February 23



1.  Welcome - Scott Wisgerhof / Roger Scherping- Happy Birthday Rick Rausch!

3.  Scoutmaster Report  Jeff Abel- Jeff reported that 10 scouts were elected into Order of the Arrow.  Please give nomination for adults to Jeff.  He will need to finalize everything at the next meeting. Grey Wolf nominations need to be in by April 1st.  Jeff has a couple boys in mind.  Troop elections were held and congratulations to Trenton for being elected as the new Senior Patrol Leader.  He and Jeff will continue with the process to look for ASPL’s.   23 scouts participated in Merit Badge weekend.  Ken reports that about 80-90% of the scouts finished the quick merit badges.  There were a few issues with the cooking merit badge as there was no kitchen in the cabin but with impromptu tools it worked out.  There was an issue regarding excessive teasing that occurred.  Jeff had a meeting with the assist scout leaders to make them aware of how to better handle a situation like that in the future.   April 16th is University of Scouting and all were encouraged to attend by registering online.  Marc gave an overview of offerings.  Roger and Marc are going.

 4.  Camping Committee -Eric Berquist/ MarySue Abel- Eric reported that Planning Weekend will be March 11-13 at Kiwanis with dining hall and dorms reserved.  Mr. Mercier will be there as he has the MN Operators Lisc to operate the kitchen.  Will have to encourage attendance and sign up online since there will only be one meeting prior to weekend.  Survivor Man is April  22-24 at Camp Phillipo with remote cabin reserved served for 24, but sign-up sheet should not be limited.  Need sign-up sheet.  Rock Climbing is May 20-22 at Taylors Falls, 2 group sites reserved along with Verticle Endeavors guides. The guides need a minimum of 10 participants ages 10 and up for 4 hours of climbing.  Need to promote it now, ~$100-110.  Deadline for sign up will be 30 days prior.   Tomahawk 2017 reserved.  The Tomahawk leaders packet has not come yet but should be received on March 5th.  So, we will have to make sure to plan for getting into the Kayak lottery merit badge.  Sheila reported that there is only 1 spot left for the 2016 Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking August 6-13 with 3 full crews.  Ken is waiting on a contract for the Kayak guides and will be having an information meeting soon.  2017 Philmont is July 31-Aug 12 with 30 people signed up.  More discussions will start in September. 

5.  Quartermaster- Sam Hunter – Sam showed the committee the new water heater.  The next step will be to design a transportation system for it.  Sam will look into this to plan an appropriate solution.  Scouts will have to be trained in how to use this.

6.  Advancement Committee – Pam reported she still needs Gabe’s paperwork from his last troop and Henry H has also joined the troop.  Advancement status is: 10 new, 2 Scouts, 4 Tenderfoot, ?  2nd Class, 15 1st Class, 8 Star, 11 Life, 3 Eagle.  The Eagle Expo is April 5 with reminder to be more positive and that it is achievable.  Christy reported that the new scouts got their new scout books.  Christy will initiate a meeting to formulate a plan for incorporating the new requirements.  Roger/Scott Will follow up with Christy since she is not present.  Ken reported that Autumn will be continuing with the Disability Awareness merit badge soon and that Sustainability is the next merit badge that will be offered by Jeff in April.  Current badges offered should be listed in the weekly update.  We do not have a counselor for the Emergency Preparedness.  If anyone is interested please let Ken know.   Other counselors are also welcomed for other badges. Marc reported that there are 11 1st years in the RTFC  and is a good group. They have 2 troop guides currently and may need at least 1 or 2 more.  Parents Pete Stout and Ken Hall have stepped up to assist with being troop leaders.

6.  Report from PLC - Trenton reported feedback from Merit Badge Weekend:  the scouts liked the soccer game but wanted more structured time during free time; merit badges offerings were positive.  He discussed troop meeting preplanning for March.  Trenton reported that he got his email up and running for troop communications: trentena494@gmail.com

7.  Fundraising Committee – Thank you to Gordon Brock and Tom for stepping up to be co-chairs for the fundraising committee.  Molly reported that the Flower fundraiser is currently going on, sales are coming in.  It will end March 15th.  The park is reserved for Flower pickup.  Patty reports that the Manitou 15K is June 4th.  She is still waiting on the park reservation and they will start soon to meet together for further planning. The Koskie’s are now taking over the Popcorn fundraiser. 

 8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier reported that the Heritage Park Clean up is April 12, Scouting for Food is April 30 and he is ready.  Jeannine Rausch proposed an opportunity for the Scputs to help at the Manitou Days Parade for Historical Society/Emergency Food Shelf on Fri June 17th.   The event is collecting food/funds for the food shelf for summer needs.  She would need 20 scouts to walk along side to collect the goods during the parade.  It would be right after June 16th, Thursday night, where in the past the scouts have assisted with set up.  Will get more information about Thursday needs and revisit discussion if can do both.  Jeannine Rausch reports she also has extra Scout fabric if anyone wants it.

9.   Treasurer's Report – Deb reported that she needs food receipts for the last campout. Please get your receipts into her asap.  There are 19 negative accounts, about 5 which are of concern.  Deb’s mailing address will be put in the weekly email for people to mail their deposits to.

  10.  Other - Sky Zone Fun Night is March 1. Mike will need to confirm the event and the waiver form will need to be included in the weekly email. Tim reported that he is waiting on Tammy from church for adding the wireless boosters to the church.  There was nothing to report regarding the Weekly Email Survey.  Marc reports that about troop is about 70% to it’s goal of $7000 for FOS.  We made it to the Triple Gold level since our Troop, District and Council all got to the gold level.  After this we will need to look at adult training to qualify to a higher level.  Clint will have to look into this.

11.  Old Business – Roger reports that the Troop jackets are in and will be handed out at the next troop meeting.

12.  New Business - Scott and Roger are still taking candidates for the position.  An election will be held at a March committee meeting.   Please come prepared with questions or submit beforehand to Roger or Scott.  There is a sign up sheet online for the Pack 437 Conservation Project.  Scott reported that all major Adult Leader positions have been filled now.  Deb Clarke gifted the troop a fleece jacket that she had.  She reported that the troop trailers will have to find a new home.  Marc will check to see if there is some place to store them in Vadnais Heights possibly.