August 2015


TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 2015 AT 7:00 PM


1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping.  Meeting started on time.

3.  Scoutmaster Report-Jeff Abel:


Pack 437 meeting will be September 14th. He will have Scouts come with to the meeting. 


Cub Scout Open House is September 15, email invitation has been sent.  Will treat it like a new parents night, reviewing our campout adventures, slide show, have Scouts talk about our activities and have them do a skill activity, eat some sort of treat which Sam will get along with the trailer.  Roger will prepare a handout for the parents.


Buffalo and Cobra patrols combined to become the Owl patrol. 


New Scout Night is moved to October 20th due to conflict. 


OA Fall Conclave is September 11, same as Namekagon.  Need to talk to Trey, Liam and Zach about this.  Marc Johannsen will investigate alternatives.


District Camporee is September 25, a western theme with lots of fun activities: air rifle shooting, archery, blacksmith. It is near Chisago.  It is an overnight or a day camp.  Will take it to the PLC.  Marc will get more info and offer it up at the next troop meeting. 


4.  Camping Committee-MarySue Abel per Jeff:


High Adventure: BWCAW 2015 is done and was successful.  2016 was discussed: Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking via Ken Hall’s cousin as guide or Glacier National Park via train.  Ken and John Mercer will get costs and agenda to present at next meeting to get a final decision of 2016. 


2017: Philmont lottery opens October 28th


Campouts: Namekagon September 11-13 canoes reserved – next year will include the new Webelos.  Wilderness Survival October 2, Scouting Skills November 13, Lock In December 12; January Spearhead dogsledding – will need to get a sign out early in October. Feb- Merit Badge Weekend (camp is reserved), March Planning we have Kiwanis reserved.


- Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter

Tent inspections are next week.  Proposed several ideas to include in the patrol boxes: little bottles with matches and strikers, mesh bags.  Scouts could make the mesh bags for an activity.  Still need to mount the first aid kits on the trailer.  Dan will look at different mounting brackets.  Pat mentioned the idea of getting a charity donation of an AED.  Sam is thinking about a different way to cover the saw blades.  Rick suggested the idea of a 25-gallon metal lined water heater to replace the water buffalo.  Committee decided to look into it.                     


5.  Advancement Committee –


Road to First Class update – Ken Rowe reported that first year boys are doing well and should be First Class by January Court of Honor. 


Advancement status:  Pam reports nothing new since she just upgraded the system.  She will work on entering all the data next.  She needs Marketfest attendance sheet.  Sheila and John to get to her. 


Next Court of Honor is September 22. 


Eagle Scout axes update – With Scott Wisgerhof looking at different Scout Shops we should have enough axes for the rest of this year and next year. 


Alex W. is working on his Eagle paperwork and will have to touch base with him. Adam C. also needs his paperwork done. Ryan F. is hoping for the end of the year to finish.


Ken Hall is going to continue with implementing a monthly merit badge schedule.  Citizenship of the Nation will be offered in October.   Need a counselor for Emergency Preparedness. 


District Merit Badge weekend is October 10th.  University of Scouting is October 24th. 

6.  Report from PLC - Justin reported out what the next few meetings activities will be:  September 1st - sort the tents, review the different canoeing strokes, game.  September 8th- meal planning for Namekagon, game. September 15th – game for Cub Scout open house (first aid); will push back wilderness survival skills to October meetings.  


7.  Fundraising Committee


Composting fundraiser is October 24th. 


Wreaths and popcorn starts September 22.  Steve Minar will order the wreath brochures tonight and come up with a price list for the Committee to review.   


8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier       

     - Feed My Starving Children October 13

     - Rake St. Stephen's November 21 from 10 to noon


9.   Treasurer's Report-Ken Rowe:

ScoutBucks reports will be distributed at the Court of Honor.


 10.  Other                                                                       

        - Fun Night November 3 – Zipline: need to find a place; Mall of America is probably the closest.

11.  Old Business       


       - Adult recruitment update: Ken Hall has taken over as Merit Badge Coordinator.


       - Scribe process review: The Committee discussed how difficult this process has proven to be for the Scouts.  The Committee decided to move to an all-digital signup process.  It will be initiated soon.  First Ken and Tim need to set up a page on the website that the “Sign Up Sheets” link links to that contains only the signup links.  In the future the printed signup sheets will be in the back of the room enclosed in clear plastic so people can see who is signed up but not actually sign up there.


Ken Hall will investigate group texting as a better form of communication.


 12.  New Business


       - Recharter process 2015 – Scott Wisgerhof will initiate at the Court of Honor.


       - Our new Charter Organization rep with the Rotary is Darrell Stone, Investment Adviser, Hanson Stone Retirement Strategies, 1895 East County Road E, 2nd floor, WBL 55110, Phone 651-340-7702    Fax 651-340-7725