September 25, 2012


1. Welcome Roger Scherping

Minutes approved from last Committee meeting.

2. Eagle Projects

Jim reviewed the new Eagle process and how it is different from the old.  He pointed out that the Scout now comes to the Committee prior to the completion of the detail planning, so the presentation and question answer session does not have to be as detailed.  The new process is designed to not inhibit the Scout from trying to start the project.  Adam C., Alex C. and Joe H. reviewed projects with the various Committee members in a concurrent format.  All three projects were approved by the Committee members.

3. Report from PLC Quintin A.
Quintin reported that the PLC started the planning for the next campout.  They discussed upcoming change of troop positions which happens every 6 months (September 1, March 1).  The PLC decided that they  would like to have the November campout at Fred C.   The PLC also showed interest in doing a cooking expose that weekend.  Philmont awards will be happening Tuesday.

4. Scoutmaster Report Jim Letourneau

Jim and Roger completed a survey from the district asking what makes our Troop a continued success.  They reported that it is the parent volunteer commitment in addition to our troop’s ability to follow the National BSA rules that contribute to its success.  Troop 431 is struggling, and at the next District roundtable discussion will follow around how to improve and maintain recruitment.  Christy reports she would like to set a date for Pack 437 to come visit the troop possibly in December. She will talk to Quintin to look at the Troop calendar.

5. Camping Committee Mary Sue Abel

Things are pretty well set for the upcoming months:  October is at Phillipo which they are currently planning the specifics; November 9th is a Merit Badge weekend at Fred C. which she will look into reserving;  December is the Shoreview Community Center Lock In;  January is Eagle Cave;  February is snow plans to be determined.

- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch not present
- Camping store - Jeff Abel nothing new

6. Advancement Committee Christy Bartlett
- Road to First Class update Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen/Ken Rowe – First year Scouts are working on the Leave No Trace principle; second years are advancing nicely advancing to First Class.

- Advancement status: Advancement levels are equal in most of the rank except Eagle of which we have 9 Scouts that are working on their projects.  Christy reviewed specifics of who needs Boards of Review.  Currently, there are 5 Scouts in need of BOR. 

She is looking for a volunteer to assist in preparing the Eagle Axe gifts which need to be stripped and stained red.  They do them in batches, and the inventory is currently low, so it is time to do another batch.  Sam Hunter volunteered to help with this.

Jeff Abel and Marc Johannsen will be going to the District Merit Badge Weekend October 13 if any Scouts are interested.

7. Fundraising Committee Ryan Solberg
- Popcorn Pat Stoterau – in process

- Wreaths Jim Golding – in process
- Bagging in December Pam Blank : The next opportunity is November 3 from 10-4.  There is a 12 year old minimum age requirement.  The Scouts should wear their orange Class B uniform and close-toed footwear.

-Other: The Committee decided to pass on the Linders Fall fundraiser.  The members felt that there were currently enough adequate fundraising opportunities that were also more lucrative for the Scouts.

8. Community Service Committee:

John Mercier volunteered to be the new chair, and the Committee thanked him.
- Food for Life is Saturday Oct. 6.  Participation is covered.
- Feed My Starving Children is Oct 23rd.  Scouts meet at Cub foods and drive over.  Troop will have to figure out how turn in the popcorn and wreath orders since it falls on the same day.


Currently the church project is still not done as the deck project needs a few more hours.  The lilacs are mostly done except for a little shaping which can wait until spring when it is recommended.  Mike Cerney and Joe Mikkelson will be available Oct 1st after school to oversee the rest of the project.  Quintin will recruit four Scouts to finish up this project.


-Adopt a Family project –Whether or not to support this project is up in the air.  PLC will discuss it and see if they can come up with viable meaningful options of fundraising funds.

9. Treasurer's Report Ken Rowe – no update

10. Other
- Website update:  Tim Willard reported via Roger that a Google business site seems to be the most viable for our needs.  He is about to make the switch.
- Adult Leader Training update Dave DiSera –no update
- Fun Night update Mike Pendergast – no update

11. Old Business
- Troop Capital Campaign: Scott Wisgerhof reported that the sub-Committee has met a few times.  First steps are being made to contact civic organizations.  A rough draft of a two-page fundraising letter highlighting the troops activities and its contributions to the communities has also been developed and will be sent out to seek funds.  Suggestions were given to include Vadnais organizations like the VFW and the Vadnais Heights Economic Corporation in the mailing. 

12. New Business
Christy and Roger reviewed proposed changes to the Troop Guidelines pertaining to the proper method of conducting Boards of Review.  The changes were approved.

Committee decided to meet at the end of November instead of the end of December since the last Tuesday of December falls on Christmas.

Roger reported to the Committee that the investigation that he and Jim performed regarding the troop’s Philmont get-together the previous weekend has been completed.