April 25



1.  Welcome - Scott welcomed everyone.  3 members received honors: Star of the North: Steve Minar, Molly Barth, Eric Barth. District of Merit award also was awarded to a member of the troop as well.

2.  Mitch M. presented his proposed Eagle Scout project consisting of building field desks for the students of Forest Lake middle schools to take along for outdoor activities.  He answered questions from the Committee and got feedback regarding the project process.  The Committee approved the project.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannson- reported that the Pipestone campout went well with great weather, good activities for all ages, a very historical interest.   It was a great opportunity.   The Troop Open House is May 2.  Next two campout are highly recommended for all Philmont participants.  Both Grey Wolf nominations, Jack and Jimmy, were accepted.  

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist -  The Willow River campout is May  19-21.  The campsite is reserved.  We will have to have a separate activity for those not going on the hike.  Philmont hikers will practice using backpacking skills that they have learned so far and use the back packing stoves.  Each Crew advisor will coordinate communication for preparing the lunch.   The Devils Track Gorge campout is June 23-25. No need to reserve lodging.  The plan is to leave late morning or early afternoon to be able to hike in 2-2.5 miles Friday night, set up camp and do day hikes Sat. from that central location.  Tomahawk is July 15-22.   Everyone needs to be registered and paid by the end of May.  The swimtest is June 27 with the Committee meeting at the community center.  If some of the younger scouts do not go it is questionable if they will be able to stay on track with their rank advancement program.  It is anticipated about 30-32 boys will be present.  We need to decide if the troop will do a service project while there.  Eric presented changes of Merit Badge program at Tomahawk which will start M and end F in an effort to have a less hectic start to camp.  Tomahawk Parents meeting is May 9th.  High Adventure - Sheila Thom - 2017 Philmont, July 31-Aug, is progressing as needed with the crews doing group hikes, travel plans are set.   2018 SeaBase High Adventurehas deposits paid.  Next payment will be in September.

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter – He reports he is still working on the trailer tongue issue.

 6.  Advancement Committee -  Pam/Jennifer – Jennifer reported that the Eagle Expo will be reschedule for June.   No advancement status update.     Jen is looking for attendance from the Eagle Cave and Planning Weekend campouts.  Jen will be handing all Troop Master issues.  An email from “Troop Master” was sent to each scout in March with a password to be used.  Ken will be continuing with the Personal Management merit badge during the Advancement Night, May 23rd. Sam is finishing up Pets.  Ken Hall and Pete reports that there are 4 active RTFC scouts, several are taking breaks due to sports and other reasons.  Mike reported that he and Dan have been contacting the scouts in the Road to Life to encourage them to continue.   

6.  Report from PLC - Zach presented troop meeting proposed for May.  

 7.  Fundraising Committee -  Manitou 15k recertification – Patty reported that the recertification is underway for the Manitou 15k as well as sponsorships for race which is June 3.  Molly reported that the Flower Sales are on track.  They are working on making the computer process more user friendly.    Flower Pickup is May 13.

8.  Community Service Committee -  John Mercier -   Heritage Park Clean-up was April 11.  Scott reported that 32 scouts showed up.  The City was pleased and 1.5 hours should count for conservation service hours.  Scouting for Food is April 29 Scott will be leading it and needs more adult volunteers.  Scott has all the maps. The Merciers will bring the trailer.  Plan to show up at 8:45.  Marketfest table set up is July 27.  Scott will ask around to see if any non-Philmont parents could help since that so close to the departure date.     

9.    Fun Night  - nothing to report                                                                                                                

10.   Treasurer's Report -  Ken is in the process of getting everything updated.  No official report to offer.

11.  Other - Webstore enhancements – Ken sent forth a proposal to revise our troop webstore, $400. The goal is to make is more user friendly, but need several people to review the process to make sure that it is relevant for all abilities.  A lawn mowing opportunity presented itself to the troop, but it was decided to not be a scouting opportunity.

12.  Old Business – Scout Axes are no longer available.  Discussed options of getting a brand and name plate. This will continue to be looked at for future needs.  

13.  New Business – Need to start looking at getting younger parents more active as many Scouts will be aging out in the next year.  Pack 437 rep came to observe meeting.