September 2015


 1.  Welcome – Roger welcomed everyone to the meeting and made note that it was Scott who prepared the agenda this month.  It was the first in a long time.

2.  Scoutmaster Report – Jeff Abel not present.  Mary Sue reported in his place.  Jeff thought the Cub Scout open house went well with a good turnout.  No comments regarding the District Camporee since Marc was not present.  New Scout Night is October 20th which he will be coordinating events with the SPL. District Merit Badge Weekend is October 10th Marc is coordinating this.  The troop was asked to host the WBLAHS Homecoming parade flags on Oct 9th  with line up at 3 pm.  The PLC to discuss this.  Marc will be checking regarding alternate dates for those attending the Fall OA conclave.  Ken Hall reported that the Pack 437 crossover is Oct 12th at 6:30 at OtterLake.  Dan Feidt said he could go.  It was recommended that the boys practice their oracle skills beforehand.

3.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel reporting.  It was decided that High Adventure 2016 would be kayaking in the Apostle Islands tentatively Aug 6-13th with fall back date of the Aug 30th-6th. Ken will contact his cousin and assist with coordinating information.   Campouts: Wilderness Survival this weekend, Oct. 2, at Sullivan Lake which is south and west of MilleLacs.  We need more adults to help with driving and at campout.  Will put out and email as we would like to have a minimum of 4 adults.  Other campouts include: Scouting Skills Nov. 13 all set up; have the Adirondacks cabins reserved; Lock- In Dec. 12 is reserved, the lottery process for Dog Sledding Jan. 15 has started but waiting for finalization.  We will try to get Snowbase for same weekend.  We need to put out a sign-up sheet.  Philmont Lottery is coming up on October 28 so we need to look at the final numbers the night before at the committee meeting to decide how many to ask for in for the lottery.

4. Quartermaster report – Sam reported we have new tires for the trailer. There are 2 bins of extra dry food that can be utilized.  He is planning to have a patrol box inspection Oct 17th.  

5.  Advancement Committee -  Road to First Class update – Ken reported that the new 1st years are doing very well.  They will be participating in a separate RTFC campout to wrap up several requirements.  Marc will take the new group of First years in October and Ken will stay with the present group.  The Road to Life Scouts are starting to seek he and Mr LaValley out.  Pam reports the following Advancement status: 1 new scouts, 0 Scouts, 5 Tenderfoot, 5- 2nd Class, 14- 1st   Class, 8 Star, 11 Life 3 Eagle for a total of  47.   We currently have 3 Eagle Axes per Roger, 10 per Scott.  Dan is connecting to try to get more.  Ken reported that one of the citizenships will be offered in October.  Pam will take a look at which one is needed most.

6.  Report from PLC - Justin B presented the PLC ideas for the upcoming Troop meetings: Oct 6th – punch line skits and soccer, Oct 13th FMST, Oct 20th is new scout night = improv skits, game room.  He also presented ideas for the upcoming wilderness survival campout.  

7.  Fundraising Committee – John reported that the composting fundraiser is Oct 24th.    The scribe needs to revise the sign-up sheet to reflect the two shifts of 8-12, 12-4.  This fundraiser will earn $400 for Adopt-A-Family and to replace the water heater for Tomahawk. Wreath and popcorn events started Sept 22.  Steve Minar is heading the wreaths since Jim Golding has stepped down.  Order turn in night is Oct. 20th. Pick up is Nov. 19-21. 

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier reports that Feed My Starving Children is Oct. 13 with 50 slots for our troop.  Raking St. Stephen's is Sat. Nov. 21 from 10-2:00.

9.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe reports that financially we are a little behind but are waiting on receipts.  Discussed that Troop guidelines are 30 days or else it was a donation.  Committee will need to be more diligent about using the event rooster to note information about food buyers and pass it along in a timely manner.

10.  Other – Fun Night is Nov 3rd.  Mike should ask some logistics questions since it is on a weekday night and lines can be long.  The Troop Christmas party is Dec 22.

11.  Old Business – No changes to report regarding recruiting for: Camping Chair, Fundraising Chair, Advancement Chair, Flowers Team, Tomahawk help.  Reviewed how the sign-up sheets will change starting in October.  The troop will have to watch to see if enrollment declines.  Scribe will have to make some changes by hand for last min additions or changes.  But will start the process and revise as needed.  

12.  New Business – Scott is making progress with the Re-chartering process.  Dan met with 3 recent parent groups to ask for feedback to make additions to the Parent Roundtable agenda for the new groups of parents coming in.  He would like more presenter for each of the areas.  James Preiner will be assisting Dan.  Scout Eric B. has one of the lead roles in the school musical, Nov 13-14, 19-21.  So feel free to support him and the others in the play by attending a performance.