April 30, 2013



1. Welcome Roger Scherping
Approved minutes from last meeting with correction noted for flower vendor: Gertens, not Linders.

2. Scoutmaster Report - Jim Letourneau

Our troop’s Google annual planning calendar is now updated with all of our events through 2014.  The plan is to split up the duties to maintain it.  Jim and Jeff Abel will also be reassessing the patrols and reconfiguring them if needed.  

3. Camping Committee - MarySue Abel
White Water Rafting is 5/18.  Reservations are made for camping.   There are opportunities for fishing, hiking, etc.  White water rafting is Sunday at 10:00am.  Wet suits are free if the water is too cold.  Scouts under 12 yrs. old can participate in sea kayaking through the same company.  Non-swimmer or beginner Scouts need to be buddied with an adult swimmer. 


High Adventure Isle Royale had a kick off meeting last week.  The plan is to get together again in a few weeks.  The first training hike went well.  Leaders have put together a training plan and will start implementation.  The Scouts will have to bring their own food, which will take a little more planning.


SeaBase 2014:  MarySue needs to call to confirm that they got payment.

Tomahawk 2013 planning: Set June 25th for the swim test night.  Christy will look into booking the swim test.  The troop is looking for a med officer to cover the last half of the week. 

Tomahawk 2014 reservation was made.  MarySue also reserved 2014 Basic Skills at Fred C. and the March Planning Weekend 2014 for 21-23.  This year’s Lock-In for Dec 14th – 15th is reserved at the Shoreview Community Center.

- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch- no report

4. Advancement Committee - Christy Bartlett

Road to First Class update: Joe Mikkelson reported a good weekend with the Scouts at Basic Skills last weekend.

Advancement status: 3 Scouts, 14 Tenderfoot, 4 2nd Class; 16 1st Class, 5 Star, 7 Life, 6 Eagles working on Eagle Palms.  Pat Mahoney currently is teaching the Citizenship in the Community merit badge.   Several Committee members offered to teach the Cooking merit badge at Tomahawk. 


A reminder was given that all merit badge counselors need to re-charter by May 31. 

5. Report from PLC - Paul J.

Paul reported the patrol reflections on the Basic Skills campout.  Overall they thought it went fairly well, but the Scouts got a little distracted at times.  So they solved what they could do better.  For the May campout they thought they would like to have some unstructured time for play in addition to spending more time with cooking and set up some mentors to assist the younger Scouts with this.  The PLC planned the May meeting activities and discussed fun night possibilities for the summer.  Several Scouts showed interest in working with the trailer to assist in making the new layout.

6. Fundraising Committee - Ryan Solberg

Flowers – Roger report that volunteers are needed starting at 8:00am and with pick up at 1:00, May 11th.  Ken reported that the money collection aspect of the flower fundraising was great.  The new order entry process seemed to go very well, but Internet access was problematic here at church.   Committee concluded after discussion of the fundraiser overall it seemed successful.

Manitou 15k -- Bridget Newman reported via email that all is going well with preparations.

7. Community Service Committee - John Mercier

St. Stevens lilac bush trimming needs to be planned to finish the job from last fall.  Roger will check with Jim Golding.


Scouting for Food May 4: meet at Polar Lakes Park; Roger will send out a follow up email to remind Scouts.

Due to conflicts the Heritage Park Clean Up is moved to May 11th from 10-11:30 followed by lunch at Christy’s.


Science and Nature Area near Hastings -- Roger to follow up with John Mercier on that.

8. Treasurer's Report Ken Rowe


Insurance on troop trailers - Insurance is in now place for the trailer itself and the equipment in it.  The trailer will need to have fire extinguishers in trailer to qualify for a cheaper premium.

ScoutBucks statements will be going out soon.  Troop financial statements: nothing really to report as he is getting the numbers now.

9. Other
- Website update Tim Willard -- Roger to follow up with him
- Adult Leader Training update Dave DiSera -- nothing to report
- Fun Night update Mike Pendergast -- nothing to report

10. Old Business

Troop capital campaign update - Scott Wisgerhof / Roger:  The troop has collected $5,700, and need to raise $2,300 more.  We are now looking at other charitable foundations to contribute.  The Committee also approved reaching out to the troop’s alumni for the remaining funds. 


New trailer has been purchased and will be arriving soon.  Committee members and Scouts are looking at shelving layout and discussing options of permanent vs. flexible storage layout designs.

FOS update:  Marc Johannsen reported that we exceeded our FOS goal, which means we will get our advancement awards free this year.

Fleece jacket idea - John Clarke reports that black is the only color in tall sizes; discussion revolved around necessity of having color uniformity.  Decided that embroidered names need to be first or last name with no slang names.  John or Deb will get a sample of the color blue which also comes in a tall size.

Metal rank display Marc -- no update

11. New Business

Roger shared a grateful letter addressed to the Committee members from a troop family.

Marc will check on getting flag toppers for our troop flags.