October 27


1.  Welcome - Roger welcomed everyone and informed us that Scott will be running the meeting tonight.  Steve Kringle, new parent, was also welcomed.   

2. No Eagle project reviews.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff reported that New Scout Night went well.   Steve concurred stating that his son was excited and was impressed with the organization of the evening.  The annual 6-month patrol leadership switch at the next meeting.  Jeff would like to have the scouts that did the composting bring the Adopt A Family money down to Sister Kelly.

4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel - High Adventure: 2016 Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking is being organized.  8/6-13 preferred; Ken reports that his cousin is available 8/6-13/16 the preferred week and he will go through St. Scholastica to get equipment and extra guides as there will be a 1:6 guide to participant ratio.  He would like to have a training day including campout nad paddle to prepare for the trip.  Ken was impressed with how well he new the area and what each island could offer.  Mary Sue and Ken will coordinate to get information and a price up on the website.  The scribe will need to get a sign up sheet going.  Mary Sue and Sheila will work on getting the crews organized and begin the lottery process.  Upcoming Campouts: Scouting Skills Nov. 13 reserved at Fred C with Adirondacks, Lock In reserved. Dec. 12; Dog Sledding (lottery started) and Snow Base? (need to look further into this) Jan. 15.  Will needed to have a separate sign up sheet for snow base.  Worth noting is to need to make a reservation a year in advance for the troop merit badge campout in November. Quartermaster - Sam Hunter - Patrol box inspection was scheduled for Nov. 17 but the boxes have been well organized and maintained by the scouts over the last few months so it will be deferred but kept on the calendar to assess need each Nov.  Dan remarked that some of the propane trees did not go on easily.  Sam will look at that.  Enough money was raised at the compost event to purchase a new water heater.  Sam recommended a specific model giving description.  John recommended to get specs of hot flow rate to make sure it is adequate for the troops needs.  Sam will check on this.  

5.  Advancement Committee - Road to First Class update - Jeff reported that the Pack cross over went well.  Since the scout books are being revised and not available until Jan. Marc will be making handouts of the needed parts for the Scouts until the troop can get the new books to give to them.  Last years fall RTFC will be done by the end of the year.  The previous years spring RTFC will be finishing up First class by Thanksgiving.  RTFC Campout Nov. 6.  Road to Life update  Dan reported that there is one scout needing a scout master conference.  Dan reported that the Troop librarian reorganized the merit badge books.  The committee will have the new librarian compare the requirement of the books in hand with the current requirements to update the library.    Pam not present to give the current Advancement status.  No change in Eagle Scout axe update.  Ken reports the current meeting merit badge offering is in process.  

6.  Report from PLC - Justin reported out ideas for activities that the older scouts including building a large catapult which he will do some research for.  Marc suggested to check with the Grey Wolf leader.  The PLC also explored ideas for younger scout activities.  Meeting planning ideas:  10th = Karoke, switching ceremony, 17th = review scouting skills campout, building and other games.

7.  Fundraising Committee:  Composting: John and Rick reported there was a steady flow of traffic and the boys worked hard raising $650+, enough for Adopt-A Family and a water heater.  Steve M reported there are a few extra wreaths available that will be emailed out. Ken reports wreath and popcorn sales are less than last year.  Discussed reasons why including scouts aging out, influx of

other fundraisers.  In the end it up to the parents decision to push or not.   Pick up is Nov. 19-21, both will be at Steve’s house. T, F 6-9, Sat 9-1pm.  Order turn in process review- had difficulty with internet access and a few webstore pricing errors but it all worked out with a little extra work.  

 8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier composting review.  For next year need to bring extra rakes, blank forms.  John would like to update the process for the community service annual activities.  Rooster did not work well, some names were on there twice.   Roger reviewed a request that was received.  Committee approved this one time request and will get some information and sent out an email. He reported Feed My Starving Children went well packing over 20,000 meals with 28 participants this year.  We should encourage it as a family event next year.  Next is raking St. Stephen's Nov. 21 from 10-2:00; scouts will need to bring rakes.

9.   Treasurer's Report – Deb reported in process of working on Scout Bucks.  The Medtronic $500 donation is most likely Pam’s. Roger gave Ken the check to deposit.

10.  Other - Dan reported he will send out a list of the topics for the next Parents Roundtable and would like adults to sign up to report on the topic.  No website update. Jeff reported an idea that was recommended by Tim Willard to add more wifi access points in the church which would help us and the church both.  Committee approved approaching the church to discuss this.  Fun Night is Nov. 3 -- Zipline at MOA.  A separate email was sent out with details.  Scouts will met there.  Troop Christmas party moved to the 15th since WBL schools are out that week.  No meeting Dec 22nd.

11.  Old Business – No changes regarding Adult recruitment for Camping Chair, Fundraising Chair, fundraiser backups, Tomahawk help.  Discussed electronic signup process.  Feedback received to separate the adults and scouts.  At issue is still the need to have a better process for getting scouts to sign up faster and not at the last minute for events.  Once the boys leave they tend to forgot.  Getting better wifi will be a good start and then could have a kiosk at the back of the room.  Scott reported the rechartering process is almost done and needs to be done by 15th or next Roundtable if possible.  Stats: 5 boys aged out along with 6 dropped, 5 adult leaders dropped. New rotary rep needs to do the online training. Clint will follow up with that.

12.  New Business – idea brought forth mentioning that Christ the King is now free since the last troop left that location.  Question if that space may be worth inquiring about if it has better wifi, sound logistics, closer to where most people live.