Ocgober 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1.      Welcome

Meeting was called to order at 7:05. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2.      Report from PLC

Quintin A. reported that the PLC selected Disability Awareness, Electronics, Public Speaking, and Railroading as the four merit badges to work on at our November Merit Badge Weekend. There was also a list of other possible alternatives if counselors cannot be found for those badges.

The PLC also planned for doing a skiing and snowboarding day, or possibly a snow tubing event, in February.

There was also interest in doing the Duluth to Hugo bike trip in June 2013. Isle Royale was also brought up as a future high adventure trip.

Quintin also noted that the PLC did not want to pursue Adopt-A-Family this year, as it might conflict with the troop capital campaign. Roger Scherping clarified that the two fundraising efforts target two completely separate groups – the capital campaign targets specifically civic organizations, while we collect more from the general public for Adopt-A-Family. Questions were then raised about how to collect the money necessary (between $200 and $300) in a short time frame. Dan Feidt suggested beginning fundraising efforts in the spring; Roger will put this on our annual planning calendar. Several Committee members suggested starting a separate Scout Bucks account to be used for the cause; extra money that is raised would then be rolled over to the following year. Ryan Solberg suggested that for the time being, we should ask Cub Foods if they would allow us to take another shift to bag groceries, specifically to raise money for Adopt-A-Family. If we do get another shift, it would have to be within the next four weeks. Ryan will call Cub to see if this is possible.

3.      Scoutmaster Report

Jim Letourneau reported that we have a copy of Pack 437’s calendar of events for the year.

He also gave the Committee an update on how our current Life Scouts are progressing towards Eagle.

Jim also clarified the fundraising portion of the new Eagle Scout Workbook, which went into effect earlier this year. There is a new application which must be completed if Scouts ask for monetary donations, supplies, or other resources, outside of his own family or troop to complete their Eagle service project. Any money that is left over after all expenses are paid goes back to the person or organization that is benefiting from the project. Also, it is explicitly stated that the Eagle project cannot simply be a fundraiser; money that is raised for the project can only be used for securing building materials or other resources that directly go toward project completion.

One Scout has joined our troop recently. He has already attended several of our troop activities and campouts, and another will be joining us at our November 6 troop meeting.

4.      Camping Committee

Mary Sue Abel noted that our next campout is the Merit Badge Weekend at Fred C. Andersen. Jeff Abel, Ken Rowe or Marc Johannsen will fill in as Scoutmaster.

The Lock-In is December 8 at the Shoreview Community Center. Eagle Cave is scheduled for January 25, 2013. There are currently 20 Scouts on the signup roster so far.

No report from Jeff Abel on camping equipment. No report from the Quartermaster.


5.      Advancement Committee

Joe Mikkelson reported that Will D. recently made the rank of First Class. He added that the first-year Scouts are working on completing first aid requirements for Second Class. Marc Johannsen noted that attendance has been sparse with the amount of school activities that have been going on.

Mike Cerney noted that the Advancement committee is working on implementing the revised policies on Boards of Review in the Troop Guidelines that more closely follow the BSA Guide to Advancement.

Ryan Solberg and Sam Hunter are working on obtaining additional axes to be used as gifts for those who make the rank of Eagle, as our current supply has happily been dwindling. There have been some snags getting the axes to be in the same design as used previously, but a plan is in place.

6.      Fundraising Committee

Pam Blank reported that we have a bagging fundraiser at Cub Foods scheduled for next Saturday (November 3) from 10:00 to 4:00. Pam will send out a final roster later on this week.

Ken Rowe commented on wreaths and popcorn. We sold about $17,700 worth of wreaths, which is down 14% from last year. We also sold $4,800 worth of popcorn, which is down considerably from last year, primarily because we did not do the “show and deliver” portion of the fundraiser this year but also because the quality of the product has diminished in recent years. Total Scout Bucks earnings came out to about $8,700. Wreath and popcorn pickup is November 15-17.

Roger reported that webstore sales for the two fundraisers were $3,300 or about 15% of total sales, compared to $4,700 and 20% of flower sales.

Roger and Ken will talk about ways to improve collection of orders and funds for future fundraisers.  Our Fundraising Coordinators and our Treasurer do far too much work with totaling orders and collecting money.  We will try to develop a more automated method for collecting orders.  We will also consider an orders drop off night where each Scout needs to review his order with an adult when he turns it in, instead of just dropping it off.

Ryan will also look into fundraising at the Ramsey County compost facility on County J. We will need to obtain proof of liability insurance coverage before we are able to do this.  Ryan said he would check into this to see if we can use this as the fundraiser for Adopt-A-Family.

7.      Community Service Committee

We had another successful evening packing food at Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids on October 23. A combined total of 97 volunteers packed about 53 boxes of food, enough to feed 31 children for a year.

The White Bear Fire Department recently collected 600 pounds of food for the White Bear Lake Food Shelf at their open house, and a few of our Scouts helped with that event.

8.      Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe updated the Committee on current finances. The troop is reporting approximately $1,600 in net income so far this year. There are approximately a dozen Scout Bucks accounts which are negative, but this may change when profits from popcorn and wreaths are factored in. Cost adjustments from Philmont also have not been added as of this writing.

After further discussion on troop trailer insurance, we have been advised to work through the Rotary, since they are technically the owner of the trailer. Ken will get in contact with them.

9.      Other items

Roger reported that Tim Willard has successfully transferred our troop Web Site to be a “business” site, which will in turn increase our overall storage space.

Dave DiSera recently sent out a letter regarding current training statuses for our adult leaders. Several of the Committee members noted that the online Youth Protection training (YPT) course has changed in recent months. Those adults who do not have current YPT training will not be able to recharter. Marc offered to hold a session to get all of our current adult leaders and interested parents caught up on this training. This has been scheduled for the next troop Committee meeting on November 27.

Aside from YPT, the Committee discussed having currently registered troop Committee members complete the Troop Committee Challenge course. Roger will get in contact with Pat Johnston, the Many Waters District training coordinator, to set this up.

We have a fun night at Vertical Endeavors coming up on November 13 (the week after general elections). There is also a bowling fun night on the calendar for December 11.

10.  Old Business

The troop has begun phase 1 of the troop capital campaign to schedule meetings with several public organizations, including the VFW and the American Legion, as well as other organizations around the area.  Roger and Ken reported on their progress.

11.  New Business

Roger reported that rechartering will take place next month, which is a month earlier than last year (previously this was done in January). Scott Wisgerhof is leading this process.

Roger reported that he is still searching for training on the Guide to Safe Scouting for the Committee.

12.  Comments and Closing

The meeting adjourned at 8:35.