Jan 26



1.  Welcome - Scott and Roger performed a joint meeting.

3.  Scoutmaster Report- Jeff Abel- Jeff reported that OA elections will be Feb 2.  The scouts will touch base with Alex and Pam will generate a report to help narrow down the candidates.  Suggestions were given.  Gray Wolf selections are still in progress with one in mind, but another needed.   Suggestions welcomed.  Will find out a deadline and make a decision.  Pack 437 Pinewood Derby is Sun. Feb. 6 at noon.  No one has signed up yet so will have to make this a priority at the next troop meeting.  Troop elections will be Feb. 9 but this may have to be pushed back as only one scout has shown interest in the SPL position.  Jeff announced that he will step down as Scoutmaster after Tomahawk.  The troop is looking for candidates.  Please talk to Scott Wisgerhof or Roger if interested.

  4.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel/Eric Berquist presented jointly.  Merit Badge Weekend is Feb 19-21; booked at Kiwanis. Ken Hall reported that the Merit badges will be: Cooking (John and Dan), Citzenship of the Nation (Marc), Digital Tech (Ken) and Programming (Ken).  Pre-requirements discussed and how to present it to the troop.  Planning Weekend is March 11-13 at Kiwanis in dorm and dining hall.  Survivor Man campout is April 22-24 – Roger reports that his cousin is a specialty military trainer and is free to come for the weekend if needed.  Camp Phillipo will be site of campout.  Committee decided to just reserve the 1 rustic cabin.

High Adventure:  2016 Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking August 6-13 2016. Ken Hall reports that he anticipates 3 crews of 6 looking at the commitment letters that were turned in.  The next steps will be to get more information about rental and set up crews.  Philmont July 31-Aug 12th 2017 - Sheila reported that the registration and reservation money was mailed today.  Plan will be to try to spark interest in Sept. for remainder of spots before Oct. payment due.  Rick Rausch reports that he has a friend in a different troop going to Philmont this summer that is getting a free bus from the military base in Colorado Springs.  He will get more information.        

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter –Sam reported that he and John found a water heater that would better fit our troop needs with better specifications of flow rate and recovery time that was rated for outdoor usage.  Committee approved purchase.   Discussed what equipment is needed for the Merit Badge weekend.

6.  Advancement Committee – Christy Bartlett – Christy gave summary of the new requirement changes that started Jan 1, 2016.   Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st class ranks can continue with old requirements until 1st Class is achieved until Dec 31, 2016.  Ranks greater than 1st Class will switch to the new requirements as soon as they advance rank in 2016.  Hopefully all scouts will be able to complete what is needed by the end of 2016.  The changes are meant to be positive but we will have to be patient with the process.  Discussed several ways that the scouts could be informed of the new changes including:  a handout Christy made, informing them at a troop meeting separating them by rank and reviewing the new requirements at each BOR.   Committee will continue this discussion next meeting.   

Christy reported advancement status: Scout 10, 2 Tenderfoot, 4- 2nd Class, 15- 1st Class, 7 Star, 12 Life, 4 Eagle.  With the Road to First Class update Marc reported that his group all passed into the next rank and will get their badges at the at the next meeting.  They choose to have their patrol name be the Flaming Arrows.  Kens class is very close to getting to first Class.  Dan reported that for the Road to Life Scouts he will meet with them in Feb to discuss the new requirements and remind them the Eagle Expo is in April.

6.  Report from PLC – Justin reported what the troop activities will be for the month of Feb which included: games, pep talk to recruit more interest in SPL position, prep for merit badge weekend.  Roger reported feedback from a scout that had recently left the troop because there were not enough skills worked on.  Committee discussed various ways that the PLC could incorporate more skills and will include this topic in the March planning weekend.    Also the Preiner's have left the troop.

7. Fundraising Committee - Molly Barth reported that she is waiting for info from Gertens.  The fundraiser will kick off on Feb 16th with money and orders due of March 15.  Mark Toner plans on having the online ordering system ready.  Bill has reserved the park.  Committee discussed incorporating salesmanship techniques and possibly having the Salesmanship merit badge being offered at one of the meetings.

 8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier- For Scouting for Food he reports he will have the trailer and the book ready.  Committee approved to move it to April 30 for better weather and there were no conflicts to think of.   Idea offered that a patrol could be picked to promote the event at a Troop and Pack meetings.  Will continue to see how this could be done.

9.   Treasurer's Report - First official treasurer report by Deb who reported the status of each account.  Scoutbucks accounts: 49 +, 25 – which seems like a lot of negatives but most of the families are in good status. 

10.  Other: Sky Zone is March 1 being set up my Mike Pendergast. Roger reported that Mark Sather agreed to help straighten out issues with renting Matoska Park for the Manitou 15K.  For Friends of Scouting Mark reported we already have $5690 of our $7000 goal.  Dan reports that all topics are completed at the Adult Roundtable but would like someone to follow up with any feedback.   Two parents will be taking over the popcorn fundraiser.  No update with the email survey.   Pam Blank reported that Christ the King church agreed to be a back-up sight when we need an alternative place to meet.  Wi-fi installation at First Presbyterian is still in process.  Clint/Roger reported we are still missing 1 application and 1 health form from the new scouts that joined in the fall. 

11.  Old Business:  There are approximately 10 fleece jacket order sign ups.  Roger will put in the order next week.       

12.  New Business:  None