May 26, 2016

TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015

 1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping
No changes noted to minutes.  He also noted that Troop 494 had a great showing at the District Recognition dinner, more than any other troop in the District, and he presented those not able to attend their certificates and stars.

2. Pat Mahoney gave a presentation on Working with Scouts with Neuro-Biological Diagnoses, including tips for how to guide them with structured coaching and following through with expectations.  Pat volunteered to be the “go-to” guy as needed and will come up with a questionnaire for parents to write down information on their boys and tips used at home. 

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel
Jeff reported that the Wilderness Survival Campout will be moved to October 3. 

At Tomahawk Pack 437 will not be able to come to the family dinner on Wednesday.  Jeff encouraged them to come at a different time.  They just have to let us know ahead of time. 

Our Cub Scout Open House will be August 18 to promote the troop and get ready for the crossover in the fall.  

Jeff has been soliciting feedback on why recent participation at campouts and other events has been low.   Various reasons were given, including:  time restrictions, not interested, wrong perception of campout, too similar to the past, etc.  Discussed ideas to encourage more Scout participation, but basically they came down to communicating the event better. Ideas included: a handout at the troop meeting, more explanation/ description of the campout (instead of jut announcing the event, since now many of our Scouts are younger and may not understand what the campout is like), having more visuals or pictures from that campout in the past, discussions with parents at a Court of Honor, increasing the participation of the older Scouts, etc.  Discussed older vs. younger Scout perspectives and will try to give the older Scouts more opportunities to be leaders.  It was a very good discussion.

4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel

High Adventure: BWCAW is set for 2015.  For 2016 alternate activities suggested: kayaking, house boating, white water rafting, and South Dakota/Black Hills.  With our large number of younger Scouts, it was suggested that a less strenuous high adventure may be appropriate.  MarySue will investigate the Black Hills.

Upcoming campouts:
Devils Track Gorge (3-day) Campout June 19 – John Mercier is planning it.  
Water Sports Aug. 21 – Cannon River possible, but still needs more planning.

Tomahawk 2015 – Pam will start getting the merit badge offerings ready for June meetings.  Parents Meeting is June 2.  Swim test is June 30 at 7pm Maplewood Community Center; Mark or Jeff will get the swim form.  The bear talk will be July 7.  Clint will handle the medical forms.  Pam will handle the MB cards and online reservations. The Family Dinner will be Wednesday night.  Jeff is also working on scheduling a Northern Tier overnight.  We will need sign-up sheets with shirt sizes. T- shirts: boys need to pick Tomahawk colors. Sheila will coordinate T-shirts for Tomahawk.  Also need to order equipment.

There will be a Northern Tier parents’ meeting after the next troop meeting.

- Quartermaster Report - Sam Hunter
Oven mitts bought and are in place.  Mantels will need to be replaced.

5.  Advancement Committee

Road to First Class update - Marc Johannsen – Shooting to have the second year boys to First Class at the end of Tomahawk. 

Advancement status: 7 Scout, 13 Tenderfoot, 2 2nd Class, 9 1st Class, 8 Star, 10, Life, 3 Eagle.  Looking ahead, there could be 9 Eagle Scouts in 2015, which would beat 2003’s 8 Eagles! 

The next Court of Honor is June 23. 

The troop is going to be starting a Merit Badge schedule for 2015-2016. Dan Feidt will lead this effort.

6.  Report from PLC – Justin:
The PLC planned what activities they will be doing during the June troop meetings, including a backpacking demo, leave no trace demonstration, and skit preparation. He also presented the list of High Adventure ideas: Kayak in Apostle Islands, house boating, and white water rafting.  Jeff also asked Justin what he thought would help increase Scout campout preparation.  He recommended advertising more and giving candy for signing up for campouts.  Roger finished by reminding him to have the Scouts clean up in the church after meetings, especially in the AB room and nursery room.

 7.  Fundraising Committee
Molly Barth reported that the flower delivery process was very smoothly.

Manitou 15k update: So far 32 people are signed up.  Card tables are needed. 

Composting fundraiser:  We will sign up in July for a date in October.  Roger and Scott will coordinate.

 8.  Community Service Committee

Pack 437 did not know about Scouting for Food.  Even though there were fewer Scouts they collected over 750 pounds, but this was about half of a typical year. 

St. Stephen’s lilac trimming is June 16.  

Relay for Life is July 31, but we have not heard from them yet to assist with the flag ceremony.

9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe – nothing new.

10.  Other – No update with the website.  The summer picnic is Aug. 11th.

11.  Old Business

Adult recruitment update: We now need to find someone else to take over as Camping Coordinator.  Current openings include: Camping Chair, Flowers Team, Tomahawk help, Fundraising Chair, and Advancement Chair.

12.  New Business – No new business