May 2016




1.  Welcome – Scott Wisgerhof pointed out that this is Roger Scherping’s last Committee meeting as Committee Chair.  Also, Scott reminded the Committee that we must always ensure the back doors of the Church are locked after our meetings.

2.  Friends of Scouting Update – Marc Johannsen reported that we made our stretch goal of $8,700.  He also announced that we will need to find a new FOS chair next year.

3.  Scoutmaster Report – Jeff Abel was not present, but Clint Koskie reported that the Pack 437 Blue and Gold went well.  It was a little different this year because there was no crossover ceremony.  Only 4 Scouts showed up to help. 

4. Camping Report

Eric Bergquist reported that the Rock Climbing Campout went well.   The Vertical Endeavors instructors did well.   All of the boys got the chance to climb as much as they wanted.   The troop also did a hike on both sides of the river.  We had great weather.  The boys will probably want to do this campout again.

Duluth to Hugo Bike Trip June 22-26.  All reservations are made.  T-shirts will be in safety green and must be ordered by the 12th.   Currently eight adults and eight Scouts are signed up – we need more Scouts.   We will do a signup email soon.  The boys will be told to bring their bikes to the next meeting for inspections.

Tomahawk July 16-23.
Payment has been made for 38 Scouts, 9 full-time adults, and 10 partial week adults.
We will sign up for activities at camp.  Our service project will be to fix the ax yard at Mohawk (again).
The swim test is at Maplewood Community Center on June 28.
Eric will buy 20 snack boxes and cinch bags for the new boys.
Thirteen Scouts signed up for the older Scout programs.  Merit badges are all signed up.
Meals menu will be finalized this week.  The family dinner is pulled pork sandwich.  Meals should be on budget.  People have volunteered to cook.
Sheila is handling the t-shirts.  Need a color from the boys.

Fishing and Shooting Campout is August 27 and is now just Fishing.  Dave Genz will be attending, and we will meet him at Montessippi County Park in Monticello.

We need ideas soon for the April 2017 Leader’s Choice Campout.  It will be discussed at the next ASM meeting.

High Adventure:

Apostle Islands August 6-13, 2016.  Working on T-shirt designs.  Two training runs will be  June 11 and  July 9.

Philmont July 31-August 12, 2017.  No updates.


5. Quartermaster Report –

Roger suggested that the lock combination be changed for security purposes. 

Ken Rowe will give Scott a copy of the equipment list we use for insurance purposes.                                

Regarding trailer storage, our first choice is still Vadnais Heights.  Also possibly the Cerney’s.  Marc will check with the City.

The new water heater needs a plumber to finish it.  John Mercier will talk to Mike Cerney. 

Sam Hunter picked up the bungee stops for the tent bags.

6. Advancement Committee –

For our 51 boys, we have 4 new boys, 19 Scout, 1 Tenderfoot, 2 Second Class, 13 First Class, 8 Star, 11 Life, and 2 Eagle.

Regarding the need for leadership positions, the boys must take the initiative and go to Scoutmaster to get one.  At advancement, the Scoutmaster signs off the leadership requirement in their book.  Leadership is not tracked in Troopmaster. 

The Court of Honor is June 21. 

Ken Hall reported that on the merit badge schedule, Sustainability Merit Badge has held 2 sessions, with  2 more to go.  Next up is Kayaking prep.

Marc reported that Road to First Class is going well.  There are two new helpers in Pete Stout and Ken Hall.

No Road to Life report, but Scott will talk to Dan Feidt about the discussion regarding leadership positions.


7. PLC Report –  Trenten reported that the schedule for the June meetings is:

7th – Bike check and trim the lilacs

14th – Bike trip campout planning

21st – Court of Honor 

28th – PLC meeting


8.  Fundraising –

Molly Barth reported that flowers went well.  We had issues with people taking their orders before verified.  Next year we will push back the pickup starting times and put the helpers first on the list.

Patty Brown reported that the Manitou 15k is ready.  Shirts and trophies are ordered.  Suzanne Hall is bringing fruit and cups and handling registration.  Patty is picking up timing equipment on Friday.  She will ask Bridget about a PA system.  We will be doubling up the boys at corners this year.   We will also be sure that the mile markers are in the right places.  We will also announce that we will have a new location next year.

October 29 is our composting fundraiser.  Scott will work with Todd and Gordon this summer to get us signed up.


9.  Community service –

John Mercier reported that Scouting for Food had a low turnout.  We had about 900 pounds of food.  Only three Cub Scouts attended and a few Boy Scouts. 

We will be trimming St. Stephen’s lilacs this Tuesday.  Scott will send an email.

We haven’t heard from the sponsors about the Manitou Days parade set up and tear down.  Clint is investigating us marching in the parade.


10. Treasurer Report –

Deb Torenvliet presented the 2016 budget and 2015 actual.  It was approved by the Committee.

ScoutBucks report: 46 positive and 18 negative balances before Tomahawk fees.  There is a total of $1,777 overdrafts after Rock Climbing fees.  Four are older but nothing to worry about.  We need to get people’s Tomahawk checks.  Sending out statements this week – need to get collections ASAP before Tomahawk.


11.  Other –

Tom McAlpine is working with the Church on their wireless repeaters.

Roger reviewed with the Committee the results of the email survey.  In general it takes about 3 days before everyone has read an email we send out.

A suggestion was made to put the details in the calendar section of the weekly troop email rather than below in the announcements or put the actions or the most important items at the top.  Roger will investigate.

Marc said that he reviewed a new Scout gear list with the Road to First Class boys.  He will publish it for them and may work to get gear for the newer boys who need it.

Roger reported that there will be an adult fun night on the Committee meeting night in July.


12.  New Business –

Sheila is working on Scout patrol boards similar to the adult leader board showing the patrols and the leaders.  It will also include positions of responsibility. 

Scott discussed a group texting system for the troop since email takes 3 days and none of the boys read it anyway.  There would probably a charge.  What we don’t know is, how do we communicate with kids?