March 31, 2015

TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2015 AT 7:00 PM


1.  Welcome-Roger Scherping – Minutes approved.


 2.  Ryan F. Eagle Project Review – Ryan presented his project of making 25 portable sign holders for St. Mary’s Church.  Ryan answered questions from Committee members and advice given.  Committee suggested to make a prototype to make sure the dimensions will be appropriate for function.  Committee approved project.


3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel


- Pack 437 activities: need Scouts for the Blue and Gold April 12 – 4:30-7pm; would like some skits, Boy Scouts promotion (slide show - Jeff will check with Joe), and to attend Webelos campout May 2. Signup sheets are out. 


- ASPL, Patrol Leaders elections: SPL is Justin B.; ASPL’s are Eric J. and Trenton A.  Patrol Leaders will be elected this week. 


- Pack 437 Den Chief is Joe M. and will be more involved for the next year’s group of Scouts.   


- Alternate Gray Wolf selection is done and turned in, Mitchell M. 


- District Merit Badge Weekend is May 9 – 14 Scouts are signed up.  Marc J. would like another adult leader to volunteer since he will be doing various duties.


- Reviewed Planning Calendar and set dates: 


May 15 – Tournaments Campout

June 19 - Devils Track Gorge – by Grand Marais; backpacking and hiking into campsite. Leave Friday am hike in, stay overnight, hike in Saturday night, hike out Sunday.  Will have to do more planning

July 18 – Tomahawk

August 21 - Water sports campout

September 11 – Namekagon (OA conclave is at the same time)

October 9 - Wilderness Survival – utilization from the merit badge

November 13 - Basic Skills and RTFC at Fred C. Adirondack will try for it

Dec 12 - Shoreview Lock-in

Jan 22 or 15 - Spearhead

Feb 19 – Merit Badge Weekend – cabin reserved already

March 11 – Planning Weekend – Fred C

April 22 – Survivor Man – Phillipo

May – 20 Rock Climbing Interstate State Park? Will have to get more details. Would have to get an outfitter

June 22nd - Duluth to Hugo Bike Trip


4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel / Mike Cogan


- High Adventure:

BWCAW 2015 – will have to blend in more canoe training since Scouts did not plan for it

Philmont is 2016 nothing new

2017 National Jamboree is in West Virginia, Scouts liked the idea but will revisit it as the date draws closer.  


Campouts:  Basic Skills April 24 Fred C. all set. Devils Track Gorge (3-day) Campout is June 19.  Tomahawk 2015: Deb T. will set up the swim test this year for June 30th.


Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter: New trailer locks worked well.  Next on the agenda is to do the canopy poles and mount first aid kit.  Sam and Jeff will set a date.  Patrol box inspections will take place in May.


5.  Advancement Committee


- Road to First Class update – Ken Rowe reported RTFC current campout went well.  The Scouts are very close with only 1 or 2 requirements left.  They should be done by Tomahawk.  The new RTFC is done with the fitness testing.  Both are good hard working groups. 


Sam suggested giving a First Aid bag when achieving 1st Class rank.  Committee discussed looking into giving just the bag since the Scouts make a kit for their requirement


- Advancement status:  1 New Scouts, 6 Scouts, 13 Tenderfoot, 2- 2nd class, 9-1st class, 9 Star, 13 Life, 1 Eagle


- Merit badge schedule 2015 - Mike Cogan; Roger will follow up with Mike to start a meeting routine.


- Eagle Scout Expo – April 21st . Remember to be positive about what it takes to reach Eagle.


6.  Report from PLC - Justin B

Organized troop meetings.  April 7th= Tripod lashings, +patrol elections. Justin will be using the troop planning sheets to have a more organized meeting. Heritage Park Clean Up 14th.


7.  Fundraising Committee


- Flowers - pickup is May 9 - Michele Willard/Molly Barth; sales are up a slight bit over last year, credit card sales are up as well.


Manitou 15k update - Bridget/Patty/Suzanne/Steve. Steve is working on getting sponsorships and will make an announcement at the next meeting. 


8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier


- Heritage Park Cleanup April 14 need a sign up sheet; Christy is set.


- Scouting for Food May 2 is set.


- Reserved FMSC for Oct.13th at 6pm. 


-  Clearwater Creek proposal April 25 is a conflict with Basic Skills Campout.


9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe


Working on the budget and will have it finalized in the next few days. Have 3 overdrawn accounts with no concerns. Northern Tier will bill tomorrow. 


10.  Other


- Website update - Ken Hall - Automated event signup sheets – everyone is getting used to it.  Ken will investigate issues raised by the Committee.


11.  Old Business


- Friends of Scouting - Roger will follow up with Marc as he is finishing it up.


- Adult recruitment update: Treasurer, Flowers Team, Tomahawk help, Fundraising Chair and Advancement Chair are still open.


12.  New Business


Eight Webelos may be passing over in the spring. 


University of Scouting is April 18th. 


Briefly discussed unfairness in cleaning expectations when many Scouts leave before end of campout.  Will keep aware of this issue.