June 2015

JUNE 30, 2015  


1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping: Meeting began after swim test. 

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel: Cub Scout Open House is August 18, and we will promote it in July via email.

4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel:

High Adventure: BWCAW 2015: Discussed alternate ways to get a Scout who needs Canoeing merit badge done.  John Mercier will follow up with him.

High Adventure 2016: The Scouts are still thinking about a kayaking adventure in the Apostle Islands, or possibly a trip to the Badlands.  MarySue will look into it at the end of the summer. 


Water Sports is Aug. 21 but still looking for someone who has a boat to assist.  Roger will send out an email regarding this. 

Namekagon is Sept. 11.

Tomahawk 2015:

The Bear talk is July 7. 

The Scouts are turning in all the necessary forms, but there is not an accurate roster or system to make sure each Scouts has everything turned in.  We will start one spreadsheet and each add what information we have so that at Tuesday’s meeting there will be a clear format for all to check. 

Clint Koskie is collecting medical forms.

Pam Blank is collecting merit badge cards.

The meal process is moving along, with days being assigned to individual people.  Food will be bought next week and prepped accordingly. 

The Wednesday dinner will be Christmas in July.

Northern Tier overnight should be Monday night to Tuesday morning.  First years will go to outpost as well and stay in tents that same night. 

Sheila is in process with t-shirts and should order them this week.                          

Pam Blank will handle ordering equipment. 


5.  Advancement Committee –

Ken reports all is good with the RTFC. 

Pam reports we have:  3 new Scouts, 6 Scouts, 6 Tenderfoot, 8 -1st Class, 4 - 2nd Class, 7 Star, 14 Life, 2 Eagles. 

Found out that the Scout Shop will no longer be carrying the Eagle Scout axes.  Will have to figure out what to do about this. 

Dan Feidt will help 6 Scouts finish up Communications merit badge at Tomahawk.

6.  Report from PLC - Justin B.  No report. 

7.  Fundraising Committee:  No update.  Will sign up in July for fall composting fundraiser.  Scott Wisgerhof will coordinate the registration.

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier –

There is a Market Fest service project opportunity Thursday July 30, 4-5pm for set up canopies.  John Mercier will coordinate and attend the event.  We will bring it up at the next troop meeting to see if we can get 6 Scouts.  We will need a sign-up sheet. 

No word yet for help with the Relay for Life flag ceremony on July 31.

9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe: all is good.

10.  Other – No report regarding the website, fun night, Old or New Business.