June 24, 2014


1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping

2.  Dillon S. proposed his Eagle Project making 4 raised flower beds for White Bear Lake Cerenity Home which an individual in a wheelchair could have access to and is portable.  The Committee asked questions and offered several suggestions, including an aggressive timeline since his 18th birthday is coming in September.  The Committee offered to have another review for final approval on July 9.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel - He reported that the assistant Scoutmasters will be expanding their roles with more formal responsibilities.  Currently they are our Quartermaster and handle the Road to First Class.  We will give them responsibility for planning the activities on campouts.  We will also ask them to take on roles like fundraising coordinators.

4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel:

High Adventure: SeaBase 2014 - All payments have been made and the ScoutBucks have been updated. BWCAW 2015 - Crews are signed up.  

Campouts: Patrol Campout 8/15 - PLC is still working on a place.  The annual Namekagon campout is 9/12.

Tomahawk is 7/19: Campsites are set, and health forms are being collected until 7/15.  Merit badge cards are due 7/1.   Meals are being delegated this year with several new parents helping.  We will have another year to work out any bugs before MarySue steps down.  Snack bins will be available at the next meeting.  Deb Clarke will be ordering the T-shirts (pink!).  She will need a sign-up sheet for sizes.  Dan Feidt will have the bus to ride.  The troop will meet at Otter Lake at 8:30 for a 9:00 departure.   Merit badge offerings instructed by the troop are being considered.  The makeup swim night is on Tuesday July 8th at 5:30 at Ken Rowe’s house. 

Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter: Rotary donation purchases partially completed.  Sam will review certain little-used equipment with the adults at Tomahawk to determine whether to keep it.  Sam reported that it is cheaper to purchase a new canopy than repair the existing canopy.  Jeff and Mike Cerney will look into this.

5.  Advancement Committee –

RTFC update - Joe reported that they have completed their merit badge cards and will start getting them into patrols for Tomahawk. 

Shelly Jokinen reported the Advancement status: 8 new Scouts, 4 Scouts, 10 Tenderfoot, 4 - 2nd Class, 8 - 1st Class, 10 Star, 12 Life and 1 Eagle.

6.  Report from PLC - Erik B. No PLC report.

7.  Fundraising Committee - Roger reported for Bridget Newman that there were many praises from the Manitou 15K runners regarding the race.  She estimated each Scout would receive about $70.  Three people have shown interest in taking over race duties next year.

8.  Community Service Committee – need to schedule the St. Stephen’s lilac trimming with Jim Golding

9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken had no report.

10.  Other –

Website update: Tim is working on making a new web sign-up sheet.

Dan Feidt reported that several of the new parents have completed their youth protection training. 

11.  Old Business – no report given.                                                        

12.  New Business –

Adult Recruitment update: Roger is discussing with Mike Cogan the possibility of taking over as Committee Chair in 2016 starting with a year of training in 2015.  There is also someone who may be interested in the Treasurer position and other who may be interested in the camping position. 

July 8th will be a makeup date for CPR.