November 2012


1. Welcome Roger Scherping 7:00

Meeting began, minutes approved.

2. Youth Protection Training Marc Johannsen 7:05

Committee members watched the video and completed the requirements. 

3. Report from PLC Quintin A. 7:30

The PLC met and discussed ideas for the Lock In.  They will make more specific plans at the next troop meeting.  They also proposed ideas for the January fun night, including bowling and SkyZone Trampoline Park.   They will get a consensus from the rest of the troop at the next meeting.  They also proposed playing the dice game at the Christmas party. 

4. Scoutmaster Report Jim Letourneau 7:40

Jim was absent tonight.  Roger reviewed upcoming Cub Scout Pack 437 activities that we generally assist in for recruitment, including the Lock-In 12/8, Polar Camp 1/5, Pinewood Derby 2/7, and 3/10 Blue and Gold banquet.

5. Camping Committee MarySue Abel 7:50
- December (Lock In):  She will get final numbers next week for food.  January (Eagle Cave): She sent in the final payment for the 37 scouts who are registered.  There is still room for 3 more Scouts available.  If the spots are not taken we will have to pay $15 each as they are reserved.  Currently we are tight on seats getting there.  February (snow day activity): She will continue to do some research.

- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch Nothing to report

- Camping store - Jeff Abel –Nothing to report

6. Advancement Committee Christy Bartlett 8:00

- Road to First Class update: Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen/Ken Rowe

Joe reported that attendance has been a little sparse lately.  Joe is working with the two new leaders and is considering developing a newsletter for better communication for the first year Scouts and asked for feedback with this. Committee members gave caution as it is a lot of work, with little attention actually given to it from past experiences with this type of communication.

- Advancement status: Shelly reported currently: 9 working on tenderfoot, 18 on First Class, 5 on Second Class, 12 on Star, 6 on Life, and 9 on Eagle.  Merit Badge Weekend went well.  MarySue will be finishing up Railroad merit badge this weekend.   A common concern from the Scouts ranked First Class and higher is that they are not sure where to look for leadership positions as many are currently full.  The troop guide positions were recommended. 

- Next Court of Honor will be on Jan. 22.

- Purchasing additional Eagle Scout axes: Sam Hunter/Ryan Solberg

Ryan gave an update in regards to ordering of the axes.  He is still waiting and admits it has been a struggle.  Christy reports she is also having trouble finding axe sheaths.  It was decided to try to get a BSA stamp for the sheath.   Committee members decided to continue to gather information in attempt to recreate traditional 494 Eagle axes.

7. Fundraising Committee Ryan Solberg 8:10


-Yard waste site fundraiser was a success.  Committee will target to do this again in March or April.  Members agreed that this could be a yearly basis and funds raised split for different fundraising activities.  Ryan will keep in touch and see if we can secure a date for the spring. 

- Popcorn Pat Stoterau – now complete

- Wreaths Jim Golding- now complete, 15% of sales were from the internet for both wreaths and popcorn. 

8. Community Service Committee John Mercier 8:20

- Adopt-a-Family shopping Dec. 11 Ann Cerney –This will happen during the troop meeting.

9. Treasurer's Report Ken Rowe 8:30


- Insurance on troop trailers –Ken is still working on this needing to talk to a Rotary member to get more information.

- ScoutBucks – He reports there is nothing new but plans to get statements out in the next few weeks.

10. Other 8:40

- Website update Tim Willard
Roger reported that the new website has the ability to have different emails for the different troop positions.  Members discussed the pro and cons of this, deciding to keep it the way it currently is with the option to revisit the process it if the burden gets too big for Roger to filter email.   

- Adult Leader Training update Dave DiSera
Dave discussed frustrations with the current online Adult Leader training tracking system.  Jeff reported that the BSA is coming up with a new system in the next few years, so they are now not fixing any bugs.  Dave reports not all adults have not done the Youth Protection and will send out another email to remind members.

- Fun Night update Mike Pendergast – No report.

11. Old Business 8:45
- Troop capital campaign update Scott Wisgerhof: It was reported that we got our first donation from the White Bear Lake Lions Club.

- Rechartering- Scott Wisgerhof: The rechartering process continues and will finish soon.

12. New Business 8:55

- FOS: Marc will be heading the Friends of Scouting campaign in March.  He reports that the BSA raised our goal by $1 more than last year for a total goal of $5,801 for 2013.

- Fundraising process improvements discussed as there have been many frustrations with the current system of handing in orders and the different process for each fundraiser. Roger discussed the need to consolidate processes and perhaps use the website and Google docs to streamline the order process.  For fundraisers it was decided to close the website on the Sunday before orders are due and then have from Sunday to Tuesday for in-person orders where the Scouts could enter in the orders on a computer so everything would be online. Cash will not be accepted for payment.  Only checks or online credit will be accepted for payment.  This new process will start with the flower fundraiser in the spring.  Roger will discuss with Tim Willard.

- Jan 8th will be the next troop meeting as there will be other troop activities and holidays occurring. There will also not be a Committee meeting in December.