February 2015


 1.  Welcome: Roger Scherping -  Approved minutes from last meeting.

 2.  Scoutmaster Report: Jeff Abel –

 Pack 437 will have their Blue and Gold April 12.  Jeff would like the boys to perform a skit.  The PLC is still looking for a Den Chief for Pack 437.

 Troop elections will be March 3rd for Senior Patrol Leader.  Trenton was selected for Gray Wolf this summer, but an alternate needs to be selected.   

 Committee selected Steve Hanke for Adult OA and will continue to look for more adults.


 3.  Camping Committee: MarySue Abel / Mike Cogan –


High Adventure: BWCAW 2015 had their first parent meeting, with all volunteer positions being filled. Philmont 2016 will be scheduled for August. 

Campouts: Merit Badge Weekend recap was given.  Mary Sue reserved Gordon Hall at Fred C. for next year’s Merit Badge Weekend.  A BIG thank you to the LaValleys who prepped all the food for the weekend and to all the merit badge counselors 

March 27 is Planning Weekend at Kiwanis.  Basic Skills is April 24 at Fred C with Adirondack cabins reserved.  

No Webelos will be present at Scouting for Food but the tentative plan is have some of the Boy Scouts attend the Webelos campout in the afternoon. 

Whitewater Rafting is May 15 not much is planned yet.  Water Sports Campout is June 19 but will hold off on this until after March Planning Weekend.  

May 9th is the District Merit Badge weekend. 


- Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter presented new locks for the trailers.  His next project will be the canopy poles.  The patrol box leg holders are in place and being used.                       


5.  Advancement Committee: 

Road to First Class update -Marc Johannsen - RTFC Campout is March 20 at Fred C.  Committee members should encourage the Scouts to follow up with their Scoutmaster conferences and be in formal dress when doing so.  The goal is to get the majority of Scouts to First Class by Tomahawk.  A couple of the new adult scout leaders will be going through training, which will help.  

Advancement status – is about the same as last month; 1 new scout, 6 Scout, 16 Tenderfoot, 1 Second class, 10 First Class, 10 Star, 10 Life, 1 Eagle. Pam reports that the process for getting campout attendance to record keeper is understood:  It will first go to Treasurer and then to Pam. The attendance records are up to date.  

Merit Badges - Mike reports that the counselor list on the website is now updated.  Different ways to offer merit badges will be assessed: monthly vs weekend.  He would like to have a good foundation for the PLC to plan out/ include merit badge opportunities.  Ideas offered included: to have some sort of visual during meetings perhaps a listing of counselors on the leader board. Include the topic during March Planning Weekend.    

Eagle Scout Expo – April 7th is our troop’s Eagle Expo.   March 19th is District eagle expo in Wyoming.


6.  Report from PLC - Erik B – He reports that rumor has it that Joe M is open to being Den chief.  His father confirmed.


7.  Fundraising Committee –

Flower sales end March 24.  Molly reported that everything is up and running on the website as the sale started last week. Reminder that the webstore will close two days before the sales ends.

Manitou 15k- Patty reported that everything is on track.  Matoska Park is reserved for 2016. Feedback was given to try to have the shirt design drawing vote on a night when more Scouts are present.

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier

Heritage Park Cleanup is April 14.  Christy said she is open for the pre-dinner. 

Scouting for Food is May 2 – John has the trailer and some bags from last year to use. 


9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe reports that the ScoutBucks reports have no change from last month with only 2 negative accounts for $28.  Deb Torenvliet continues to train with Ken.  The accounting system will be changing to an online invoice system.  People now think of ScoutBucks more like a bill than a savings account as it has in the past.  This new system will accommodate that more by allowing us to send statements. 


10.  Other 

Website update: Ken trained Zach T. in the new online signup system and will work out the bugs as they come, but Zach seemed to have a fairly good take on it.  We will still have to print the current signup sheet for the meeting and then update the website at home from the hardcopy.  It was suggested to put a link in the weekly update to the sign up sheets.  The Scribe would still have to perform any cancels or other type changes that came up after the Scout signed up. John Clarke said he would donate a tablet to the troop to use during the meeting as well.  The Scribe would be responsible for it (charging it, storing it, etc). 

Fun Night changed to bowling at Flaherty’s March 10 as Go Karts were too expensive. 


11.  Old Business  

Friends of Scouting – Marc presented at the January Court of Honor and we are about half way to our goal.   A reminder that employee matches really do help. 

Adult recruitment update:  Roger reports that we are in a good place with new volunteers taking on roles.  Open positions still left are Committee Chair, Fundraising Chair, and Flowers Team.  Parents’ meeting will be March 17 to present descriptions of open positions.


12.  New Business - Fleece jacket order will be open for sign up at the next meeting.