May 30



1. Welcome – Scott reported that the View had a very special guest on today that would be worth watching: his favorite elementary teacher, now 90 years old!

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannsen – Willow River Campout review:  First half was great before the weather and boys got too wet needing to forego Sundays activities.  Devils Track Gorge will be a real backpacking campout and a shakedown for Philmont to test/train skills and gear.  Zach is settling in as the new SPL and the attendance at the PLC is up.  The Scribe position will be open soon.  The committee decided to transition to the new Scouts at this weeks meeting.  Alec will be Scribe and Silas will be Webmaster.  Both will work together to make the job run smooth. 

  4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist reported that Devils Track Gorge is June 23-25 with no reservations needed.  Sheila will try to figure out who will need backpacks for the hike.  Tomahawk is July 15-22 with 27 scouts and 11 adults staying the week.  Payment will be made tonight; decorations for Marti Gra are coming along, Jim G will be handling the T-shirts; the PLC decided the color should be cool mint.  The swim test is June 27 at the Maplewood YMCA (formerly known as Maplewood Community Center).  The menu will be changing slightly to accommodate a smaller group and appetites.  Clint reports that the Health Forms are due at the Swim test: 2 copies for Tomahawk participants +1 more if going to Philmont, plus 1 for yourself if desired.   Sheila reported Philmont is July 31-Aug 12, 2017.  The crews are meeting on a regular basis to review the needed skills and prepare physically.  Sea Base is July 29-Aug 4, 2018.    There is still one more spot open.  The next payment will be in September.

5.  Quartermaster - Sam Hunter reported that the trailer is now set.  He has purchased the needed equipment for Philmont that the Troop should provide.  Now it just has to be shipped.  For the Devils Track Gorge campout a bear bag will be needed.  The committee decided to get a laundry bag to use since the REI bags are expensive and too small.  The troop trailer will not be brought up so Scott will notify John to see if we can use his trailer.   

6.  Advancement Committee - Pam reported that Jen has been doing a great job working on updating the info in Troop Master.  The Committee decided that we should take advantage of all of the Troop Master options, i.e. OA, leadership positions, campouts.  Julian, Christian, Nathan and Dylan were nominated to the OA this year.  The new scouts will be incorporated into existing patrols instead of forming their own since their numbers are so few.  Marc will get the new patrol patches to be up to date.  Advancement status: 3 new Scouts, 3 Scouts, 1 Tenderfoot, 3 2nd Class, 13 1st Class, 6 Star, 14 Life, 3 Eagle.  There is a Court of Honor this month so in preparation discussed needs for Scoutmaster Conferences and BOR in the coming weeks to plan advancements.  Pam will contact Deb Martin to see if she is able to help and if not will find another volunteer.  Ken reviewed Merit Badge schedule.  Personal management is almost completed by all scouts.  Personal Fitness will be put on the schedule to be offered.  One of the Citizenships will be offered. Ken and Pete reviewed the advancement status of the Road to First Class scouts and that there will most likely only be 1 for the BrownSea program since the numbers have declined.  Mike reported that he nothing new to report regarding the Road to Life scouts.

6.  Report from PLC -  Zach reported the activity suggestions for the upcoming troops meetings.  The Committee gave feedback and suggestions including encouraging sign ups for the community service events in July.                      

 7.  Fundraising Committee - Patty reported that the Manitou 15k Race is June 3.  It is now officially recertified for the next 10 years.  She reports that she needs 4 card tables for the water stations and that everything else is ordered. She will check to make sure the PA system is on the order.  There are 35 racers currently registered.  The start is at Lions Park at 8:00.  Scouts need to be there earlier.

Molly recapped the Flower pick up reporting that overall it went well with only 1 issue.  There were enough volunteers to help with the delivery and organization.   

8.  Community Service Committee – Scott reported that the Scouting for Food event collected over 800 pounds of food.  Upcoming events are the Marketfest table set up/take down is July 27 and the Relay for Life is July 28 which sign up sheets are needed.

9.    Fun Night – no report                                                                                                                  

10.   Treasurer's Report - Ken is working on updating. 

11.  Other:   Webstore enhancements - The committee would like to have a couple volunteers to meet with the professional representatives to redo the webstore inventory and make more user friendly.

12.  Old Business-NA      

13.  New Business –Scott reminded the committee that we need to keep expectations high for scout BOR knowing the Oaths, Outdoor Code and overall what each means. 

Roger suggested that the number of Eagle scouts on the Trailer signage should be updated.  He will look into the possible options for this.  Discussions continued regarding the Eagle gift.  A decision must be made by September.    

Clint asked if the Webelos could borrow the Troop trailer for an upcoming event.  The Committee approved the request.