June 26, 2012

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012

1. Welcome – Minutes approved from last meeting.

2. Report from PLC Quintin A.

Quintin reports that PLC has nothing new to report.  Roger requested to get this year’s calendar finalized at Tomahawk.

3. Scoutmaster Report Jim Letourneau

Jim is currently updating the calling list.  He reports we got a second scout at Grey Wolf this summer, and a few boys are “CITing” (Counselor in Training at Tomahawk). Jim sent Quintin a tent sign- up sheet and a blank duty rooster to start filling in for Tomahawk.

4. Camping Subcommittee MarySue Abel
Mary Sue reports that they had a great hike last weekend in preparation for Philmont.  Jim met with each crew leader before the hike to go over the what-if’s and encouraged them to think of the prep hike as if it was a real day at Philmont.

For Tomahawk she would like to finish up with the T-shirt order soon.  We cannot have the outpost bunkhouse as we planned so it was decided that the outpost will be Monday night instead.  There are 53 scouts signed up.  Roger will encourage folks to sign up for the Wednesday night dinner. Mike Cogan has volunteered to do Fire Safety merit badge along with a science badge (Mammal Science?) from Bridgett for in-camp badges.  The menu is coming together.  The medical officers are set.   Michelle will plan on handing out merit badge cards at Tomahawk.  Roger will be sending along two new products from his company to test; they are quick set-up mosquito-free tents. 

- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch

He is waiting to bring the other trailer to his house and then he will look at it and see what all is in it.  One of the stoves in the Eagle patrol box is not working and needs to be checked. It could be an issue with the seal.  Jim reported that paper towels should be a staple in the equipment boxes.  Mary Sue would like to get all the coolers and bins organized.   Roger will include in email to remind everyone to not bring aerosol sprays of any kind.   Sarah Solberg can pull the big trailer.  The small trailer someone needs to haul.  Sheila reports she will talk with her husband and see if she can with either of her vehicles.  Jim has volunteered to pull an extra trailer as well.

5. Advancement Subcommittee Christy Bartlett
- Road to First Class update Jeff Abel/Ken Rowe/Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen

Boys are coming along.  All the first years are now Scouts.  Nothing new for second year Scouts.

6. Fundraising Subcommittee Ryan Solberg

- Flowers report Michele Willard – Nothing new.  Flowers all done and the bill is paid. 
- Manitou 15k report Bridget Newman – Boys made about $80 per scout.
- Bagging report Pam Blank – The Scouts collected about $800 dollars.  Suggestions were made to have another session right before Christmas.  Scouts were inconsistent wearing their orange uniform and need to be reminded to do so there.

7. Treasurer's Report Ken Rowe

In last two days $25,000 has billed out and charged to ScoutBucks accounts.  He is not worried about this as it is due to upcoming camps. 


He would like to convey that the food receipts be turned in promptly.  Consensus was made to have ScoutBucks receipts turned in within 30 days.  Roger will put reminders in email updates about camping needs and issues.

8. Old Business

Trailer insurance has not yet happened.  Ken is figuring out how to tie it to a homeowner’s policy.  Jim confirmed that our troop trailers are not hydraulic trailers.


Roger presented a fishing camp as an idea for the August campout.  A finding pro that he works with may be able to give demonstrations and lectures to the boys about fishing techniques.

9. New Business

No troop meeting on July 3rd.