March 28


1. Welcome –Scott welcomed everyone and started the meeting. 

2. Eric B. proposed his Eagle Project Presentation making 20 Gilbertson birdhouses for Gem Lake Golf Course to help the Bluebird Recovery program.  Eric answered questions from the Committee.  The Committee approved the project to go to the District for approval.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannson – The Troop Open House is May 2.  Planning Weekend Recap – went well, scouts were prepared better than in the past.  Zach V did a nice job leading.  The scouts picked some different campouts this year, one being to Manitowac, WI.  Clint passed his kitchen certification so that was helpful as well with the meals.  The calendar is updated on the troop website accordingly.  Marc has started to implement a new format to the PLC meetings to help with structure and has some things planned for troop meeting to help increase patrol communication.

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist - Pipestone Leaders choice campout is April 21-23; the reservation is made for the Shetak Scout camp.   The Sacred Pipestone Keepers will come and do a hands-on presentation for the boys.  There will also be a Ranger lead tour of the Monument which will help with the Indian Lore Merit Badge requirements.   The goal is to get at least 15 scouts to participate.  Willow River campout is May 19-21 with reservations made for two campsites.  Devils Track Gorge campout is June 23-25; there are no reservations are needed as the sites are first come first serve.  Departure will need to be late morning in order to hike into the site that same day.  The plan is to have more details worked out by next meeting so people can plan accordingly.  Tomahawk is July 15-22.  The troop will need to  get a more specific RSVP in order to not loose money.  Eric presented the new fees which were increased slightly.   High Adventure: Sheila reports that 2017 Philmont is July 30-Aug 13.  Adult leaders have logged into the Gateway and should be receiving their packets soon.  The crews picked out their crew names:  Panther Patrol, Sweaty Yeti’s and the Prius Patrol.  The crews are continuing to select their top 6 treks and the Adult Leaders will register their selections on April 5th at 1 pm.  The Sweaty Yeti’s have looked into going to an amusement park on the return leg and Ken Hall is looking for a hotel (8-10 hotel rooms (4 for scouts, 3-5 for adults, 1 for family)).  Scott Wisgerhof agreed to look into van rental and reservation.  Scott Thom has volunteered to be the other driver.  Marc T. should get the Tour permit a month ahead of time online.  2018 Sea Base is from July 29 – Aug 4. 11 scouts and 4 adults have committed to form  2 crews.  Deb has mailed the appropriate deposit amounts.   The first installment of Sea Base fees will be due mid-September.

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter – nothing to report

6.  Advancement Committee - Pam/Jennifer.  Scott reported that the Eagle Expo is April 4- Scott reminds presenters to be concise as it gets boring for the scouts.  Scott requested volunteers for the presentation. 

 Advancement status- no report.  Troopmaster works per Kens report.  Roger will follow up with Pam.  Ken will continue with the Personal Management merit badge during the 3rd week troop meeting in April and is still working on what will be the next one offered.  Road to First Class - Ken reports that scouts are continuing to work towards their requirements.  Road to Life - Mike reports that he and Dan are going through the merit badge cards and comparing the scouts to where they stand with their next advancement to encourage the scouts.

6.  Report from PLC-Zach V was welcomed as the new Sr. Patrol Leader.  Zach presented Aprils troop meeting agendas.  He reported that there were at least 10 scouts present at this weeks PLC meeting.                                                                                                           

 7.  Fundraising Committee - Manitou 15k recertification     Patty reports that she has connected with the professional who performs the recertification.  He reports that there should not be a problem with getting all the needed paperwork done before the race.  It is now time to concentrate on sponsorship and T-shirt design.  Suzanne is marketing it online.   The race is June 3rd.   Flower Sales - Molly reported that they are working on some program issues which Tim will have to help sort out.  Marc Toner is willing to help out.  Tim may have to change the set up to make it more user friendly for the future.  Adult volunteers needed for flower delivery and set up for the pickup May 13.  Bill will communicate request for cones.

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier – Scott reported the Heritage Park Clean up is April 11.  This year it is only a service project – no dinner.  Scouting for Food is April 29 – Scott will follow up with John what he is able to contribute this year.

 9.    Fun Night - no report     


10.   Treasurer's Report - Deb reports we are in a great spot financially with no major issues to report. 

11.  Other – nothing new   

12.  Old Business – Jim reports that we will probably not be able to meet our FOS goal.   Committee members agree that in coming years the troop does need to be more diligent fiscally.  Scott will also follow up with the district to challenge for next year.

13.  New Business - District Merit Badge is the weekend of April 29th