October 26, 2016

Troop 494
Committee Minutes
October 26, 2016


1. Welcome – Scott Wisgerhof


2.  Youth Protection video

Clint Koskie led the Committee through the Youth Protection Training video.


3.  Scoutmaster Report – The following agenda items were not discussed:
  • 6 month patrol leadership switch
  • Troop Christmas Party Dec 20
  • Polar Cubs Pack 437


 4.  Camping Committee

Eric Bergquist announced that there is no one signed up for the Scouting Skills Campout scheduled for November 11-13.  Part of the reason is that the electronic signup form is not working.  There was a proposal to offer 2 merit badges that weekend in order to increase interest.  Pam Blank suggested the following merit badges that very few boys have: Athletics, Auto Mechanics, Aviation, Botany, Computers, Electronics, Crime Prevention, Reading, Photography, Painting, Mammal Study, Electricity, Energy, Game Design, Graphic Arts.  Scott will follow up with Marc Johannsen about this campout.

The Committee discussed when the best time would be to hold the Scouting Skills campout, considering the different times of year that Scouts now transition.  The decision was to discuss this at Planning Weekend.

An extended discussion was held on why attendance at events is down.  The consensus was that, for one thing, the online signup process is not working, and that we need to bring back the paper signup sheets, too.  We also do not have that very active core of older boys that once drove attendance.  We also need to promote better, plan activities better, and use the patrol structure to communicate and promote the campouts.  Scott will talk to the Scribe and his parents about the signup forms and to Marc about better utilization of the patrol structure after the upcoming leadership change.  Finally, at the next meeting there will be a Parents’ meeting to discuss this issue.

Eric reported that the Shoreview Lock In is all set for December 9-10.  We have 45 spots available, including adults.

Eric reported that Eagle Cave is January 20-22, and we have 30 spots available.  Final payment is due November 20.

Eric reported that for SnowBase, February 3 is available.

High Adventure:   

2017 Philmont, July 31 - August 12:

Sheila Thom reported that at the first planning session the Scouts designated crew leaders, and adults volunteered to be coordinators for various roles.  Everyone was very willing to help.  Next step is to get a plan for the crew training events and hikes.  We hope to have another meeting in November to work on this and figure out the travel plans, which John Mercier is handling.   A side room in the church is reserved for Wilderness First Aid and CPR trainings that will be January 10 – February 21st.  We will probably not need all that time.  The Committee decided the class should be postponed over the January Court of Honor and the January Committee meeting.  Sheila will have the Scribe get a signup sheet going for this.  Travis is still getting back to us on the price.  Scott will talk to the one family that is behind on payments.

2018 High Adventure ideas:                                                          

The SeaBase lottery is January 5th.   Bechtel reservations begin October 31st.  Sheila has printed out excerpts from the SeaBase and Summit Bechtel guides for overviews.   The boys should do more research and give presentations at the November 15 meeting so a decision can be made in November.


5.  Quartermaster                                                                                                              

Sam Hunter reported that Christ the King Church has agreed to let us store our trailers there in an unsecured area behind the church.  Marc is preparing a waiver of liability form.  The Committee agreed that we need to use hitch locks and change the trailer lock combinations.

The Committee agreed to purchase a cooking canopy replacement, 12 x 12 with vents.

Sam will arrange to have the patrol boxes numbered 1-6, perhaps with paint and perhaps at the November 15 meeting when patrol boxes will be inspected.  He will also work on replacing the oldest stoves.  He will also work to replace a cook set, a dry bin, and some lanterns.


6.  Advancement Committee   

Pam Blank reported that we have 2 new boys, 13 Scouts, 3 Tenderfoots, 3 Second Class, 13 First Class, 9 Star, 13 Life and 1 Eagle, for a total of 57.

Pets merit badge is being finished up, and a Citizenship merit badge will be next.  We also need to finish Sustainability.

Road to First Class: Pete Stout reported that of the 10 new boys, eight are very active and should reach First Class in December.  One Scout who dropped out may be coming back.

Road to Life update: Mike LaValley reported that there are 8 boys who need service hours or a leadership position.  There are 9 boys who have been at the same rank for a year. 


6.  Report from PLC                                                                                                             

Trenten A. reported that at the November 1 meeting they will be planning the Scouting Skills campout, with activities for both the new Scouts and the Scouts going to Philmont.  November 8 is Sky Zone.  November 15 is patrol box inspections and review of the Scouting Skills campout.  November 22 is planning the Lock In.  November 29 is the PLC meeting.

We will have a new Scout (Lucas A.) joining us on November 1, and another Scout from Pack 437 on November 8.  We may also get 2-3 boys from Pack 151 in January.


7.  Fundraising Committee                                                                                                 

Jennifer Koskie reported that 22 Scouts sold $9,880, and Deb Torenvliet reported that the Scouts sold $13,848 in wreaths.  Overall, the orders turn in night went well.  A better orders summary spreadsheet and having more laptops would have helped.  A debrief of the process will be held.

Ramsey County Composting: We have a few adults who have signed up, and Scott will send an email to get more boys signed up.  Otherwise all preparations are complete.

Manitou 15k recertification: Patti Brown needs assistance getting the new course certified on Saturday, November 19 at 9 am.  She needs 3-4 adults and 1-2 Scouts.  Meet near Tally’s and the VFW.  She is also checking on more advanced timing equipment.


8.  Community Service Committee
John Mercier reported that Feed My Starving Children went very well.  We had 25 participants.


9.    Fun Night
November 8 is the Sky Zone fun night.  Mike Pendergast has everything ready to go and will take attendance.


10.   Treasurer's Report
Deb Torenvliet reported that all is good.


11.  Other     
New Scouts Equipment Lists: no report.


12.  Old Business: none


13.  New Business

Roger Scherping reported that he and Rick Rausch will be holding a session on Sunday at 5 pm at St. Mary’s/Frassati for those boys who started Personal Fitness merit badge at Tomahawk.  He also proposed that we not allow our boys to take Personal Fitness merit badge at Tomahawk in the future because they cannot finish it there and we have lots of counselors who can lead this merit badge.  They also don’t get much out of the merit badge when they take it at Tomahawk.  The question will be addressed next year before Tomahawk.

Sheila Thom reported that the Scout patrol board is done and has instructions for easy sustainability.  Scouts will have to bring a picture of themselves to put in it.  It might be nice to hang it on the side of the patrol supply box so it has a designated spot and does not get lost when the church shuffles things around.  She needs someone to assist with getting the needed mounting hardware for this.  Marc is working out the details on when to implement the board and who will be responsible for it.