January 28, 2014


1.               Welcome
Meeting was called to order at 7:05. Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2.               Scoutmaster Report
Jeff Abel reported on the upcoming Cub Scout crossover ceremonies. We will be welcoming one Scout from Pack 151, eight or nine from Pack 437, and potentially one or two from Pack 439.

Jeff also noted that the Webelos open house went well. The event was intended as a way for both Scouts and parents to find out more about Scouting and Troop 494. The Committee agreed that this was something that we should do again next year.  We should hold it at the same time but should promote it earlier.

Several Committee members volunteered to coordinate running the concession stand at the Pack 437 Pinewood Derby on February 8. The Pack’s crossover ceremony is also coming up March 23.

Jeff stated that we also have troop elections on February 18. Dan Feidt noted that we should have copies of the troop positions of responsibility available for Scouts and their parents. We also need to coordinate with the District for the OA elections.  Jeff also has two Gray Wolf selections ready to submit.

3.               Camping Committee
MarySue Abel reported that the adult leaders of each of the Sea Base crews had a meeting recently to arrange flight accommodations. There are three sailing crews and one out island crew attending Sea Base this August.

We started an interest list at the January Court of Honor for those who would like to attend the Boundary Waters high adventure trip for 2015. Mary Sue requested Roger Scherping to send out an email to ask if those interested would want to do a 7-day or 10-day itinerary, and which point they would like to start from (Ely, Atikokan, or float plane).

For upcoming campouts, we have the Trollhaugen skiing and snowboarding event coming up February 15, the Road to First Class campout coming up February 28-March 2, and the March planning weekend scheduled for March 21-23.

MarySue would like an adult to start training in the planning of troop campouts.

Marc Johannsen did not get a response regarding medical training from the Red Cross.

Sam Hunter reported that we have the new can openers and colanders which will be going into the patrol boxes soon. The Committee also discussed the patrol box inspections and cleaning, which is scheduled for next Tuesday (2/4). We will attempt to clean all six patrol boxes at next week’s troop meeting. Jeff will make a call for Scouts to volunteer loading the patrol boxes into two pickup trucks to get them to St. Stephen’s.

4.               Advancement Committee
Joe Mikkelson reported that the first-year Scouts have recently started working on requirements from First Class. They also have a majority of the requirements completed from Second Class at this point. Joe also noted that planning has begun for the Road to First Class campout.

Shelley Jokinen gave the Committee a report on advancement status: 15 Tenderfoot, 2 Second Class, 13 First Class, 6 Star, 11 Life, and 2 Eagle (after 6 Eagles aged out this past year!).

Roger noted that this year’s Eagle Expo will be held on May 6.

5.               Report from PLC
Jeff noted that the PLC did not express interest to participate in the flag ceremony at the Timberwolves game due to another conflict that evening. We may be able to do it with our younger Scouts if the older Scouts cannot participate.

6.               Fundraising Committee
Michele Willard reported that we have flower sales pickup scheduled for May 10.  She is finalizing the selections and will get them to Cory Mattson for the webstore as soon as they are finalized.

Mike Cogan distributed a fundraising questionnaire to the Committee to get a better idea of our expectations and goals for fundraising.

7.               Community Service Committee
Roger reported that we have Feed My Starving Children coming up March 4. We are also scheduled to do this again in October as usual.

The Heritage Park cleanup night has been rescheduled to April 15, one week earlier due to timing with Basic Skills.

Jeff Abel gave the Committee a proposal for continuing the Adopt a Family program in the future.  He suggested that we continue to use the fall composting fundraiser for Adopt a Family but then have the boys volunteer time to help with this charity. The Committee agreed with this proposal.

The Committee expressed interest in holding the composting event in the spring, in addition to the fall.  Mike Cogan will pursue this.

Marc proposed to have Jeff talk to the PLC about doing the White Bear Lake cleanup project this spring.

The Committee discussed several ideas to establish patrol identities with the boys.

8.               Treasurer’s Report
No report.

9.               Other Items
Marc reported that we are approximately a third of the way to our goal for FOS. Our goal this year is $6,250.


Dan Feidt noted that the parent roundtable for February 11 will cover troop activities. Dan would like to encourage involvement from the new parents when they bridge over from the Cub Scout packs.

10.            Old Business
Sheila Thom presented to the Committee an overview of an adult leader poster board so that Scouts and parents would be better able to identify who to go to should they have questions about troop-related items. Each leader identified on the poster board would have displayed their picture, their name and their current leadership role and its description .

Marc reported that we earned the gold level of the Journey to Excellence award this year.

Roger noted that a second proposal for placing stickers on the new troop trailer was in the range of $400-$600. Marc will be sending Roger contact information for reaching someone who is the owner of a sign company to see if we can get a cheaper quote.

Marc is also working to get a quote on obtaining new American and troop flags, poles and stands.

11.            New Business
Roger noted that he will be distributing information to the Committee about the annual review of our troop guidelines.

Roger also asked the Committee for input on ways to thank St. Stephen’s for allowing us to hold our troop meetings there.

Bill Johnson led a discussion about how our recent ski trip transitioned from a troop event to an event with a private outfitter but was still promoted through the troop.  The Committee agreed that needs to be considered in the future when this happens.