DECEMBER 29, 2015



1.  Welcomed by Roger tonight as Scott was not able to attend.


3.  Scoutmaster Report -Jeff Abel

He reported that the Adopt-a-Family gifts were delivered and that the Scouts got to meet the family who received them.  Sister Kathy and the family were very appreciative.  

Committee decided not to participate in the District Klondike Derby day as previously planned but hopes that the troop will be able to participate in more District events in the future.   

Pack 437 has their Polar Cubs camp Saturday, January 9 in Cannon Falls.  They need 5-6 Scouts to help serve meal and perform skits, 3-8pm; also, adults needed to drive.   Sign up needed.  

OA Elections for Scouts are Feb 2.  Jeff will work with Pam and Alex to find out who is eligible.  We also need to arrange for an OA rep to be there.

Gray Wolf selections are also coming up.  Please give nomination ideas to Jeff for 1-2 Scouts.

Pack 437 Pinewood Derby is Feb 6th 12:00pm at Otter Lake.  They need 2-3 Scouts to run cars, but could use more to sell concessions.  Signup sheet needed. 

Troop elections are Feb. 9 for SPL (Patrol Leaders switch is on a different schedule).  Scouts that are interested should let Jeff know. 

4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel

She announced that Eric Berquist will be the new Camping chair, along with Sheila Thom for High Adventure planning.  There are some events like the Lock-In that could be a standalone event for a different volunteer to coordinate if more people are interested in a leadership role in camping. 

Snow Base/Snow Huskies/Dog Sledding is January 15-17.  There was one opening left for Snow Huskies but Ken volunteered Silas Hall for that spot.  Jeff will follow up with the adults on that trip to make sure they know what to do and expect.   

Merit Badge Weekend is February 19-21.  We will need a signup sheet for this.  Ken will organize a process for having at least one quick type merit badge and one Eagle required merit badge, possible Cooking if 4-5 Scouts would be interested.  Ken will organize this process. 

Planning Weekend is March 11-13 at Kiwanis.  The kitchen is reserved.   Signup sheet needed.  This event is open to all but is HIGHLY recommended for patrol leaders. 

Eric will look into reserving a site for the Scout Skills campout in November.  

High Adventure:

Ken Hall reported that 2016 Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking is August 6-13, 2016.   Info meeting will be Jan 5th. 

Sheila reported that Philmont Expedition is July 31-August 12th 2017.  January 12th will be info meeting for 2017 Philmont Expedition. 

Commitment letters and deposit money will be due for both trips January 19th at the Court of Honor when there are more parents present.     


5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter

There was continued discussion about replacing the water heater and if the rate and increased temperature of water heating would be adequate for our troops needs.  John Mercier and Sam will work together to find one that will better fit our needs and bring information back to the Committee.    


6.  Advancement Committee 

Roger announced that Christy Bartlett will be back as Advancement Chair in January. 

The Court of Honor is January 19.  Pam reports that not much has changed with advancement since the last meeting.  Ken Hall reported that Scouts are participating in the offered troop meeting merit badge offerings.  Autumn Chalkline reported that the Disability Awareness merit badge will be starting Jan 12th.  There are only has 5 spots open. 

Ken Rowe reported that the Road to First Class 2nd year Scouts are mostly complete and ready for their Scoutmaster Conferences; the 1st years are also on track.  

Dan Feidt reported that some of the Road to Life Scouts do come to them and are working on merit badge plans. 

He also reported that there will be changes in rank advancement for current Life Scouts starting January 2017 which will include 3 conservation service projects after that date.  Roger will find out more specifics and distribute them, and then the Committee will figure out a plan to make sure Scouts are aware of these changes.  Joe suggested giving the Scouts a label with the new requirements to put in their Scout book.


6.  Report from PLC

Trenton reported what the PLC discussed for the upcoming meetings in January  and were going to come up with possible ideas for merit badge weekend as well as the District Merit Badge weekend in April.


7. Fundraising Committee –

Roger will follow up with Steve Minar for his suggestions for next year, as well as to ask if it is possible to get Spruce tips added to the list of products from Mickman Bros. 

Molly Barth reports that the flowers fundraiser is February 9 - March 15.  She is ready and will get info January 25th to start process at the February 9 meeting.  Mark Toner will handle the webstore again.  Pick up will be May 7th.  Bill offered to talk to the city to reserve the park. 


8.  Community Service Committee – John reports nothing new. 

9.   Treasurer's Report – Ken reports that the transition to Deb as Treasurer will be in the next 2-3 weeks.  All bills are currently paid.  ScoutBucks report is that there are 42 positive ScoutBucks accounts with some in the negative that total $4,800.  Statements will be given out to parents at the next meeting.  Some follow up is in process for missing $500 and $50 Medtronic donations.


10.  Other

Dan reports that the Adult Roundtable is going great and that parents are engaged.   It will be done in 3-4 weeks.  

Tim Willard will be adding Wireless Boosters for St Stephens but we do not know when. 

Roger reported that there will be an email survey coming out to help us understand how often, when, and on what device people read their troop emails so we understand how effective that process is.

Pam reported that Christ the King Church seems to be open to finding out more about our troop.  Pam gathered more information from the Committee to bring back to them.  The idea was presented to use it for an alternate space on a night when we cannot meet at St. Stephens.

Fun Night Sky Zone is March 1.   Roger to email Mike Pendergast.

Clint reports that he has collected some of the new Scout medical forms. 

11.  Old Business –

Adult leader update – Roger thanked Eric and Sheila for filling the Camping Chair position.  Fundraising Coordinator is the main position we need to look for now.  Roger felt that we have virtually all of our positions filled and a large group of new parents who are eager to begin getting involved.  No one on the Committee felt that there were any pressing needs right now, but the Committee agreed that we should continue to look for people to begin getting involved in and training for positions.


12.  New Business

Roger reported that it is time to order fleece jackets order now that the new Scouts are here.  Signup sheet is needed.  Ken will get the info of the company that was used last time. 

FOS will be presented at Court of Honor by Marc Johannsen. 

Clint reported that Joe M. is doing a wonderful job as Den Chief for Pack 437 and is wondering if he could get more for the other levels. 

Jeff talked from a Scoutmaster from Nevada who was very impressed with our troop website.