March 27, 2012

        Troop 494

Committee Meeting

  March 27, 2012

1.       Welcome – Roger Scherping

Meeting began at 7:02.  Minutes approved.  Initial announcements included Sam Hunter volunteering to be part of the Road to First Class program.


Karl S. presented his revised Eagle project, building a stairway at Polar Bear Park to the lower soccer fields.  He reviewed the benefits to the community and environment for making the steps, the necessary supplies, and the process of making them.   Suggestions were given for improvement, i.e. fundraising: Lampert’s Lumber has donated lumber for past projects.  The Committee approved his project.  He is the first to use the new Eagle project workbook.



2.       PLC Report   

Joe H. and Paul J. reported that there are about 6 boys who do not have leadership positions yet.  They will be encouraged to apply for Troop Guide positions.


Planning Weekend planning will happen this weekend.  They need to have the list of boys going finalized.    


They reported that they were starting to think about and plan Basic Skills Weekend, and because of the large number of new boys some of the older boys may need to sleep in tents. 



3.       Scoutmaster Report – Jim Letourneau

Jim reported that the PLC wants to talk about doing more creative cooking at Planning Weekend.  


Because of the growing numbers of new Scouts, it would be nice to get the patrol identities started.  Other factors about growth that were brought up include: increased transportation needs, nametags, additional supplies, one additional patrol box, and how we will store and transport all the gear.   The adults should also have their own patrol box.


Jim is in the process of submitting 2 applications for Gray Wolf. 


The Committee also discussed being more consistent with showing reverence by having a regular Sunday morning religious service on weekend campouts.  Mark Johannsen is working on a Wood Badge ticket to help with this.



4.       Camping Subcommittee – MarySue Abel

·         2012 Philmont – Scouts have been out on a few training hikes and will continue to do so to prepare.

·         2013 High Adventure – TBD – will talk about this this weekend

·         March 30 - Planning Weekend at Kiwanis.

·         April 27- Basic Skills is all set.

·         May 18 – Afton is set.  We have 3 campsites reserved so far. 

·         June – White Water State Park is all booked, so we need to look at other options.

·         Tomahawk – We are talking to the troops that have the sites nearby to see if they would have room for our overflow.  Another option for the following year may be to look at putting down a deposit on Tuscaurora now to get more room.  Tomahawk Parents Meeting will be June 12.

·         August campout – will try to come up with ideas this weekend at the Planning Weekend.


No Quartermaster report. 


Jeff Abel reported he has gifts for our latest new Scout, Deven A.



5.       Advancement Subcommittee


Road to First Class – Joe Mikkelson reported that the new Scouts are doing well.  Many are ready for Scoutmaster conferences.  There are now two groups of Road to First Class Scouts with troop guides.


Jim will update which boys are in which patrols.    Two are ready for a Board of Review for First Class. 


District Merit Badge Weekend - So far there has not been a large interest shown, but it is a good opportunity as there are infrequent merit badge offerings.


Our Eagle Scout Expo is April 22 at St. Stephens.



6.       Fundraising Subcommittee


Cub Foods bagging – Open to Scouts 12 or older.  Troop would like to bag on Sunday May 26th if that option is still open.  Pam Blank will call to see if still open.


Flower sales – Webstore sales did very well.  So far, 26 scouts have sold over the webstore, $4,700 total, and $61 average.  The Scouts liked the ability to use the webstore and said that it helped increase their sales.  Michele Willard also reviewed the idea of selling Linders gift cards.  She will investigate further and perhaps submit an application.  Flowers pickup is May 12.


Webstore – Discussion focused on whether to keep the webstore going or not.  Roger reviewed the fees associated with the webstore, which are $599 for the year to keep it open.  Feedback given that it may be able to sit idle; Roger will investigate to see if this can be.  Suggestion given that we should try to have something to sell all year to take advantage.  In conclusion Ken and Roger will look at this year’s budget to see if we can afford it.


Manitou 15k – So far we have 4 runners registered.  The date is June 2.  Bridgett Newman is still looking for sponsors.  She gave out the sponsor sheets at the last meeting.  The Scouts will be coming up with the T-shirt design in the next few weeks.



7.       Community Service


Scouting for Food is April 21.  Deb reported that we need a parent to assist with this as Lori is out of town.  Deb will assist until another parent is recruited for this.


Heritage Park Clean Up is set for Tuesday, April 17th, and we will check with Christy Bartlett to see if that works.



8.       Treasurer’s Report – Ken Rowe

Ken will wait to give out ScoutBucks statements until after flower sales are done.   


He is working on a 2013 budget.


Trailer insurance – he is currently getting estimates.



9.       Other


Friends of Scouting – Mark Johannsen

He thinks we have made our goal, but the District has not updated their website.  



10.   Old Business


Deb Clarke reported that John is putting together specifications for a new small trailer.  She was unsure if he was looking at a fundraising effort.  It was suggested to contact local organizations for donations.


11.   New Business


Roger reported that we have 5 new registered adult leaders.


Jim reported that our 2012 selection for adult Order of the Arrow for this year is Marc Johannsen.


Michele Sylvander presented a new fundraising idea for October of running game booths at the Linders Fall Festival.  They will donate $50 to the volunteer organization.   Michele said she would look into it and present it again.