May 29, 2012

TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012

1. Welcome Roger Scherping
- Minutes approved from last meeting no changes needed.

2. Peder S. Eagle project review

-Peder reviewed his proposed Eagle project of making three large wooden boxes for his church to store donated mission and other items.  Recommendations were given by committee members on design issues, materials, safety issues, etc.  Committee members approved his project and gave go ahead to bring project to the District in June.

3. Report from PLC:

- All Scout leadership positions have now been filled.

-PLC talked about needing more adults at Manitou 15K race.

-Campout at Willow River.  PLC would also like more adults and driving seats for the Willow River campout.

-PLC will look at the calendar and finalize it.  They also saw that a few more Scouts needed Communication merit badge.

-Jim suggested that they will need to prepare and plan what is needed for the upcoming campouts.

4. Scoutmaster Report - Jim Letourneau
- Since the troop is more bottom heavy with young Scouts we need to rely more on the Assistant Scoutmasters to replace the leadership that was previously handled by the older boy leaders.  
- Jim reported that troop may need 10 more tents to accommodate troop size.  We currently have 18 4-man style tents.  Roger suggested to roll all the capital budget needs together (2 additional patrol boxes with supplies, trailer, and tents), which totals about $6,000 and have a campaign to fundraise the money for all of it.  Committee thinking about this option.
- Main Street took care of our Manitou Days parade fee.  Roger will communicate this event to the troop through an email.

5. Camping Subcommittee - MarySue Abel
- 2012 Philmont preparations:  She would like to meet next week to talk about T-shirts.  Adam C. and Sam W. are the crew leaders for Philmont.  Camaraderie is developing.  Afton trip went well.  The kids learned a lot about the basic hiking skills and issues that develop.     
- June 22 - Willow River is set.
- Tomahawk –

Merit badge signups sheets are out.  The Tuscaurora troop has formally agreed to share their site at Tomahawk.  As a courtesy we have invited them for Thursday morning breakfast.  We have started to send out correspondence to first year Scouts about needed supplies, action packers, etc.  We should require that all scouts go to the same food stop, McDonalds, in Rice Lake on the way to Tomahawk.  The swim test is coming up June 26th at Maplewood Community Center.  Committee ok’d Christy’s request to invite the Webelos II to also take the swim test at the same time. Jeanine and Rick will not be at Tomahawk, therefore we will need a medical officer.  The hope is that the position can be split between several members.  Tomahawk Parents night is 6/12. We have not yet decided on our own offered merit badges. Members are still coordinating this.  Ken would like to suggest that second years take Environmental Science.  The fee for Tomahawk will increase by $5.  Need to make sure that the health forms filled out every year if staying more than 72 hours.  Roger will include this in the troop email.
-  Boys like the idea of going to Phillipo or Lake Elmo for the August campout.  Mary Sue will check out the availability.

- For January the boys are interested in either Eagle Cave or Snow Base.

- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch

- He picked up snack bins and will sell them for $5.50.  He also has been working on what supplies should be shipped out to Philmont.  He needs to get more plastic and cut ground cloths for Tomahawk.

- Camping store - Jeff Abel: Deven got his gifts.  Jeff reports he got all the mosquito netting and someone will distribute it at Parents’ Night. 

6. Advancement Subcommittee - Christy Bartlett
- Road to First Class update

-Ken reports first years are doing well with their fitness testing and are preparing them with requirements for patrols.  Troop will bring our own supplies for the first years for basketry.  

- Joe reports that the second year Scouts are making steady progress with getting the Tenderfoot rank and some are working on the first aid requirements. 
- Advancement status: 20 Scouts, 12 Tenderfoot, 5 Second Class, 8 First Class, 4 Star, 11 Life Scouts.
-Everything is on track for the next June Court of Honor 6/19 with script, etc.

7. Fundraising Subcommittee - Ryan Solberg

- Flowers - Michele Willard reported the flower sale went smoothly.  Linders card sale ends 5/31.
- Manitou 15k - June 2 - Bridget Newman reports there are 43 runners registered which is comparable to last year.   She got $1,220 from sponsors.  Park permit is $25 and they will reimburse us the $75 clean-up fee after we clean it and they inspect.  She presented the T-shirt logo.  Members volunteered 3 needed card tables for that morning.  Rick will bring the troop tables in addition.  She will turn away Scouts who show up if not signed up.  She is deciding on who bike riders will be.  Volunteers need to be there between 6:30am to set up tables, etc.  Suggestion given to have a timer also at the one mile mark if boys available.  Ryan volunteered to learn the computer finish program. 
- Bagging – Pam Blank reports so far we do not have many Scouts signed up for this June 3 from 11-2 and 2-5.  Roger will include this in the troop email.  Scouts need to wear their class B uniform.  Joe will volunteer to supervise the second shift.

8. Community Service Subcommittee  
- Scouting for Food report - Deb Clarke: She reports the total collected is 1478 pounds + $25.  We were the second highest troop.
- Roger reported that volunteers for summer lawn mowing were found.
- St. Stephens needs their lilacs trimmed and a deck railing installed which will hopefully be done in July.  Jim Golding can assist with this.
- Carly Nielson is contact for Relay for Life 7/27.  Roger will connect with her.

9. Treasurer's Report Ken Rowe

- Insurance issue on troop trailers: Rick reported we need more than $10,000 to cover supplies inside.  Agent reports that the insurance can be added to a homeowners policy.  The premium is $2.11 per $100 of value when sitting alone annually ~$350 to $400 and to make it an annual expenditure.  Committee approved this action.
- ScoutBucks statements: 8 accounts overdrawn for total $180.  Flowers sales made a great difference.  Need to give Scouts a timeline for additional Philmont charges which could be distributed at the swim test.  Ken reports that food receipts are being turned in late which makes the accounting difficult.

10. Other
- Website update Tim Willard:  He rolling all of our website into Google Apps.
- Adult Leader Training update Dave DiSera: none
- Fun Night update Mike Pendergast: No fun nights scheduled yet, but coming soon
- Friends of Scouting goal met, Marc Johannsen reported.
- Adult Historian update Shauna Galatzer: no report

11. Old Business
- Troop trailer replacement: cost, donations plan John Clarke:  Deduced a 8x10’ trailer would suffice.  Found one at $2,200 with electric brakes. Looking at $3,000 total with shelving.  Next steps is to look into a fundraising plan including writing letters to civic organizations, companies, troop parents, etc.  Could use a person to spearhead this.

12. New Business
- Roger reported that there now a few standards that we need to keep in mind to meet the highest level of the new Journey To Excellence program now.