August 28, 2012



The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

1.      Welcome – The Committee minutes from last meeting were approved.

2.      Development of 2012/2013 Calendar

Quintin A. will forward to Roger Scherping the results of the planning they did at Tomahawk.

3.      Report from PLC – Quintin A.
Quintin reviewed planning for the Namekagon trip. The Order of the Arrow conclave is coming up September 14. Quintin will send out an email for several Scouts to make a presence at Otter Lake’s Meet the Teacher night tomorrow night. He is also looking for speakers for the upcoming Court of Honor on September 18.

4.      Scoutmaster Report – Jim Letourneau

Jim discussed upcoming Pack 437 activities so that we can get involved for our recruitment efforts.  Jim also discussed how he is following up with 8 boys to understand what happened during an altercation on Friday of Tomahawk.

5.      Camping Committee – MarySue Abel
The Namekagon canoeing trip is coming up September 7-9, and we have 13 Scouts and 9 adults signed up so far; the actual attendance is certain to be much higher. The Committee discussed whether we would need more tents or patrol boxes for the trip, but this will be discussed at next week’s troop meeting.

We are attending Phillippo in October, the Lock-In at Shoreview Community Center is planned for December, and Eagle Cave is on the calendar in January.  February will be some sort of snow-oriented activity.

Rick Rausch is cleaning and organizing gear in the troop trailers from both Tomahawk and Philmont.

6.      Advancement Committee – Christy Bartlett

Christy noted that advancement across the board is progressing well. Roger is going to start a new session of the Personal Fitness merit badge following the Namekagon trip.  The September Court of Honor will be on the 18th.

Road to First Class – Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen/Ken Rowe
One Scout completed his Board of Review for First Class at the Committee meeting.  Joe Mikkelson reported that many of the second-year Scouts are progressing through Scoutmaster conferences and Boards of Review. First-year Scouts are making personal first aid kits, and the rules of personal safety have been discussed over the last couple of meetings. Six first-year Scouts are still completing Boards of Review for Tenderfoot from Tomahawk.

7.      Fundraising Committee – Ryan Solberg
Bridget Newman reported that each of the boys who were at the Manitou 15K race earned about $85 for their Scout Bucks accounts.

Roger noted that Jim Golding would like to start wreath sales at the Court of Honor. Sales will end October 23, with pickup just before Thanksgiving (November 15-17). Pat Stoterau will be starting popcorn sales at the Court of Honor as well and will follow the same dates.

Ryan will follow up with Pam Blank to see if we were able to obtain a spot for bagging in December.

8.      Community Service Committee
Roger noted that Jim Woodruff, the pastor of St. Stephen’s, would like us to trim some lilac bushes and assemble a railing on the deck of the game room building. We placed this activity on the calendar for the troop meeting on September 11, the first meeting after Namekagon.

The Committee decided not to take part in organizing the bike safety rodeo in Hugo, as many of the older boys will be at the OA conclave that weekend (September 15).

Jeanenne Rausch discussed the Food for Life opportunity, taking place during the White Bear Lake Fire Department open house on October 6, from 11:00am to 2:00pm. People from the community bring non-perishable food items for donation to the White Bear Lake Food Shelf. We will look for volunteers who are not going on the October campout to take part in this. The open house will take place at fire station #2, located on the corner of McKnight Road and County E.  A signup sheet will be started at the next meeting.

9.      Treasurer’s Report – Ken Rowe
Ken is reconciling funds from Tomahawk and Philmont. Eleven Scouts currently have negative ScoutBucks balances for a total of approximately $250.

Ken is also working to finalize expenses from the fishing campout, as well as from first aid and CPR training that were recently completed for Philmont.

Regarding troop trailer insurance, the insurance agent has a list of the inventory of items in the trailers. Ken is working out whose policy the trailers will go under, whether it is the Rotary, or under a personal homeowner policy.

10.  Other Items
Tim Willard is still working on a solution to increase our available space on the troop Web site.

11.  Old Business
Roger Scherping proposed launching a troop capital campaign, with a goal of $9,000 for replacement of our small trailer and the addition of 2 patrol boxes and 20 troop tents. This estimate was increased from the previously-noted estimate of $7,000.  Roger presented various options we could explore to raise money. Scott Wisgerhof and Ken Rowe expressed interest in helping with the campaign. Roger will follow up with them.


12.  New Business

Following up on issues the Committee raised at previous meetings, Roger proposed two revision to our Troop Guidelines.  The first related to turning in receipts from campouts. Any food receipts now must be turned in at the troop meeting following the campout but no more than 30 days following the event.  The Committee decided that receipts turned in 30 days late will not be reimbursed.  The second relates to requests for reimbursement for expenditures that we not pre-approved.  While all of us purchase things for the troop without pre-approval, everyone needs to understand that if the Treasurer or Committee Chair does not approve those expenses afterward, then they will not reimbursed.  The Committee agreed to highlight that line in the Guidelines.  Roger will make these changes and include an announcement in an upcoming weekly email and include with it a link to the troop’s reimbursement form.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.