May 27, 2014


1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping.

2.  Paul J. Eagle Project Review – He proposed his project of making a storage cabinet out of existing shelving by making and installing cabinet doors with sound acoustic panels on the outside surface for WBSC band department.  Paul answered questions from the Committee members, and members offered suggestions for him to contemplate.  Committee approved the project.

Eric B. Eagle Project Review – He proposed his project of making benches for Meadowlands Park in White Bear Township in the newly renovated park.  He would assemble them out of a kit and install them into a concrete base beside the playground.  Eric answered questions from Committee members, and members offered suggestions for him.  Committee approved the project.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel

He reported that we have a new scout: Preston K. and his dad, Jeff. 

Jeff reviewed what Scoutmaster conferences he has planned in order to get them in before the Court of Honor. 

Jeff and Roger will get a donation from the Rotary Wednesday, followed up by a different presentation at a later day with Scouts present.

The Webelos pilot project will begin in the fall.   Roger will put on our calendar their events that we assist with, and we will give them a list of our campout events that they will be able to participate in for the summer.

4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel

High Adventure: SeaBase 2014 is set and paid.  Mary Sue would like the parent volunteers that are coordinating the hotel and transportation to report to her this week what the arrangements are and costs so that it can be incorporated into the next ScoutBucks statements.  There will be another planning meeting soon.  BWCAW 2015: nothing new. 

Campouts: Bike Trip is 6/18, and the campsites have been reserved at Duluth, Moose Lake, Hinckley and Wyoming by Dan Feidt.  He will confirm them again before the trip.  

MarySue is waiting on the PLC for a plan for the Patrol Campout 8/15.

Tomahawk 2014 on 7/19: Parents meeting June 3 (need agenda), swim test is June 24, merit badges will be due July 1.

Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter – He reported that a few of the propane tanks need new trees, which he will look for replacements for.

5.  Advancement Committee - Christy Bartlett

Road to First Class update - Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen/Ken Rowe – Next week will start their physical fitness testing. 

Christy reported that merit badge counselors who dropped off the system need to reapply.

Christy reported the advancement status: 10 new scouts, 3 Scouts, 15 Tenderfoot, 2  2nd Class, 12 1st Class,  6 Star, 11 Life.

The Court of Honor is June 10.  Plans are in progress. 

Pam Blank will get trained in on the Record Keeper position.

6.  Report from PLC - Erik B                      

Erik reported that the PLC discussed plans for the bike trip and the Manitou 15K.  He will locate a script from the website for the next Court of Honor and is in the process of getting Scout volunteers in place. 

For the Bike Trip campout he will get a get meal plan going at the next meeting.  He suggested having a final bike inspection on June 3rd before the trip and have a Scout review recommended gear for the trip as well. 

Ryan and Peder volunteered to be the lead bike for the Manitou 15k.

7.  Fundraising Committee - Mike Cogan

Flowers recap - Michele Willard – The total sales are a little less than last year ~$18,000 with a $7,276 profit made which is somewhat less as well.  The gift cards did well and the overall process was great!           

Manitou 15k - June 7 - Bridget Newman – We have 12+ sponsors.  We are currently have more runners signed up than last year at this time.  She reviewed the needed supplies and adult volunteers.  Roger will send out an email for this.     


8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier – Roger reported that Scouting for Food raised 1,400 lbs. of food plus $87.  He scanned all the maps onto the website for back up. 

The Heritage Park Cleanup went well with good food and dessert.  Shelly needs the signup sheet. 

Roger will talk to Jim Golding to schedule St. Stephen's lilac trimming.

9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe – He wants to get the ScoutBucks statements out for the Court of Honor.  

10.  Other

Tim Willard is working on a digital sign-up sheet process for events.  This need has become critical.  Zach T. should talk to Mr. Willard about using Google Sheets if he has questions. 

The Parents Roundtable is going well as the parents seem engaged. 

Marc Johannsen reported we met our FOS goal by ~$100, getting free advancements patches this year.

11.  Old Business

Assessed the 20th Anniversary.  Committee members gave mixed reviews.  Overall event was well received, but some were disappointed that more alumni Scouts and parents did not attend.   It was offered that a later date into summer may have helped to get college Scouts home.  

Marc reported that his order of flags, poles and stands is on backorder.  So, it most likely will not be present for the next Court of Honor. 

Roger is encouraged by the new parents that have shown interest and will keep up the recruiting.

 12.  New Business – Marc reported that direct contact leaders are recommended to go through the wood badge program and was wondering if the troop would sponsor a leader going through the wood badge program. The Committee approved this sponsorship.