement Subcommittee Christy Bartlett- not present
- Road to First Class update Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen – Scouts are wrapping up turning in receipts from the last first year Scout camping trip.  Most Scouts should be able to get done with 2nd class and maybe 1st class requirements before the next Court of Honor.  Troop is looking for the right Scouts to fulfill the troop guide role to help transition the first year Scouts.
- Advancement status – no report
- Eagle Expo report was scheduled for this past weekend with two Scouts showing up.  Note for next year to gauge interest level and need before putting it on the calendar

6. Fundraising Subcommittee Ryan Solberg –

- Bagging - June 3 Pam Blank: Stayed with original bagging date of June 3rd.  Sign up sheet will put out May 15th.
- Flowers Michele Willard - pickup May 12.  Overall $2,600 more sales than last year, almost $5,000 through webstore (60% of Scouts used store).  Linders gift cards fundraiser, over $1400 in sales, 33% through the webstore.
- Manitou 15k - June 2 Bridget Newman – Bridget has to make a few more phone calls to organize things.  Currently there are 6 sponsors compared to 11 last year.  Would like to have more sponsors to offset T- shirt costs.  May have to limit number of Scouts volunteering to keep assignments manageable and profit per Scout up.  May need to have someone else assist with assigning day of duties so Bridget can concentrate on managing organizational process.  Discussed it would be helpful to invite parents of volunteering Scouts to come to May committee meeting to understand what is needed day of race.  We need to close the signups after the May 22 troop meeting.

7. Community Service Subcommittee Lori Hamlin – not present – Marc reported that the troop has to have six community service projects per year to earn the gold standard.

- Heritage Park Cleanup report  - went well! Not much to pick up, but boys did pruning, raking, etc…to make the park look great!
- Scouting for Food report Deb Clarke – needs to find a time to deliver food. Deb’s pickup bed is filled food as well as extra in her minivan.  The turnout was perhaps slightly down compared to last year.

8. Treasurer's Report Ken Rowe -

- 2013 proposed budget reviewed.  Eagle gift budget increased from $150 to $300.  Reported that the credit card fixed annual fees will be part of the annual troop budget.

Fiscal year end (Feb 29, 2012) numbers show the troop had a net income $1,390.  There are currently 30 Scouts overdrawn, only 7 are over $100.  Roger will get out emails to these Scouts to balance their Scout buck accounts.
- Insurance issue on troop trailers- Ken is meeting with an insurance agent on Friday and will give an update at next meeting.

9. Other -
- Website update Tim Willard –not present.  Roger reported that the troop has reached max storage capacity on our website and that they are in process of correcting this.
- Adult Leader Training update Dave DiSera – not present
- Fun Night update Mike Pendergast – not present
- Friends of Scouting update Marc Johannsen – We met our goal!  We now get free rank advancments.
- Adult Historian update Shauna Galatzer – not present

10. Old Business -

John Clarke is looking into cost and how to fund a trailer.  The troop is looking for a single axle 6’x10’ fully covered 6’ high trailer that a smaller vehicle could pull.  Initial cost estimate is $2500 to $3000.  Roger to send John an email to get an update.

Linders Fall Festival fundraiser Michelle Sylvander - not present

11. New Business -
- District Tomahawk and Troop 494 Campership applications for Tomahawk due 5/31.


- Several adult committee members and Scouts from Troop 494 were recognized at the recognition dinner last week.  Troop 494 had more people recognized than any other troop in our district.