March 29


1.  Welcome - Scott Wisgerhof – Scott welcomed all and started meeting.  

2.  Proposed Eagle Project Review - Wyatt N. presented his proposed Eagle project to the committee consisting of recreating the landscaping in the Peace Garden at South Campus WBLAHS.  The Committee recommended he follow-up with Mr. Letourneau. 

2.5  Scoutmaster Election - Scott and Roger – There was only a single candidate, Marc Johannson, interested in taking over the position.  After discussion the committee agreed unanimously.  

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel – Jeff reported the planning weekend went well.  The scouts chose many of the same activities as previous years, but more skill based activities will be included.  He and Trenton are working on the ASPL interviews so that Troop elections can proceed in April.  Jeff will include a Scoutmaster minute at a Troop meeting to follow-up regarding the teasing incident.  One adult candidate has been selected for the Adult OA election.  One more is needed.  Suggestions were given by committee: Mr Barth, GrismBergquistLaValleyPendergastErickson.   The committee approved Gray Wolf nominations of Liam and Alex.  University of Scouting is April 16cost is $25.  There are many youth activities and training for scout leaders is available.  Pack 437 Blue and Gold is May 15.  Mr. Abel still needs to contact the Pack.   

 4.  Camping Committee - Eric BergquistMarySue Abel- Eric reported that Survivor Man campout is April  22-24 with  9 scouts signed up at Phillipo, 1 cabin reserved. Dan reviewed a schedule for the weekend and what activities are planned.  Rock Climbing is May 20-22; 10 scouts signed up which is the minimum.  Eric said Zach from Vertical Endeavors would be able to come to a Troop meeting possibly April 19th or the first week of May 3rd.  The troop has reserved 2 group sites.  Eric will follow up and get more information for this meeting.  The bike campout from Duluth to Hugo is June 22-26; Options for overnight are the Indian Point Campground along with the city park in Wyoming used last year.  Eric will investigate more and make arrangements.  The troop will need drivers to help run gear, bikes to start the trip, help with lunch, etc… Will need a sign up sheet for this.   Tomahawk is July 16-23.  Eric reviewed the changes they implemented for this summer: full payment June 1st ; plus the older scouts need to sign up for the Older programs + $25; all merit badges are in AM now with open troop programing in the afternoon.  Committee decided that the parents meeting will stay the same date, May 24thbut will have to communicate the new changes well.  Merit Badge cards as well as payment will have to be collected that night. Committee decided that April 15th will have to be the deadline for the older scouts signing up for the Older Scout Camp programs.  Clint voiced that the Webelo Pack was wondering if they could stay over for one night after family dinner.  Committee thought ok for this but not for more than that as it is against camp policy.  Ken is planning an Apostle Island information night soon.  He and Sam are currently planning a schedule of kayaking opportunities and would like to incorporate info in a troop meeting.  The committee advised that at least one Adult Leader per crew will need to be certified in Wilderness First Aide.   Sheila reported that Philmont did receive the initial reservation payment of January.  In September more discussions will begin for Philmont.      

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter - Sam presented saw blade covers.  John volunteered to look into asking for donated space a retail storage centers.  Pam reports that she has asked Christ the King but as not gotten work back.   

6.  Advancement Committee    - Roger reported that Christy will be stepping down as Advancement chair creating an open adult leader position.   Advancement status4 new members, 10 Scouts, 2 Tenderfoot, 4 2nd Class, 15 1st Class, 8 Star, 11 Life, 2 Eagle.   The Eagle Expo is April 5th.  The agenda will stay the same agenda with a focus of being positive.  Christy made a spreadsheet that Adult leaders can use that shows the timeline when to change scouts to new the requirement path.  Autumn is done with Disability Awareness merit badge.  Jeff will start Sustainability in April.  Marc reported new scouts doing well with their books.  Mike and Dan are communicating and checking in with the older scouts. 

Report from PLC  - Trenten Anderson -  PLC Report from Trenten A. – Trenton reviewed PLC ideas for the upcoming troop meetings: Apr 5, tent set-up practice/inspection, prepare for Heritage Park, Eagle Expo – Apr 12 Heritage Park, Apr 19  Planning for Survivor man, game with stretchers,  etc…Marc proposed an opportunity of a community Expo for Vadnais Heights where the scouts would man a booth perhaps with other duties.  The committee would like more information and will review at the next meeting. 

7.  Fundraising Committee  - Todd Hartjen, Gordon Brock – Molly reported that the Gerten order will going in tomorrow. Community park is reserved, Marc will supply cones.  Pick up May 7.  Patty reported that the permit for special event was submitted today for the Manitou 15K race June 4.   She will have the sponsor forms ready for this Tuesdays meeting and will request a sign up sheet later.  Roger reported that the city would like us to switch to the Boatworks area for next year due to complaints about parking at the current location.  Recertification would need to be done a year earlier.  Roger will observe an event there this weekend to see how the area might work for us.  

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier – John reported the Heritage Park Clean upis April 12.  We need to contact Christy if her house is available.  Scouting for Food is April 30, 9am-12pm; should be all set.  Feed My Starving Children is October 4th reservation made.  John needs to connect with the set-up man to see what his needs are for the Manitou Days Set Up June 16th  and see how it will work with Jeanne Rausch request for assistance with the June 17th Parade collection for the food shelf.  Clint also made a request for an event he is organizing trying to get scouts from all troops in the area to march together.   John will try to check on Relay for Lifeneeds.    

9.   Treasurer's Report – Deb Torenvliet/Ken Rowe – Deb reported that Financial Controls and Quickbook is up and working online.  She plans on sending out a quarterly report via email to families.  She also reported a discrepancy of SkyZone funds.  No one had any information to add.  Determined for next year there should be a sign up sheet at the event to assist with the process.   


10.  Other – Tim is still working on adding wireless boosters for St Stephens.  Roger reported no update with the email survey. 

11.  Old Business – Marc reported that FOS status is about $2000 from goal; deadline is May 15th so please send them to Marc.     

12.  New Business – Clint proposed an Adult Leader Fun Night bowling at the Nook.  He will gather info for those interested.   Scott and Roger will start working on 2016 Planning Weekend calendar for the next meeting.