February 28



1.   Scott welcomed everyone to start the meeting.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannsen reported that the big focus currently is to get ready for planning weekend and  for patrol leader training.   Everyone is welcome to the planning weekend to get as much involvement as possible.    

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist reports overall attendance has been low for campouts which others reported has been for quite a few years with discussion of possible reasons.  Planning Weekend is March 24-26 at Kiwanis.  Clint is taking the test for kitchen manager since John M is not available.  Leader's Choice Weekend is April 21-23 near Pipestone at Lake Shetek Boy Scout Camp.  Marc suggested that the Native American merit badge would be appropriate to do along with the activities that are planned.  Tomahawk parents meeting is May 2 to account for the new payment required of June 1st.  Eric will be getting this year’s Tomahawk info this weekend.  Cooking Campout is May 19-21 at Willow River which will be good preparation for Philmont. 

High Adventure - 2017 Philmont, July 31-Aug 12  Sheila Thom reports that the adult leaders for Philmont have their CPR and Wilderness First Aid training done.  In the month of March individual crews will relearn and then demonstrate how to tie the knots at the next all-crew meeting 3/21 in addition to their trek itinerary plans.   Sheila has received the Philmont Roster and Gateway link and will complete it so that the adult leaders to use for submitting their trek itineraries.  2018 Sea Base the lottery has been completed but we have not heard back yet.  Participants will have 30 days to pay a deposit and sign a Commitment Letter once the troop has received which trip the troop has won.

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter reported that the trailers are good shape.  The troop needs to look for a new Quartermaster.  The troop may need the patrol boxes for planning weekend depending on the outcome of Clint’s test. 

6.  Advancement Committee – Pam reported that the Eagle Expo is April 4 and will use same agenda as last year.  Advancement status reported for a total of 45 scouts.  Troopmaster update is complete.  Pam and Jen will send out username and passwords to everyone to look at first and then will see what questions people have.  Training with Jen is going well.  Ken reports that the  Personal Management merit badge is currently being offered.  He would like to have a part of a Troop meeting every month for the scouts to work on their requirements.  There will be a Citizenship in the Community merit badge interest sheet next week for an April start.  Jim L. sent around an interest sheet for the Plumbing Merit badge.  There is also the District Merit Badge weekend at Fred C. in April as well which he will share with the troop. Jeff is still finishing up with Sustainability.  Road to First Class update - Ken Hall reported that the later group is almost done with First Class requirements.  The younger group is progressing nicely as well with only 2-3 months into it.  Road to Life update - Dan Feidt, Mike LaValley, no update.

6.  Report from PLC - Trenten Anderson- Discussed troop meeting details for March meetings.  Need to have troop elections 3/21 and swear in the new patrol leaders.  Flaming arrows will do flags.  Blob Fish have not voted for patrol leader due to low attendance.                    

 7.  Fundraising Committee -Todd Hartjen resigned as he and son are leaving the troop.  Troop will follow up with this.  Manitou 15k is June 3rd.  Patty reports that the recertification application is too detailed for the troop to do and is recommending that it be professional recertified.  After discussion the committee agreed.  She has the community room reserved with the ramp.    Flower Sales – Molly Money reported that Flower Turn-in is 3/21, Flower Pickup is May 13.  She will need adult volunteers.  Bill has reserved the park and will get cones, too.

8.  Community Service Committee - Heritage Park Clean-up  is April 11;  Scott will call her to see if she can host.  Clint suggested that the troop should offer more opportunities related to Eco- Conservation type service projects since now half of the hours required for Star and Life need to be conservation oriented.  Scouting for Food is April 29


9.    Fun Night – Roger – no update.


10.   Treasurer's Report – Scott all is ok.

11.  Other – The Norther Star Council requests a spring recruitment event sometime this spring and will offer rockets as an incentive.  The troop decided to add it to the May 2 Troop meeting.

12.  Old Business      Friends of Scouting happenings.  Jim is heading it up.  Currently we are running short but still have until April. 

13.  New Business – Discussed the observation of First Year scouts not being able to convey the basic meaning of what being a Boy Scout is pertaining to the Scout Oath, Law, Motto.  Discussion revolved around the change to cross over earlier in combination with cognitive maturation level, understanding how kids with learning disabilities think and making more of an effort to include this in the Troop meetings to be able to repeat and model it.