August 29

Committee Minutes August 2017


1.  Welcome – Scott welcomed everyone and wished Mr. Grism a quick recovery with his foot.

2.  No Eagle Proposals

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc reported that all survived Philmont.  The crews reported the water levels, weather conditions and pack weight were different or more than expected.  But, despite this the scouts had a good time overall.  The troop is looking to have a good turn-out for Namekagon since it is one the most popular events of the year.   The Pack 437 Bottle Rocket event is on Sept 18th and is looking for 6 scouts to help, 6:30pm at Otter Lake Elementary, a sign-up sheet is needed. The troop needs an OA rep to start promoting the OA campout.

  4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist reported the Namekagon Canoe Trip is Sept 8-10 with 14 people signed up currently.  Mr. Mercier will pick up trailer, more drivers are needed. Eric will finalize numbers next week.  The Submarine Campout is Oct 8-10 with 20 people currently signed up which is now finalized.  The troop will stay at High Cliff state park first night with campsites reserved and then head to submarine after that. The November Campout is yet to be determined. Ideas discussed among the committee.  Zach will get ideas from the PLC.  Idea: Maybe move the Feb campout up and participate in the District Klondike Derby; movie making.  The District Merit Badge day is Oct 14th. OA conclave is Sept 22-24.   Shoreview is reserved for the December campout; adults will being paying full price this year.  Tomahawk turned out well. Next year there will not be an adult discount as the scout numbers do not support it.

Sheila concurred with Marc’s report about Philmont and recommended for future planning that a Philmont Planning sheet be established to help future crews navigate the process, mixing age groups for crews and details of the trip to be better prepared for the physical and emotional challenges.  Also, for each crew going a short multi-camp backpacking trip with food and gear similar to Philmont packed is highly recommended for future crews to establish more of a realistic feel and expectation of tasks for scouts and adults.  There will be a Sea Base meeting Sept 12th to start planning.  Ideas for 2019 were discussed including attending the World Jamboree.  Marc will get more information for the next monthly meeting.

5.  Quartermaster - Sam welcomed Mr. Grism to the helm. The schedule change of Tomahawk led to a shorter time for camp tear down making the process more stressful than need be.   Next year it is recommended to look ahead several days and prepare for this.  The tents need to be looked through and organized before winter which will be incorporated into troop meetings.  The trailer placement has been finalized at the church. We need to be careful to return them to the spot and use the boards under the tires. 

6.  Advancement Committee – Jennifer reported that advancement numbers have not changed since last month.  The Troop master is now up to date including partial merit badges.  She reminded to have the scouts be more prepared for the upcoming Court of Honor.  Zach is to assign the positions and hand out the script parts at Advancement night, Sept 12th.  Ken reported that one of the Citizenships will be started at Advancement.  Merit Badge counselors are needed desperately so please volunteer.  It is easy to do just find and take modules at  He is planning to change the advancement page on the website so there is a link to Troop Master.  Also, it was reported that committee members will now have to take additional modules to be a committee member which is new. Roger still has fitness merit badges for several scouts that he will not give out until the Scout is seen.  Pete reports he will handle all RTFC and Ken will take on other responsibilities.  There are 2 scouts moving along in the program.   There may be two Webelos crossing over in Dec, but they are undecided.  Mr. Mahoney says he will talk to the scouts on the Advancement night for Road to Eagle.  Eagle Expo will be Oct 10th for Star and Life scouts.

6.  Report from PLC - Zach reports there are 4 scouts in attendance.  He proposed ideas for the Sept meetings including: patrol boxes, Namekagon planning, merit badge night Sept 12th, Sept 19th COH + popcorn/wreaths.  Zach will talk to PLC about Nov campout ideas and Fun Night ideas.                         


 7.  Fundraising Committee – The Popcorn and Wreath Kick off is Sept 19.  Clint reported that Jennifer attended the district Popcorn event and has lined up Sept 24rd to sell at Sams club for show and deliver.  Sale starts Sept 22 and ends Oct 22nd.  Mr Minar has the wreath brochures ordered.  The costs and product variety are about the same.  He is ready to present.  The changes to the Web Store will not be ready so the turn in inventory process will need to be done manually.  Ken will make the necessary changes to the web page.  Scott reports the Ramsey County Composting is Saturday October 28 with 2 shifts; sign-up sheets needed.   Patty reported that Soren Larson, road running race supplier, could provide the troop with the needed timing supplies for next year, but we would have to use a different registration company.  Committee discussed and approved to pursue this.          


8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier reported that he could only get a later Feed my Starving Children time slot so he will try to reschedule it to Nov 14th.   Scott reported that someone reached out to get help for the Hugo Community Event Sept 23, but more information is needed before a decision can be made.  The troop discussed the worthiness of the Adopt-a Family fundraiser.  Ideas were presented how to improve it compared to other types of giving campaigns.  The committee decided to gather more information and continue talks next month.  FYI The OA conclave is another way to collect the needed service hours to get the 50 miler award.                                 

9.    Fun Night is Tuesday Nov 7.  Scott will talk to Mike after the scouts decide what to do.                

10.  Treasurer's Report – Members need to get receipts into Ken Rowe ASAP for any campout reimbursements.

11.  Nothing to report for Other, Old or New Business.