April 28, 2015

TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2015 AT 7:00 PM

 1.  Roger welcomed everyone, and the committee approved the minutes from the last meeting. 

 Jim Letourneau presented Pat Mahoney with the James E. West Fellowship Award for his recent donation to Scouting.


2.  Alex W presented his proposal for his Eagle project, consisting of two carts for robots and tools for his high school robotics team.   He answered questions from the Committee members.  The Committee asked him to get a little more detail, including a preliminary sketch, and get back to the Committee next week for final approval.


3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel

 Jeff reported that Basic Skills was a good campout and that the boys enjoyed the new activities of making lean-tos and compass work. They may be doing similar things at the Surviorman campout or others in the future.  The turnout was not as good as expected but those there were pleasantly surprised with the new activities. 

 The Webelos campout occurred May 2 with several Scouts attending. 

 Mitch M and Trenton A. were both approved to go to Gray Wolf this summer. 

 The District Merit Badge Weekend is May 9 with some Scouts signed up as well as adult leader training going on.  Marc was able to reserve a shelter for those who wanted to stay overnight.  Jeff is looking for another adult leader to help. 

 The PLC is talking about the Tournaments Campout on May 15th at Philippo.  Tent camping is available.


4.  Camping Committee

 Per Jeff the High Adventure 2016 will have to be changed as troop did not get into Philmont and will have to try again for 2017.  Several ideas were suggested. 


Tournaments May 15

Devils Track Gorge (3-day) Campout June 19 backpacking and hiking campout. Marc starting looking into it a little but will have to continue planning more


Tomahawk 2015 - Jeff is trying to get a canoe activity set up.  He will have to do a little bit of coordination to plan this along with the RTCF logging campout since both are at the same time during the week, probably Monday or Tuesday night.  Dan offered his Santa outfit for the Wednesday day night dinner (theme: Christmas in July).  Merit badges offerings at camp are being worked on by Mike. Pam volunteered to assist with the merit badge cards.  The Tomahawk Parents Meeting is June 2. Swim test June 30 at Maplewood CC.  Deb T is looking into reserving a time.


- Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter

Sam presented the hot pads which are in bad shape.  He will look at some alternatives to see what is best for the boys to use. 

 Jeff, Dan and Sam surveyed the canopy poles and the project will be ready for Tomahawk with 4 complete sets. 

 Leaders are trying to have the Scouts do more patrol box inspections at the end of the campout so it is not needed to be done at a troop meeting.  It will be left on the annual calendar.


5.  Advancement Committee

 Marc Johannsen reported that the newest RTFC Scouts are doing well including the newest one that just joined. In the older RTFC 3 are ready for 2nd class Scoutmaster Conference.  Many only have 3-4 req. left for 1st Class and should be done by Tomahawk.  Mike LaValley and Dan Feidt will be working together for the new “Road to Life” Scouts.

 Pam reported that there are two new Eagles this month.  The Court of Honor June 23 is coming up.  Mike will be implementing a 2015-16 troop merit badge offering schedule.

6.  Report from PLC

 Justin B. reported that there were 9 Scouts in attendance today at the PLC meeting which was a big improvement!  He said they came up with several ideas for the Tournament campout out that were athletic in nature.  He said that many Scouts thought the same activities were going to be at Basic Skills so they did not go.  Trenton will present Leave No Trace at the next meeting.  The PLC planned out several troop activities for the upcoming meetings including backpack packing preparation.


7. Fundraising Committee

 Molly Barth reported that the flower process is going well.  Enough adults have emailed to say they will volunteer, so a signup sheet will not be needed. 

 Steve reported that 25 runners are signed up so far for the Manitou 15k.  They are targeting 14 sponsors to break even with costs and currently are about half way to their mark.  On May 17th there will be a vote on T shirt designs.  The Gmail account is working beautifully for the registration process.


8.  Community Service Committee

 John Mercier reported he will be looking for someone to pick up the trailer for the May 2 Scouting for Food event as he will be out of town.  St. Stephens’ lilac trimming is scheduled for the June 9 troop meeting and see if it is the appropriate time for trimming.


 9.   Treasurer's Report

 Ken Rowe reported that we are now reporting on a calendar year basis.  51 ScoutBucks accounts have positive balance accounts with some accounts overdrawn mostly due to Northern Tier expenses.  He will be getting statements out to collect money. He is not worried about any of the accounts. 

 Deb Torenvliet will be taking over the Treasurer duties with a new system to make it more transparent.   


10.  Other

 Ken Hall reported that the sign up is online and Zach has been able to work with it well.  Timeliness of updating the rosters is still inconsistent.  Some extra time is needed as more double checking of sheets is needing to be done in case people have also signed up online, and final roster needs to be revised as personal emails are listed.   Various ideas were discussed to help with this: having a two person system; having an adult leader follow up with the scribe.  Zach has reported to Jeff that if there is another Scout who is willing he is willing to give up the position. 

 No Fun Nights scheduled currently.


 11.  Old Business

 Marc reports that we will make our goal for Friends of Scouting.  

 Roger reports that the Treasurer position has now been filled but we still need more volunteers for the Flowers Team, Tomahawk help, Fundraising Chair, Advancement Chair.


12.  New Business

 Pat Mahoney presented information about neurobiolgical disorders that he found during his wood badge training that would be helpful for adult leaders. There is a video online that he thinks would be important to view. He will present the info at a Committee Meeting first and then expand to other members. 

 Roger will ask the Rotary Club members if they would like a presentation. 

 Roger also reports that we should be checking in the AB room and nursery to make sure everything is in order when we leave the church.