September 30, 2014

Troop 494 Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


1.     Welcome

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.


2.     Scoutmaster Report

Jeff Abel noted that we have the Webelos crossover ceremony this coming Monday (October 6) at Otter Lake. They will also have their Arrow of Light ceremony at that time.  Jeff will ensure that we have Order of the Arrow presence there.


Jeff also reported that the PLC is working tonight to finalize planning for the October fishing and shooting campout. We will need to send out an email signup as we do not have a troop meeting before the campout.


Jeff also reported that we will have the annual 6-month leadership switch at the next troop meeting.


3.     Camping Committee

MarySue Abel reported that there are three crews organized for Northern Tier in August 2015. There are still some openings if anyone still wants to sign up.  She also mentioned that soon we will need to begin planning for Philmont 2016.


MarySue also recapped the October shooting and fishing campout -- shooting will take place at Stearns Scout Camp, and the fishing portion will take place at Dave Genz's Fish Camp outside of Clearwater.


We have reserved Phillippo for the November "Survivorman" campout. We also have our Shoreview Lock-In coming up December 13.


She will reserve 30 spots for Eagle Cave on January 9.


Sam Hunter noted that he is working with Rick Rausch to figure out a good place to mount the trailer's spare tire and the first aid kit on the side door.  He also noted that there are nine canopy poles that need to be replaced.  Finally, rather than doing the patrol box inspections at a November troop meeting, we will do it at the November campout.


4.     Advancement Committee

Pam Blank gave the Committee a breakdown of where the Scouts are at for ranks -- there is currently 1 Scout, 18 at Tenderfoot, 4 at Second Class, 9 at First Class, 11 at Star, 10 at Life, and 1 Eagle.


A discussion was held on boards of review.  Jeff has agreed to email Mike Cerney and Mike Cogan every time he completes a Scoutmaster conference so that we know who needs a board.  There are currently three boys waiting for one: Michael C., Deven A., and Mitch M.


Joe Mikkelson gave the report on the Road to First Class program.


5.     Report from PLC

The PLC planned a menu for the fishing and shooting sports campout in October, and they also delegated a number of Scouts to attend the Webelos crossover ceremony next Monday.


6.     Fundraising Committee

Mike Cogan reported that the fundraisers for wreaths and popcorn have started. Orders for both fundraisers are due on October 21.  It was decided that we need to coordinate our pricing with the Pack next year.


Mike also noted that the composting fundraiser will take place on Saturday, October 25.  We will have coffee and hot chocolate to encourage donations.


7.     Community Service Committee

Roger Scherping noted that we had a great turnout for the lilac trimming this past Saturday. The work went quickly enough that we finished in an hour.


Feed My Starving Children is coming up next Tuesday (October 7).  Roger will send out a signup email.


Roger also reported that there is a cleanup session in the Clearwater Creek neighborhood of Lino Lakes coming up November 8.  Michelle Sylvander has worked to finalize the plans for this event. The time frame of the cleanup will be from 10am-noon.  Michelle is arranging a neighborhood cleanup similar to one she's seen near Como Lake.  The organizers are arranging dumpsters for leaves, to be paid for by the City of Lino Lakes, Ace Solid Waste, and the Rice Creek Watershed.  Similar to our annual Heritage Park Cleanup, the boys will clean up areas around the walking paths where residents have dumped materials that will harm the wetlands.  Michele said that we'll need to have an adult provide a vehicle and a trailer to haul the leaves.  Maybe a pickup will work. 


8.     Treasurer's Report

Roger noted that Ken Rowe has submitted the latest deposit for Northern Tier. There are a number of Scout Bucks accounts that are overdrawn due to some of the recent high adventure campouts.  Ken is not worried about these accounts and is working to collect the balances due.


Ken is taking with a potential successor as troop treasurer.  A discussion was held on appropriate internal control measures.


9.     Other Items

Roger noted that there is a fun night coming up at Sky Zone on November 4.


Dan Feidt reported that the first Parent Roundtable session for the new Scout parents will be on October 14. Dan is also looking to utilize the parents on the November campout.


Roger noted that Scott Wisgerhof is working on troop rechartering efforts. The new Scouts who have just joined the troop will transfer to the troop in December.


10.  Old Business

Roger noted that Marc Johannsen was able to purchase a new eagle and finial for the American flag. He has not yet purchased new flags, poles or flag stands.


11.  New Business

There will be a fundraiser and silent auction on November 1 for our Scout Gabe B. who is going through cancer treatment.  Eric Barth is looking for donations as well as people to volunteer at the event. Donations will be tax-deductible.


Pat Mahoney shared with the Committee ideas regarding a Leave No Trace program to help our troop and others around the region. Pat will be taking training at University of Scouting to learn about how the principles of Leave No Trace can be taught at the troop level.