December 30, 2014



1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping - Thanks to Dan Feidt for the idea of a holiday potluck.  Minutes approved from last meeting.


2.  Robert K.s' Eagle Project Review –  He explained his proposed Eagle Scout project of building a human sundial at Frasatti Catholic Academy using mosaic tiles that the students will make.  He answered questions from the Committee and with advice given the Committee approved the project.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel –

 Jeff reported that the Adopt-A-Family check delivery went smoothly, but there were only a few Scouts to assist due to timing issues.  Sister Kathy was very appreciative.  Jeff thinks the Adopt-A-Family activity is worthwhile enough to keep participating.

 For Polar Camp on January 10th we will have a smaller group of Scouts going due to Eagle Cave.  The Pinewood Derby is February 7 at 2:00pm, and a sign up sheet is needed.  Blue and Gold is a celebration only since the Scouts already crossed over in October.  

 Troop and OA elections will be on February 3rd, 10th or 17th.  Jeff will contact the OA to get this election scheduled.

 Jeff will follow up with Pack 437 and the PLC regarding adding a Den Chief position since there were very few Scouts present tonight.  

 Gray Wolf selections are due in April so he will take recommendations from Committee members over the next couple of months. Jeff would like to propose funding two Scouts for Grey Wolf.


4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel –

 High Adventure: There are now three 7-day crews for BWCA 2015 that run over the same dates. No action is needed currently.  Philmont is 2016.


 Eagle Cave January 9.  Not much prep needed except for tarps, garbage bags for dirty clothes/seat covers. 

 Merit Badge Weekend will be February 20th.   Mary Sue will look at Fred C. Bridgett will coordinate the counselors. 

 Dog Sledding is February 14 up in the Carleton/Duluth area, and we will need a signup sheet for this.

 March Planning weekend is March 27 at Kiwanis. 

 Basic Skills is April 24 at Fred C. 

 Whitewater Rafting is May 15, and we are looking a place to camp.


- Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter –

A friend of Dan’s is able to assist with cutting the canopy poles to finish that project. 

 The Committee approved proposals to: 1) change to combination locks for the trailers instead of keys locks, $100 total, and 2) making PVC containers to contain the legs for the patrol boxes. 

 Dan offered to donate a first aid kit to the troop.                     


5.  Advancement Committee –

 Joe Mikkelson reported that the RTFC Campout this year will be in March.  Scout leaders are looking at dates and places.  Joe gave a status update on the two RTFC groups.  Unfortunately Joe’s job hours will be changing, so RTFC will need to replace him. 

 Pam Blank reported the January Court of Honor is January 20, so Scouts should get any merit badge cards turned in.  Joe is working on the end of year slide show, and he will have it done the week before.


6.  Report from PLC –

 Brendan A. shared merit badge ideas for Merit Badge weekend including: cooking, engineering, pioneering, fire safety, traffic safety, photography, and geocaching.  The Committee would like to have 2 required and 2 quick merit badges.  Brendan will follow up with the other Scouts at the next meeting.


7.  Fundraising Committee –

 We need a Flowers Fundraiser Coordinator to train this spring -- sales start February 17.   

 Manitou 15k update – Bridget reported that Matoska Park is not available, but West Park is.  Roger will ask Mark Sather to assist to see if the race could use the side area in the morning.  Otherwise we may have to recertify the run from West Park.


8.  Community Service Committee – nothing new to report      

9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe   Everything is caught up, and there are no issues with any ScoutBucks accounts.


10.  Other –

 An automated event signup sheet process is still a priority, with January being the goal for this. 

 Fun Night is January 13 at Vertical Endeavors.  Mike Pendergast is coordinating this and will give an announcement at the next meeting. 


11.  Old Business – Roger discussed several ideas to try to increase recruitment for positions including Treasurer, Camping Chair, Flowers Coordinator, and Road to First Class: need for something visual, need for a personal approach, and testimonials.  There are crucial positions to fill soon for training purposes.  The Committee also discussed reevaluating the treasurer duties to simplify the position and setting expectations of 3-year terms.  Sheila Thom will highlight the open positions on the leader board with color for the Court of Honor.


 12.  New Business –  

Friends of Scouting starts at the January Court of Honor. 

The Committee thanked Bill Johnson (in his absence) for his annual Medtronic matching donation which helps keep the troop funded.

 Roger gave the annual rechartering report.  We started with 54 boys and added 6.  We had 5 age-out and lost only 4 of 60 boys, for a 93% Scout rate retention.