February 25, 2014


1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping – Minutes approved from last meeting

2.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel

Recruitment status: Apr. 8 is New Parents Night.


We are looking at ~12 boys to cross over.  The following Packs have Crossover ceremonies: Pack 437 Blue and Gold March 23 at St. Mary's 4:00 pm -- 7 boys; Pack 439’s Blue and Gold is Sunday, March 2 at WB Armory at 5:00 pm.  Roger, Marc and Joe will go. 


In March there will be troop elections.  Gray Wolf selections are due in April. 


Jeff developed an Adult Campout Expectation Guideline for weekend campouts and high adventure trips.  He will hand this out in April or May.

3.  Camping Committee -  MarySue Abel

She reported that volunteers were organized for the SeaBase needs.   Airfare is booked and they are currently working on arranging shuttles and hotels.  She is waiting on commitment letters for Northern Tier.  


Campouts are: RTFC 2/28, Planning W/E 3/21, Basic Skills 4/25, Bike Trip 6/20. The May 16 campout is being worked out.  PLC wants to have a cooking campout at Kiwanis possibly tent camping with Dutch ovens.  


Tomahawk 2014 will have a signup sheet out; the parents meeting will be May 20.  There is a new Medical Health form this year; Roger will get it put on our website.  Christy will call Ron Horwath at the Maplewood Community Center to reserve for the swim test for June 24th .  Marc reported there is no reasonable medical officer training that we can take to qualify our own person for Tomahawk.


Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter – Quartermasters are getting ready for this weekend’s campout and have replaced a few items that needed repair.


4.  Advancement Committee - Christy Bartlett      

Road to First Class update: RTFC campout is this weekend and the guides are helping to organize.  There will be some Webelos coming for the day.  Deb will get the trailer out so Sam can pick it up. 


Tim will contact the Council to get an update of Merit Badge Counselors.  The Eagle Scout Expo is May 6.  It will follow a similar format to last year. 


Jim reviewed the current status for Eagle projects.  

5.  Report from PLC –

Paul J. reported the troop elections will be March 18 followed by a Committee meeting on the 25th, and they decided to go to the Timberwolves basketball game March 26th.

6.  Fundraising Committee - Mike Cogan –

Reviewed the survey results which confirmed what we are currently doing.  Michele offered an idea for an equipment swap. 


Mike will take over the corporate fundraiser part of the Manitou 15k.   Bridget is still heading it but is looking for someone to train and take over in the future. 


Flower sales have begun.  Marc will look into borrowing orange cones to help organize parking lot. 


7.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier       

Feed My Starving Children is March 4.  Another email will be sent out to remind Scouts since there are only 4 who are currently signed up. 


The Heritage Park Cleanup scheduled for April 15 will have to be watched and rescheduled if needed if weather interference. 


Need to lock down a date for Scouting for Food: May 3rd.

8.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe Ken reported everything is up to date.  


9.  Other                                                                       
Tim Willard reviewed his update of the troop website and is working on a secure Parents Roundtable blog.  Scout position emails will be used for more secure and better communications in the future instead of personal emails.  


The next Parents Roundtable will be March 18.  The Roundtables have been well attended with positive feedback.  Roger will talk with Dan to see what his thoughts and suggestions are for future meetings; perhaps including various Committee members.   


Marc reported that we have 45% of our FOS goal.  April 15 is the deadline.  He will continue to be announcing this at each meeting.

10.  Old Business                                                          

Bill Weigel is willing to do our new trailer stickers for $100.  The Committee approved this, and Roger will find our graphics for him to use. 


Committee gave go ahead for getting flags, poles and stands with the composting funds.  Marc will follow through with this.


The Committee thanked Sheila Thom for doing our Adult Leader Recognition Board!


11.  New Business

Reviewed the St. Stephen's thank you ideas of putting in flowers in their planters or helping parishioners with leaf raking.  Roger will talk to the church to see what is acceptable. 


The Committee selected Michele Willard and Mike Cogan for adult OA this year.


Roger reported that adult leadership recruitment still needs to be a priority since soon our troop leadership will be turning over in the next 2 years.   


Marc explained a new system that will be piloted in our District starting this October where Webelos II will move to the troop then versus in the spring.  They will continue to work on their Arrow of Light at the Pack level.  Plan to attend the next District Roundtable to give feedback.         


Updates to our troop guidelines were reviewed and but not yet approved, pending Jeff’s adult camping guidelines.