August 31


1. Welcome - Scott welcomes everyone and started the meeting.   

2. Report from PLC -Trenten Anderson; gave report of upcoming meeting plans including tent inspections and Tournament Campout planning.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel reported that Tomahawk went smoothly.  The scouts completed over 100 merit badges.  The camp staff refrigerator was full from our leftovers which they did not seem to mind.  He needs to finish up some paperwork with Pam. The Cub Scout Kick Off-Open House is Mon Sept 12.  They will need 6 scouts at 6:30 to assist with the rocket activity.  The cub scouts will attend the School Night of Scouting.   The Order of the Arrow Conclave is Sept 23-25.   Jeff will follow up to see who has registered.  It would be nice to have some scouts from our troop attend the dinner.  Marc is planning to go.  The 437 Cub has one Scout that will Cross Over in Oct.  The Troop 494 Open House for cub Scouts will be Oct 18th.   The new parent orientation will have to be pushed to a later date.

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist reported that the cooking went well at Tomahawk with the expenses being under budget.  The Fishing Campout had to be canceled due to high water and unfortunately there is not room to reschedule it.  The Namekagon Canoe Trip is Sept 8-11, everything is set.  John and Dan will go up early to reserve spots.   The Tournament Campout is Oct  14-16, at Phillipo.  He will reserve a cabin and if more space is needed scouts can tent out.  The Scouting Skills Campout is Nov 11-13 at Fred C with reservation made.   For Eagle Cave Eric reserved 30 spots;  a sign-up sheet is needed.  The deadline for sign up will be Sept 30th.

High Adventure:   Ken reported that the Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking was great despite the weather and change of plans.  All were happy with the guides, cost and overall experience.  The Scholastica director was pleased to work with the group and would partner again in the future.  He also suggested we could go through him to buy equipment as a group to get discounted prices.  Sheila reported that Philmont will be July 31-Aug 12, 2017.  The next installment is due Oct 1st so participants will need to deposit the money into their Scout Bucks account.  Philmont is offering a day orientation course in Golden Valley Sept 17 or 18th.  The adult leaders will be notified.  The plan is to have a planning meeting in Oct after attending the Field PASS event.   Discussions were started regarding 2018 High Adventure.  The next in rotation would be Florida Sea Base.                                                                       

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter reported that trailer storage is still an issue as Vadnais is not interested.  The back up plan is to rent space $50 a month.  Priority will be to keep looking for free space.  The cooking canopy needs replacement, 12  x  12  with vents.  He will get quotes.  The Committee ok’d the old water buffalo to be scraped along with the patrol box carrier that has not been used in forever.

 6.  Advancement Committee - Pam reported via email. The Court of Honor is Sept 20. Pam Blank is beginning to train Jennifer Green.   The Committee decided to keep advancement records until the scouts age out at age 18 and will offer it first to the scout before discarding.  She still needs an application form for HH in order to proceed with advancement process.  Storage for Court of Honor supplies will go in the troop trailer.  As a side note the orange box will be reorganized over the next couple meetings.  The   Advancement status was not available.  Ken reported that the Sustainability Merit badge is half way done and is thinking about having Personal Management be the next badge starting in Oct.  More merit badge counselors are needed.  An upcoming District Merit Badge weekend will be coming up and Marc will get a list of badges offered.  Marc reports that Pete and Ken have now transitioned to RTFC leaders.  The scouts should be able to make First Class by Nov. There was not update for Road to Life.

7. Fundraising Committee -  Todd Hartjen.  Steve and Jennifer reported that the Popcorn and Wreath fundraiser will start Sept 23 and end at an extra troop meeting Oct 25 to submit orders and money.  Pick up will be Nov. 16-18.  Ken will assist with the online computer store. The Ramsey County Composting event will be October 29 and are working on the insurance waiver process which needs to be done ahead of time.  Patty reported that there are two ways to get the course recertified.  Either hire someone for $600 or do it ourselves for a couple hundred.  She handed out pamphlets to members to see if it is a viable option and will have a follow up report in Oct as it should be done before winter.  

8. Community Service Committee   - John Mercier reported that Feed My Starving Children is October 4 with 30 spots reserved.                                                       

9.  Treasurer's Report - Deb Torenvliet reported that she will finalize Tomahawk receipts soon.  The deadline to turn in receipt is 30 days after event which will be enforced.  

10.  Other – Marc will complete the New Scouts equipment lists.  Clint reported that the Adult Fun Night was great.  Participants said they would do it again.   Have not found any free texting services to help distribute communication.  

11.  Old Business – St Stephen’s Wireless is complete.  Erik B did a nice job helping with the wiring.  We are still waiting to see is the church wants a donation from us.

12.  New Business – Have not heard any updates regarding the Troop Competition with Troop 433 in Jan 2017.  Patty will check with Trenton.   The Committee liked the idea of having a patrol ID board.  Sheila will gather the supplies.  At the Sept Court of Honor the Scoutmaster position will be formally passed over to Marc.    The Oct. Committee Meeting will be on Wed. Oct 26th since Oct 25th will need to be a standard troop meeting to collect money for popcorn and wreaths.