August 26, 2014

TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014 AT 7:00 PM

1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping – Roger opened the meeting with Justin B. proposing his Eagle project.  He proposed making Nordic ski waxing benches for the WBLAHS.  Justin answered questions from members.  The Committee approved the project to go to the District. 

2.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel reported that there will be 6 incoming Webelos from Pack 437.  They will attend the troop meeting on September 9th.   After completing the necessary forms they would be able to participate in the Namekagon canoe trip that weekend.  New Parent Night will take place September 16th.  Their Arrow of Light crossover will be October 6th.  Plan is to get them going into the RTFC right away.  

Jeff also noted that 3 Committee members started the Wood Badge program.  There were no major issues reported from Sea Base, and everyone enjoyed their trips.  Pack 437 Rocket Night will be September 8th.

3.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel –

High Adventure: BWCAW 2015.  Dates are set. 

Campouts: Namekagon is September 12.  Roster needs to be finalized in the next few weeks to get the number of canoes ordered.  October 10th weekend is fishing with Dave Genz in Clearwater and shooting.  Discussed various ideas how to include shooting and decided to look into the Boy Scout Stearns Camp since it is close by.   Zach needs to reorganize the sign-up sheet into two columns for hunting and fishing. Survivor Man is November 14th; PLC will need to decide on a location for this. 

Zach needs to make a sign-up sheet for OA Fall Conclave September 19th so the troop knows how many people are going.  He needs to make sure that the Scouts know the troop will not sign them up; they need to sign up individually. 

        - Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter - Tent inspections will be September 2 at the troop meeting.  Sam would like to move the spare tire to a different location in the trailer to get more space.  Dan F. and Bill J. will assist Sam in how and where best to install this.  Canopy pole repair is still being worked on.  The Emergency First Aid kit will be mounted to the side door for easy access.   

4.  Advancement Committee -

        - Road to First Class update – Joe gave summary.  Scouts are working on bowline knots.  Dan working on with Scouts to use EDGE method requirement for rank advancement.

 Shelly reported she and Pam are working on getting data ready for the Court of Honor on September 23.

5.  Report from PLC - Brendan reported that the do not have a report tonight.

6.  Fundraising Committee - Mike Cogan –

Composting - He reported that Composting is set for October 25 from 8-4:00 to raise money for Adopt a Family and extra troop supplies.  A signup sheet will be needed.  Dan offered idea to have hot cocoa/beverages to encourage more donations.

Popcorn - Steve Hanke reported this year Scouts will be earning 39% profit instead of 40%.  Committee taste tested two new popcorn flavors.  Sale starts September 19th and ends October 26th.  Turn in orders on October 21.  The Committee decided to hand out brochure to Scouts at the September 9th and 16th meetings.  Order delivery will be November 21st as planned.  Committee discussed how to get more credit card sales using Squares and the show and delivery method.  The Committee approved doing the show and delivery method this year as sales are generally higher and we can return all popcorn product for 100% refund by October 5th.  Steve will preorder 50% of product that was sold last year.   

Wreaths - Steve Minar is joining Jim Golding to coordinate the wreath fundraiser.  Jim has completed his selection of products and pricing.  Since popcorn info is being distributed earlier, Roger will need to see if Jim is ready with his information as well. 

Manitou 15k – Roger reported that a team of 3 has agreed to take over the Manitou 15k.  Patty Brown will be the overall coordinator and handle the duties related to the course and volunteers. Suzanne Hall will focus on PR and registration. Steve Larson will focus on sponsorships and the course.  The Committee thanked them for stepping forward to help with this important and long running fundraiser.

7.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier –

St. Stephen's Lilac trimming – Need to schedule.  Roger will check with the pastor to see if we can do it on Saturday, September 27th. 

Feed My Starving Children Oct. 7 – Sign- up sheet needed.

Roger reviewed two proposals from Michelle Sylvander.  The first idea was the Namekagon weekend so that was declined.  The second was to clean up the Clearwater Creek area on November 1st. Roger will follow up to get a few more details before deciding. 

8.   Treasurer's Report – Ken reports he is still waiting on a few receipts to finish up Tomahawk specifics.  He will work on Sea Base after that.

9.  Other                                                                       
         - Website update - Tim reported he is still working on how to incorporate all the updates that Google has implemented.  Corey Mattson is training Ken Hall on how to run the webstore and then may assist with the electronic sign-up sheets. 

         - Parents Roundtable - Dan Feidt will hold one more Parent Roundtable to get feedback for use with the new incoming parents.

        - Rechartering - Scott Wisgerhof reported that annual rechartering is due November 15.  He will try to accomplish it at the Court of Honor.

10.  Old Business                                                          

       - Marc Johannsen reported that the additional troop gear that we wanted to buy with last year’s composting funds (flags, poles and stands) were on backorder but should be available for the upcoming Court of Honor.

       - Roger gave an update on adult leader recruitment.  Now that the Manitou 15k is filled, we need to find someone to train on flowers.  We also need to find a replacement for Christy as Advancement Chair, as well as Advancement positions like Merit Badge Coordinator and possibly Board of Review Coordinator.  We also need to find more tech people to help with the website.  And we need someone to train on medical forms and general Tomahawk planning help.  Our biggest need is to begin training a Treasurer.  Roger also has his eyes on some of the very enthusiastic incoming new parents, especially for their campout planning experience. 


 11.  New Business – none