November 29

1.        Welcome


3.       Marc was not at meeting

a.       Troop Christmas party has been scheduled for Dec 20

b.       Mark needs to work with boys on attending Polar Cubs with Pack 437

4.       Camping

a.       20 Scouts, 15 adults and 15-20 cub scouts signed up for Shoreview

b.       Can Mark contact other packs to invite them to lock in

c.       Eagle cave is reserved for 25 scouts and adults and we will be staying in the Rock of ages campsite

d.       Snow base camp out has been scheduled.  Need commitment on who is going by Dec 20 meeting to get reservations

e.       Should we be looking into doing some for Scouts under 7th grade since they cannot attend snow base

f.        Planning weekend has been scheduled

g.       Leaders choice weekend has not been scheduled.  Scoutmaster and Assistant scoutmasters will make recommendation in the next two weeks.

h.       Boys need to discuss two high adventure campouts for 2018 as Sea base reservations will be Due in Jan, other option will be due in later next year

5.       Quartermaster

a.       Trailers have been moved to new space

b.       Looks have been added to small trailer and we are working on an option for the large trailer but it is blocked by small trailer (Pete is looking into an option)

c.       Combinations have been changed on the trailer, contact Sam for new numbers

d.       Should we put together a thank you for our new storage site from the boys (Scott will talk to Roger)

6.       Advancement

a.       TroopMaster online will not be able to accept downloads from the district

b.       Parents, leaders and scouts will be able to view records online

c.       Training will be offered once everything is set up.

d.       8-10 Board of review and Scout master conferences will probably be needed at the lock in.  Dan has offered to help Mark with Scoutmaster conferences if needed.

e.       Mike and Dan have put together a list of Scouts with partial merit badges that are not currently being worked on and will discuss with them on how to finish them up

7.       PLC

a.       Lock in games are being put together including swimming, volleyball, basketball and video games

b.       Parents will need to sign waiver for access to some video games at lock in

c.       Trent will be contacting other troop for the troop competition to get a data scheduled

d.       PLC needs to determine who will be at the polar cub’s event in Jan

e.       PLC has asked that troop leaders give a presentation on Winter camping (what to bring, be prepared, etc.)

8.       Fundraising

a.       Popcorn and Wreath is all wrapped up with the exception of a couple of wreaths still for sale.  If not sold by Tues Dec 6 we will donate to church, etc.

b.       Remaining wreaths are on the website

c.       District incorrectly billed us for Popcorn, Jennifer is still working on this (Update, correct invoice has been received) 

d.       15k pre-measure has been done, but final measurement has not been completed.  This needs to be completed to certify the race.  Patty/Scott will discuss with Rick and John to get this finished up.

9.       Community service

a.       Scott will contact Kelly to set up the delivery of money to adopt a family

10.   Fun nights

a.       Sky zone was a success

11.   Treasurers report

a.       A few scouts have negative Scout bucks accounts.  Once popcorn and Wreaths are added, updated statements will be sent out and any outstanding balances will need to brought current.

12.   Other

a.       Scott has requested help in recruiting new and existing parents to help with the troop.  We have a couple of positions that need to be filled or will need to be filled and we need to start getting some new volunteers.  Please contact Scott

b.       We will be handing out volunteering forms at the next Court of honor

13.   New business

a.       Church has new WIFI password talk to Scott if you need access for Adults only

14.   Old Business

a.       Scout boards are now completed and hopefully we will start using them in December

b.       Signup sheets are still a problem.  They are not being added and updated on troop website.  Marc will need to discuss with scribe

c.       Need to determine who will be bring and then update website each week after meeting.  Marc will need to discuss with scribe