March 25, 2014


MARCH 25, 2014

1.  Welcome -  Roger Scherping: Minutes approved from last meeting after noting word error.
2.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel

- Recruitment: Apr. 8 New Parents Night – Probably 12 new boys total will be joining the troop.  Pack 437 Blue and Gold crossover went well for.

-Discussed pros and cons of switching to an automated computer system for sign-up sheets, possibly keeping a paper sign-up or having the Scribe enter information during the troop meeting that would include a feedback loop to parents.  Also discussed encouraging the patrol leaders take more responsibility in this area. Committee approved to start investigating a new process.

       -Jeff reported that the Planning Weekend went well, liking many of the same activities and campouts that were on the calendar last year.  In addition to the fishing campout, a new trip planned for October was perhaps a shooting campout to give the boys a choice.  Also they decided to do an “Amazing Race” campout in November!  The boys were really excited about this, but it will take a little more planning.  Dogsledding and cross country skiing were also an interest for March.  The boys used an 18-month planning calendar laid out on one page which helped guide them through all the monthly activities.  Mary Sue will start to look at scheduling campout ideas. 

Scouts also liked the idea of trying to go to other places, mini-high adventures like Isle Royale, and how to fit them in the rotation.  There are now 4 High Adventure opportunities (Philmont, SeaBase, Northern Tier, Summit) and an off year to make a rotation of five.  The Committee discussed whether we want to continue this or make changes.  Scouts could also go through the district to go on High Adventure trips with other troops if there were personal calendar conflicts or if a Scout missed a High Adventure trip due to the rotation.  Decided to table the discussion for more thought. 

3.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel   

        - High Adventure:
SeaBase 2014.  Adult volunteers are getting hotels and transportation aligned.
BWCAW 2015: Have enough for 2- 7 day crews and 1- 10 day crew, and initial deposits have been made. 

- Campout calendar: Basic Skills 4/25, Cooking campout 5/16, Bike Trip 6/18.

        - Tomahawk 2014: Parents meeting May 20, swim test June 24 tentatively scheduled for 7pm.  OA callout will now be on Wednesday, not Sunday.  Therefore, it was decided to move the Family dinner and campfire to Tuesday night.  The Webelos II’s that are camping in Navajo could also then come to the dinner.  Also discussed medical officer recruitment; Roger will send an email.  PLC decided on a “Back to the 50’s” theme with burgers or fries for family night dinner.

         - Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter:  He proposed an equipment list handout at planning meetings for the Scouts to use to plan what equipment will be needed for the campouts.   He will also organize an action packer with often-used products that are not typically kept in the camp boxes to keep on hand for campouts.  The Committee discussed several ideas for how to put up and inspect the back packing tents before the May campout.  He had the Scouts clean and season the cast iron ware last weekend.

4.  Advancement Committee - Christy Bartlett

- Road to First Class update - Joe Mikkelson: Scouts are making good progress, most are First or Second Class.  Christian S. will be leaving the troop.  Jeff will follow up with this. 

- Advancement status: 15 Tenderfoot, 2- 2nd Class, 12 -1st Class, 6 Star, 12 Life, 2 Eagles.  Discussed who needs Scoutmaster conferences and the upcoming Eagles.

- Tim Willard updated the merit badge counselor page with current badges and counselors from the updated sheet Christy gave him.  Dan, Deb, Jeff and Bridgett are not currently on the list.   Will have to check with Marc about this since some of these names were turned in to him.

- Shelley reported that last year our troop gave out 219 merit badges, 45 Scout advancement badges, from which Roger quickly estimated that meeting our FOS goal equated to a rough savings of $600. 

- Eagle Scout Expo changed to April 15th.

5.  Report from PLC - Erik B.

– He gave an overview of the PLC’s thoughts of how Planning Weekend went.  They liked ideas of having mini-adventures perhaps to Yellowstone or paddle down the Mississippi River.  The Buffalo Patrol offered to help Mr. Beckers with a community service project.  They also decided that the following patrols will plan the monthly meeting activities:  April: Eagles; May: Beavers, June: Road Runners, July: Flaming Arrows, August: Buffalos, September: Cobras.  Erik clarified what was wanted for the cooking campout for the Quartermaster.

6. Fundraising Committee - Mike Cogan

- Michele Willard is ready for order turn in night next Tuesday.  She will set up early. The webstore will close Sunday night.   Band members have a concert that night, so they will have to enter their orders online and give her the money earlier on Tuesday or sometime later. 

- Bridget Newman is still looking for a volunteer to assist or taking her place with organizing the Manitou 15K race. 

7.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier

– John should be set for Scouting for Food on May 3rd as he has all the info.  The Heritage Park Cleanup was changed to May 6th. Mark Beckers is leading a project for UM Extension Master Gardener program which would like to build wood composting bins.  The Buffalo Patrol has volunteered to do this.

8.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe

– He has posted the airfare for SeaBase and the deposit for Northern Tier.  ScoutBucks statements are coming soon.

9.  Other

- Website update: Tim Willard - Tim reviewed status of our website: working on position emails, Parents Roundtable blog with a single access code, website page count, website permissions, troop calendar access and event colors.  It is slowly getting more organized.  He has transferred the troop 494 domain name for better control of the domain.

- Parents Roundtable - Dan Feidt – He will have a calendar of topic ideas set up for the Roundtables next week after discussing with Jeff.  The goal is to have the Roundtables done by Tomahawk. 

10.  Old Business

- Roger sent out an email to St. Stephen’s pastor suggesting our thank you ideas but has not heard back.  We will plan on doing the lilac trimming in May. 

- Jeff distributed the Adult Leader Campout Expectation guidelines for the Committee to review and give suggestions.  These will be added to the Troop Guidelines. 

- The new trailer stickers proposal is coming along.  The design was decided upon.  The goal will be to have the trailer done before the Troop Anniversary. 

- No update on the new flags and stands.

11.  New Business

- Troop's 20th Anniversary May 4 – Reviewed what has decided for the event: the event time (2-5 pm), a potluck, email invitation, videos, patches, program, and decorations.  Will continue to work on more specifics.  Mary Sue volunteered to be chair to coordinate this event.