April 26, 2016


1.     Welcome -Scott Wisgerhof- Scott welcomed everyone and punctually started the meeting.

2.     Noah’s Eagle Project Review- Noah presented his Eagle Scout project to the committee proposing to make picnic tables for the Veterans Camp on Big Marine Lake.  The committee asked questions regarding the project and it’s process and approved his project.

2.5    Julian’s Eagle Project Review - Jullian presented his Eagle Scout project to the committee proposing to make a free library outside for his church and community.   The committee asked questions and approved the project. 

2.7    2016 Planning Calendar - Scott and Roger reviewed what the boys had planned for the upcoming year with the committee and put each event on the 2016-17 calendar as follows:  Aug. 27 for hunting/fishing campout but will ask Dave Genz if he is available August 27th; tentative summer picnic Aug. 16th; Namekegon campout Sept 9-11; OA Sept 23-25; COH Sept 20th; Sep 22nd Cub Scout District Event; Oct 4th FMSC; Tournament Campout Oct 14th; composting tentative Oct 29; Scouting Skills Nov 11; RTFC campout Nov 4-5;  Nov 1 Fun Night; Lock in Dec 10th; Dec 20 Christmas Party; No committee mtg Dec; Polar Cubs Jan 7; Eagle Cave Jan 20; COH Jan 25; Snowbase Feb 10; Mar 24th planning weekend; Fun night Apr TBD; Adults Leaders Choice Campout Apr 22;  Scouting for food Apr 29; Eagle Expo Apr 4, Heritage Park Apr 11; Cooking Campout May 19; Manitou 15K Jun 3 ; Devils Track Gorge June 24; COH  Jun13; Tomahawk July 15-22  

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel – Jeff reported that Jack, Kyler and Alex were determined to be the ASPL’s.  Pack 437 Blue and Gold is May 15.  The troop is trying to get some interest for this function.  The donated laptop computer worked well at the troop meeting for event sign ups and other Troop website viewing. Jeff would like to get the troop patrols listed on a webpage.  Ken said he would do this.

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist/ MarySue Abel – Feedback from the Survivor Man campout was positive.  The scouts said it was fun to use the skills that they have learned.  The older scouts are ready to be more independent.  Molly was great and she said she would come back to do it again.  The boys were able to relate to her and her stories.  Rock Climbing is May 20-22 @ Interstate state park.  We have above the minimum number signed up. Deadline is Tues May 1st; need waivers signed; will promote non climbing activities.  Duluth to Hugo bike Trip is June 22-26; all campgrounds are reserved.  Clint volunteered to be driver.  Tomahawk is July 16-23; need to have merit badges decided and payment by May 24th.  Reserved for 2017, Parents meeting is May 24.  Swim Test is set up for June 28 @ Maplewood Community Center 7pm.   Action Packers/snack boxes are available at Fleet Farm, REI.  Older Scout Program has 12 scouts signed up; Ax yard service project is reserved.  Wednesday night theme is Western.  Prior we will need to take inventory of cooking equipment as several adults have contributed their own personal supplies for cooking/crafts in the past.  High Adventure:  2016 Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking August 6-13 – Initial parent meeting occurred last week.  Ken reported that several prep outings have been scheduled.   Committee agreed that the Apostle crews have enough certified people to meet Wilderness First Aid needs.  But, will get an interest sheet and ask Travis how many he would need to make his time worthwhile.   Nothing new to report for 2017 Philmont trip.  Need to start to talk about 2018 High Adventure options; will add this topic to next month’s agenda.              

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter - Patrol Box inspections May 10.  The troop is still looking for a place to store the troop trailer.  John reported that Otter Lake Rd storage is not willing to donate time to store troop trailer.  Marc reported that Vadnais can’t with the current road construction going on.  Committee decided to put it in the weekly email newsletter to see if anyone in the troop could help.

6.  Advancement Committee – Pam reported that Advancement status is about the same, but she needs several attendance sheets from various recent events.  Court of Honor is June 14.   Next merit badge offering is Sustainability which will start after the next meeting.  Dan is willing to help out with offering the biking merit badge.  Nothing new to report regarding Road to First Class or road to Life.

7.  Report from PLC – Trenten reported ideas for May’s troop meetings.  Jeff summarized reasoning behind changing patrol format.  We now have 4 larger patrols with 10-13 scouts each with an average of 7-9 active scouts in an effort to have a more formal active patrol format.  This will enable more leadership roles for troop meetings and campouts within the patrols.

 8.  Fundraising Committee - Todd Hartjen, Gordon Brock – Molly reported that the Flower pick up is May 7.  There is an online schedule to reserve pick up times.  She also needs adult volunteers to come Sat morning at 8:30 for truck delivery.  For the Manitou 15K, June 4, Suzanne reported that they got the new mile markers.  They are still looking for T-Shirt ideas with the “Once around the Lake” motif which is due in the next few weeks; Adam B will lead the racers; John is learning the computer system.  A sign-up sheet will be put out in the next month or so.  

9.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier reported the Heritage Park Clean up went well considering the cold weather.  The mulch got delivered and the boys did a great job of spreading it out.  Scouting for Food is this weekend, April 30 and ready to go.  Lilacs trimming, June 7, is set up.  Manitou Days Parade for Historical Society/Emergency Food Shelf was cancelled but there will be marching in the Manitou Days Parade, June 17, organized by Clint Koskie.  Manitou Days Set up is June 16 organized by John Mercier.  Marc reports that FOS is almost to its goal. 

10.   Treasurer's Report – Deb reported…..

11.  Other – There has been nothing new to report regarding adding the wireless boosters for St Stephens.            

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13.  New Business

  • Getting new Parents Camping                                                                          Roger

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  • Adult fun night                     July 26                                                                    Clint