January 2015



1.  Welcome                                          Roger Scherping

The minutes from the prior meeting were approved.


2.  Scoutmaster Report                           Jeff Abel

Jeff reported that the Pack 437 Pinewood Derby will be February 7 at 3:00, and we need to bring 4-6 boys.  The Blue and Gold Banquet is April 12, but Jeff needs to figure out how we will be involved since there will be no bridging ceremony.

Troop elections will be held in early March, tentatively March 3.  We need to begin promoting them at the next troop meeting.  OA elections will be held on February 10.  Jeff will to check with the OA.

The PLC is still checking on interest in a Den Chief for Pack 437.

Gray Wolf selections are due in April.  Jeff is open to suggestions.  We can only nominate 1 boy this year.


3.  Camping Committee                     MarySue Abel   

High Adventure:

   BWCAW 2015 – no update

   Philmont 2016 – nothing has been issued yet


Dog Sledding Feb. 28:  Our previous company went out of business.  The event will be a day trip costing $65-$70.  MarySue and Mike Cogan are searching for a new location.  We need a response from everyone by February 3.  We will promote it at the next meeting, and Roger to send an email.

Merit Badge Weekend Feb. 20 at Fred C.: We have 2 cabins reserved.  The merit badges, 2 required and 2 non-required, need to be chosen soon.  Marc Johannsen will do Traffic Safety, Dan Feidt will do Cooking, and we will also offer Sports.  Pam Blank will determine which requireds are needed by the most boys: one of the Citizenships or Family Life.

March Planning Mar. 27 Kiwanis: No update.                    

Basic Skills April 24 Fred C.: Jeff is holding a meeting with the Asst. Scoutmasters this week to discuss this campout since our new boys have already been with us for several months now.  They will discuss whether this campout needs to be moved to October since the new transition program will probably continue next year.

Whitewater Rafting May 15: No upate.


        - Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter

 Sam presented the first of the six new patrol box leg holders.  The Committee liked them and directed him to make the other five.

Sam will work with Dan on cutting the new canopy poles.


4.  Advancement Committee          

Road to First Class update        Marc Johannsen

Mark Erickson will be taking over for Joe Mikkelson since his work schedule changed.  Marc will work with Ken on laying out the program. 

The older boys are nearly all close to Second Class rank.  Marc will follow up with some we haven’t seen lately.

The younger boys are all to Scout except one.  They recently selected Phoenix for their patrol name and elected a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader.

Roger reported that Mike LaValley has agreed to work with Dan on the Road to First Class program after First Class (Road to Life?).  Jeff will talk with Mike about becoming an Asst. Scoutmaster.

Pam Blank reported that our rank distribution is:

1 new boy, 6 Scouts, 16 Tenderfoot, 1 Second Class, 10 First Class, 10 Star, 12 Life and no Eagles.

Jeff said that he would work on a process to get Pam the advancement records from the Road to First Class program.  He will also work on a process for communicating to her the campout attendance records.

5.  Report from PLC                                 Erik B.

Erik reported that he will ask for Scouts interested in the Pack 437 Den Chief at the next meeting.

With the OA elections coming up, Alex W. will make a presentation on the OA at the next meeting.

A signup sheet will be initiated for the Pinewood Derby.


6.  Fundraising Committee            Mike Cogan

Patty Brown reported that, with the help of Mark Sather, we are all set for the Manitou 15k this year.  We now have use of Matoska Park.  We will also see how far in advance we can book it in the future.

Mike reported that flower sales start on February 17.  Mark Toner will handle the webstore.  We don’t yet have someone to train with Michele Willard this year and take over the fundraiser next year.  We would like to have a team.  If we get no one, then we’ll need to cancel the event.


7.  Community Service Committee             John Mercier       

Roger reported that we received an invitation to take part in the OA’s annual Fort Snelling Cemetery Clean Up service project on February 7 from 9-12.  The Committee decided we should take part in this.  Dan Feidt agreed to work with John Mercier on this project.  Roger will email John about the event.

The Committee also agreed that we should get involved in more District events; we will make this an issue at Planning Weekend. 


8.   Treasurer's Report                                           Ken Rowe  

Ken presented the latest financial statements.  Roger will check with him on the Campership balance and the Capital Campaign balance.  The Committee thanked both Pam Blank and Bill Johnson for the Medtronic donations.  Ken reported that we will move back to a December year end.  He will finalize 2014 and do a budget for 2015.


9.  Other                                 

Ken Hall presented the results of the first attempt at an automated event signup process.  He used it for Polar Camp to try it out.  The goal of a Google map of participants may be difficult; we may need to Google map ALL of the boys.  The Committee should review the results to see if this will meet our needs; it is under Signup Sheets.

For our planned Fun Night on March 10, a few issues were raised.  We will need a tour permit to do go carts.  A question was also asked about the vendor’s minimum age.  The date may also be an issue as it is during spring break.  We could do it March 10 or 17.  We’ll announce the activity at the next troop meeting and see who will be available.  Roger email Mike Pendergast about the event will also follow up with an email for response from the Scouts. 


10.  Old Business       

Marc reported that our Friends of Scouting goal is $7,000 this year.  He asks that everyone turn in their pledges as soon as possible.  Roger will keep FOS in the weekly emails.

Roger will purchase our 2014 Journey to Excellence Gold Award patches.

Marc announced that all of the additional troop gear that we were going to purchase with our composting funds – flags, finials, poles and stands – has now been purchased.

Deb Clarke suggested that it may be time for another fleece jackets order.


Roger gave an update on adult leader recruitment.  He reported that in addition to Mike LaValley, two other adults have stepped up for positions.  Clint Koskie will be our Training Coordinator.  Clint said that he will work to meet the 85% goal for adult leader position-specific training for the Journey to Excellence Gold Award.  He will also promote University of Scouting and the training opportunities they offer.  Roger reported that Clint will also take over the Medical Forms Coordinator role.

The other is adult Mike Cogan, who has agreed to take over the Camping Chair position.  He is already working with MarySue on the training.  Mike will also be our new Merit Badge Coordinator.  He will handle the collection of merit badge cards for Tomahawk and will recruit help, and he has already updated the list of merit badge counselors on our website.  The Committee advised him to check with the District to see if they have added all of our counselors to their records.  Marc will provide him with the District’s list.

Roger also reported that Deb Torenvliet is reviewing the Treasurer with Ken and that we are looking for people for the key positions of Committee Chair, Flowers Coordinator, and Advancement Chair.  A parents meeting has been tentatively scheduled for February 17 for all adults nearing “retirement” to discuss their roles, the support they get from the troop, and how much they’ve enjoyed the position.