April 1, 2013

This meeting was rescheduled from March 26 due to spring break.

1.      Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2.      Report from PLC
Paul J. discussed with the Committee the PLC’s plans for Basic Skills. Adam C. has agreed to run a session on patrol boxes prior to the campout, rather than at the campout itself. They will be conducting menu planning the meeting before the campout.

The PLC also decided on whitewater rafting as a primary activity for May, with Stearns Scout Camp as an alternative. For June, the PLC decided on going to the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail in southern Wisconsin, as none of the current Scouts in our troop have done this activity previously.

Erik B. discussed that the PLC did not plan for a second August campout, as almost all of the Scouts in the troop would be eligible for Isle Royale, if they so wanted to attend.  It may be a good opportunity for an advancement-style campout for the new first-year Scouts, however.  Roger reported that Mr. Genz is still interested in hosting us again in August.

3.      Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau noted that he will be turning in the names for adults who were nominated for Order of the Arrow. We nominated Tim and Michele Willard, Sheila Thom, and Pat Mahoney.

We will also be turning in a Grey Wolf application for Erik B.

Jim also reported that the PLC is still reviewing what they want to do for the May and June campouts this year. They will also be planning activities to work on for the April Basic Skills campout.


Jim also presented copies of a two-year troop planning calendar that was developed at Planning Weekend.

4.      Camping Committee
Mary Sue Abel reported that we have one Scout who has been signed up for the T2 high adventure program at Tomahawk this year.

The Tomahawk Parent’s Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 4.  Roger will send out an email regarding medical officers.  The swim test will be June 25.

Dan Feidt agreed to rent us his bus on the way up to and back from Tomahawk this year. The PLC thought that this may be a fun option to try for transportation. The plan would be to leave the bus at camp during the week. It can hold up to 44 Scouts and adults, including gear. We would still need to have a few personal vehicles on hand for transporting either Scouts or gear to camp and back.

The June bike trip will be June 21-23.

Mary Sue also noted that all four crews have been reserved for Isle Royale for this August.

Reservations have also been submitted for four crews for Sea Base in August, 2014 (3 sailing and 1 out-island).

5.      Advancement Committee
Joe Mikkelson reported that we had another successful Road to First Class campout. Most of the Scouts in attendance were able to complete a large number of requirements, and we had a good turnout from our troop guides as well. Marc Johannsen added that there are four Scouts who are interested in being troop guides this year, and the ASM’s involved in Road to First Class will be interviewing each Scout to review the troop guide position requirements and confirm interest.

Joe also noted that the new first-year Scouts have started to work on Scout badge requirements.

Marc reported that there are 14 Scouts who will be attending the Many Waters District Merit Badge Weekend at Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp.

Marc also noted that those leaders who are merit badge counselors need to fill out updated paperwork to submit to the district in order to remain as a counselor. It is national BSA policy for everyone to fill out a new adult leader application every three years, which helps to ensure that leaders are current in their Youth Protection training and that information at the district is up to date.

Pat Mahoney will be starting the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge at the April 2 troop meeting.

6.      Fundraising Committee
Bridget Newman updated the Committee on the Manitou 15K race on June 1. We are still looking for sponsors. There is another race that will be running concurrently with the 15K, similar to what we faced last year. It was suggested that we place some kind of tape marking or barrier to split the sidewalk from the road to allow both races to use each half of the road without crossing paths.

Michele Willard noted that orders are being submitted from our flower fundraiser. Tomorrow night is orders turn in night, but so far our new online submission form seems to be working well. She will be submitting our orders to Gerten’s this week. Michele will also be looking for volunteers for sorting flowers on pickup day, which will be on May 11.  Roger reported that 27 Scouts sold $4,077 worth of flowers over the webstore.


Ryan Solberg noted that there seems to be issues with the Cub Foods grocery bagging fundraiser and Cub will be scaling back the available dates they will be allowing people to bag groceries.  Pam Blank checked on bagging at Kowalski’s instead.  The terms are different, but this is an option for us.  They will pay us $250 and allow us to take tips but not put out a tip jar.  She reserved July 3 for us.


Ryan will check on spring compost site fundraising.

7.      Community Service Committee

 No report.  Heritage Park Clean Up is April 23. Scouting for Food is May 4.

8.      Treasurer’s Report
This past Friday Ken Rowe received the check from the White Bear Rotary that is really from the Vadnais Heights Community Fund and which is for our Capital Campaign.

Ken also found out that we can possibly purchase our own insurance for the troop trailers, and he is currently exploring this option.

9.      Other Business
Tim Willard reported that there may be a way that the troop could be making some extra income by using Google AdSense, but Jim responded that website advertising is prohibited by BSA guidelines.  Tim also proposed using generic email addresses with our new Google site.  He will communicate how we can use this new capability.


10.  Old Business
Roger Scherping reported that our Capital Campaign is up to $5,695 or 63% of our $9,000 goal.  Roger, Ken, and Scott Wisgerhof are planning to meet in April to discuss phase 2.


Marc reported that we are approximately $2,000 short of reaching our base goal for Friends of Scouting (we have approximately $3,800 in donations currently). He will be making phone calls to those who have not turned in a pledge card.

Marc also talked about the metal Scout rank display. It might be a fun way to visually express where each Scout is at, and this could also introduce some friendly competition to see who can get to a rank faster. Marc will explore this idea further.

Roger reported that all of the extra firewood that we bagged during our bagging fundraiser several years ago should be used on campouts, and we will come up with a plan to utilize it. We will need to figure out if there any restrictions on transporting it from place to place.

Jim noted that there have been excessive amounts of noise being added from side conversations during regular troop meetings. This in turn makes information harder to hear because of the way the main meeting room at the church is built. He asked the Committee to move these side conversations either to the kitchen area or to the back hallway so that the Scouts are better able to hear announcements and other information.

11.  New Business

 Roger proposed that we move forward with purchasing our new troop trailer. 


·         The Committee approved the purchase of a new trailer with the agreed-upon specifications using funds from the Capital Campaign. The goal is to have the trailer available for the Basic Skills campout. Mike Cerney and John Clarke will be the designated Committee members who will purchase the trailer. They are authorized to spend up to $4,000.  We have agreed to sell the old trailer to Mike’s contact for $500.


·         A group of Committee members led by Jeff Abel, Dan Feidt and Bill Johnson will take care of designing and building shelving units for the new trailer. They will work with our Quartermasters to come up with the best design for the shelving units to accommodate our current and future storage needs.  They are authorized to spend up to $1,000.  The goal will be to have the shelving installed in time for the May campout.


·         A group of Committee members led by Jeff and Roger will work with the Scouts to determine how the outside of the trailer should be decorated.  The top four donors to the Capital Campaign (Vadnais Heights Community Fund, White Bear Rotary, Vadnais Heights Lions, and White Bear Lions) agreed to be recognized on the outside of the trailer. The goal will be to have the design in place for the June campout.


Sam Hunter said he would forward to John Mercier an opportunity to do community service with the Science and Nature Area (SNA) near Hastings.