February 28, 2012


February 28, 2012




1.  Welcome

Roger Scherping opened the meeting at 7:10 pm.



2.  Report from the PLC

Brian B. and Quintin A. reported that the boys discussed with Mr. Willard and Mr. Stoterau the possibility of holding a flag retirement ceremony because the troop has 4 flags to retire.  The PLC has been reviewing an appropriate program.  It was decided that it would be best to hold this ceremony on a campout, but not at Tomahawk. 


The PLC approved participating in the Manitou Days Parade on June 15; Mike Cerney will tell Ann. 


The Roadrunner patrol will elect their patrol leader and assistant at the next troop meeting.  We will induct Quintin as the new Senior Patrol Leader on March 6. 


The PLC is developing a layout for Basic Skills. 


The PLC would also like the troop to attend the District’s Merit Badge Weekend on April 13-15.  There will be 20 merit badges offered.  Marc Johannsen will be going, so we need one other adult to attend.  A signup sheet will be started for the event.



3.  Scoutmaster Report

Jim Letourneau reported that we could be getting up to 22 new, returning or transferring boys on March 13.  Troop 402 has made some positive changes in their troop, so we will probably not receive any more boys from them next year.  Pack 437’s Blue and Gold is on March 11.  Jim will look for last year’s agenda for New Scout and Parents Night so we can modify it for this year.  We would like to do nametags again this year.  We should also put pictures of the boys by patrol on the website with the names of the patrol leaders and assistants.


At next week’s meeting we will swear in the new patrol leaders and assistants.  There are 11 boys who are First Class or over who did not submit an application for a leadership position.  We have received applications for all positions except Webmaster.  Also, one boy who wants to be a patrol leader has had very poor attendance in the past and will be talked with about that.


The Committee suggested that Jim attempt to get us 2 spots for Grey Wolf this year.



4.  Camping Report

MarySue Abel reported that the planning for Philmont continues.  There is a mandatory group meeting this Sunday.  We had 2 gear buying events at REI and Midwest Mountaineering.  We are stressing to everyone the importance of preparing for this trip, especially the physical conditioning.  Whitewater State Park was suggested as a potential training site for our June campout.


Our 2013 high adventure choice will be determined by the boys at Planning Weekend.


We have a special campout just for the First Years on March 9.  There will be 15 boys plus 6 Troop Guides.  The goal is to get these boys in position to get to First Class by the end of this summer’s Tomahawk.


We also have Planning Weekend in March.  Basic Skills is in April.  We’ll have some adult skill stations, too, and one of our alumni Eagle Scouts may arrange for a group of our Eagles to join us.


May is backpacking at Afton.  Wild Mountain is not working out for June because they want us to sign up for individual campsites.  We will consider Whitewater State Park.


Tomahawk: The site across the road is booked.  We do need more room, especially if we have over 60 boys and a large number of adults.  Mike Cerney will call the scoutmaster whose troop has Miami that week to see if they have room, and Brian B. will talk to Swiffer about the troop across the road from us.  The Committee also agreed that we should offer a couple of merit badges on our own at Tomahawk.


No plans have been made for August yet, but Dan Feidt has expressed interest in helping with that campout.



Deb Clarke reported for Rick Rausch that the total replacement cost of the contents of our two trailers was determined to be approximately $11,000.  This does not include the trailers themselves.  Ken Rowe can now investigate purchasing insurance.


Jeff Abel reported that the cost of the gear that we have giving the incoming First Year boys is up dramatically at the Surplus Store.  He is assembling gift packs that will probably include duffel, mosquito netting, blankets and straps.


MarySue will be ordering the orange bags with straps for Tomahawk. 


The Committee decided that we would include the cost of a snack bin in the First Year boys’ Tomahawk cost.  This is to ensure that everyone has the same size container for stacking purposes in the trailer.



5.  Advancement Committee

Road to First Class – Joe Mikkelson reported that they will be finalizing plans for the First Year campout in March at this week’s meeting.  The First Years are getting closer to Second Class and First Class.  A map has been developed to get them the rest of the way.


Roger reported that Tom DeGayner did a retention analysis for us.  There have been 293 boys who joined Troop 494 since 1994.  Of those, 225 are over 18, and that group produced 48 Eagle Scouts.  That’s an amazing 21%.


Roger reported that our Eagle Expo is planned for April 22.



6.  Fundraising

Pam Blank reported that Cub has still not developed their calendar for April yet.  We should hear next week.  Festival does not do bagging fundraisers.


Michele Willard reported that the flowers fundraiser has started and that the webstore is also ready.  Roger reported that one of our alumni parents complimented us on setting up the webstore and being so progressive.  Bill Johnson reported that the pickup location has been reserved.  Roger reported that the incoming Pack 402 boys have been sent information to participate, so the Committee decided that the Pack 437 boys should be included, too.  Roger will send them the information.



7.  Community Service

Lori Hamlin reported that she is taking over Scouting for Food, which will be on April 21.  Also, Relay for Life will be on July 27, with a planning meeting in March.  Lori will sign us up for 50 slots at Feed My Starving Children on October 23 at 6 pm. 


Jim will find out on Thursday whether the WB Lake Cleanup for March 10 has been cancelled.



8.  Treasurer’s Report

No report.  Roger reported that we just completed our year (February 29), and it appears we finished the year with a surplus.  Roger will talk with Ken about a budget for 2013.



9.  Other


Website – Michele Willard reported that we could begin using an automated sign up form on the website.  The Committee decided we should use it for “Contact Us” and for campout signups.


Training – Marc Johannsen reported that University of Scouting is April 21.


Fun Night – No update.


Friends of Scouting – Marc reported that are close to our goal, but we’ve had a low response rate.


Adult Historian – No update.



10.  Old Business

Deb Clarke reported that John is working on gathering information on replacing the small trailer.  We will seek donations from area organizations.



11.  New Business

Roger reported that Lori Hamlin has taken over as Scouting for Food Coordinator, and Mike Cerney has taken over as Board of Review Coordinator.


Regarding our adult OA candidate for this year, Jim will check whether MarySue is still eligible in the spring to attend the Conclave.  If she is, then Marc Johannsen is the Committee’s choice for this year.


Roger reviewed the proposed changes to the Troop Guidelines for this year.  The proposed changes were approved with a few modifications.  Roger will post them on the website.


Bill Johnson reviewed the proper process as dictated by BSA guidelines for raising funds for other organizations.  Based on that guideline, the Committee agreed that the way we raised funds for Adopt-A-Family did not meet those guidelines.  Rather than the boys running an actual fundraiser, they just solicited donations at their popcorn sales.  Not only does this not meet BSA guidelines, it also hurt our popcorn sales.  If we are going to do Adopt-A-Family again this year, then the boys need to run an actual fundraiser, which they did try to do until it got too late in the year.  A fundraiser for Adopt-A-Family will be put on the agenda for Planning Weekend.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:10.