January 24



1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping: After meetings please make sure the doors get locked at the church.


2. Trenton A. presented his Eagle project to the Committee: making picnic tables for the Veterans Home at Big Marine Lake.  Trenton answered questions from the Committee members, and the Committee approved the proposal to go to District.  


3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannsen


Polar Cubs event worked out well with 5 Scouts and 3 adults attending. Joe M. did a good job working with the younger Scouts. 


There have been discrepancies in the signup sheets and actual attendance at activities.  Marc will make an announcement about notifying the scribe to cancel event involvement.  Having a backup scribe may also help the process be more smooth, which will be looked at with this next position change. 


An Assistant Scoutmaster meeting occurred tonight.  It was decided to have the Leaders Choice Campout in the Pipestone area.  Planning weekend will be open for all Scouts. 


Marc would like to try to focus more on patrol meetings and activities outside of troop meetings, in addition to revising the PLC to get better attendance.  Discussion focused on maybe a different meeting time would be better.


4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist:


There were no issues to report at the Lock-In, except next year the adults will be charged with the exception of 1 chaperone per 10 Scouts. 


Eagle Cave overall went well at a very wet cave. 


The Committee discussed the tour permit process for non-Boy Scout camp events more than 25 miles from home.  Eric will make up a form for required driver information, which will then be added to the roster. 


SnowBase Campout is February 10-12 at Stearns Camp.  It is full per our reservation.  Older Scouts are in the adventure program, and younger Scouts will be attending the Experience Program. 


Planning Weekend is March 24-26. We will need to find out if John Mercier will be available for kitchen duties.  Marc will connect with him.  It will be open to all Scouts.  This year there will be added fun at Kiwanis.


Leader's Choice campout will be in southwestern Minnesota.  Eric will begin working on it for April 21-23.  


High Adventure - Sheila Thom:


Philmont 2017 – Sheila reports that the all-crew and individual crews are meeting.  CPR and Wilderness First Aid Training have been pushed to February to accommodate instructor needs; expect an email from him soon.  Next payment is due February 21.  Peder Solberg is interested in joining a crew if he can make it fit. Philmont staff have been contacted and are willing to accommodate and assist in a shorter trip for him if need be. Deb Torenvliet will have to investigate if additional seats can be added to our group reservation flight and what the deadline would be.  Adult Crew Leaders will need to start to plan for All Crew meetings for March to be adequately prepared.


2018 Sea Base – Lottery has changed since last time the troop participated.  All crews in the troop have to go on the same adventure when entering the lottery system.  There are other opportunities available but only on a first-come-first-served basis after the deposit money is due from the lottery process. The Scouts voted:  #1 Out Island, #2 Coral Reef Sailing, #3 Tall Ship Keys Sailing, #4 EcoSTEM,  #5 Marine STEM.  Scuba was also popular, but because there was not a majority and with the extra expenses ($500/Scout) for this adventure it was recommended to include this interest as a merit badge offering with perhaps a separate trip planned in the future. 



5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter: Trailers are in their new home.  The troop will send a thank you and a $100 gift card to the appropriate parties.   Now is the time to start looking new Quartermaster.


6.  Advancement Committee –


Pam Blank reported via email: Advancement status: 3 New Scouts, 10 Scouts, 1 Tenderfoot, 1-2nd Class, 8-1st Class, 7 Star, 14 Life, and 1 Eagle. 


She will need all rank advancement sheets by Friday night as she and Jennifer Greene are getting ready for the Court of Honor next week which Deb Martin is all set for.  Roger will get Marc the certificate templates. 


All files have been converted to the new TroopMaster system, which went over very smoothly, surprisingly. 


Ken Hall reports that Pets merit badge is finishing up and Personal Management is in progress and will meet again after the CPR classes. 


Pete Stout and Ken Hall reported for Road to First Class that all but 4-2nd year Scouts are done with the 2nd Class requirements and will be finishing it up at the Road to First Class campout.  All but 3-1st year Scouts have completed 1st Class requirements.  Joe Mickelson is back at Road to First Class and will assist her in filling in requirements for 1st year boys.  No report for Road to Life. 

6.  Report from PLC - Trenten reviewed upcoming troop meeting ideas with focus on the troop elections and preparing the Scouts for the types of various troop positions.  A winter camping demo was also discussed.


7.  Fundraising Committee - Todd Hartjen –

Patty Brown reported that the Manitou 15k will get its new route recertified in the spring.   


8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier –

For Adopt-a Family this year there was a mix up regarding if the Scouts were supposed to do the shopping, as some showed and others did not.  Mrs. Deary ended up bringing the gifts and the Scouts wrapped them.  The troop decided that in the future a monetary gift would be fundraised by the troop, and if gifts are purchased, then it will not be by the Scouts, but they will wrap the gifts. 


9.    Fun Night – Due to low signup Roger will contact the Mahtomedi troop and see if it can be rescheduled to a different night for better attendance; maybe a campout together?


10.   Treasurer's Report –

Deb Torenvliet reported 55 active ScoutBucks accounts, with 7 accounts overdrawn.  She is not overly concerned as these are active members. 


She would like to get event rosters to verify who is attending events for quicker input into system.  Philmont expenses will be coming up.


11.  Other – nothing to report


12.  Old Business –nothing to report


13.  New Business –

A proposed fundraiser was presented at Century College, but the Committee decided that we have ample fundraising opportunities, so we will pass on this. 


Clint Koskie proposed a community service event by the District which needs 7-8 volunteers to help run the District Pine Wood Derby at Otter Lake Elementary April 8th.  Traditionally Cub Scouts assist, but no one has volunteered so far. The Committee decided that the troop will assist temporarily this year.  Clint will get more information.