August 27, 2013


1.  Welcome – Roger called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.  Minutes were approved from the last meeting.

2.  Scoutmaster Report – Jim was absent.  Roger touched upon a few topics in his place.  Patrol configuration will be discussed at future meetings. 


Reviewed Tomahawk week.  There were no issues reported.  Ken would like to use the lower level of Tuscarora to work with the Road to First Class Scouts.  The bus worked out well, and the Scouts loved it.  Marc ended up volunteering to be the Brownsea counselor.  It was discussed that the troop will probably do this again instead of using the camp staff. 


Christy offered details about the upcoming Pack 437 bottle rocket event with the troop.  Zach will need to make a sign-up sheet for this. 


The OA Fall Conclave is Sept. 20-22.  The candidates received their letters this past week and need to register online. 

3.  Camping Committee - MarySue reviewed the camping activities as below:   

- Fishing campout review: There two boats at camp this time which assisted with the boys catching more fish.  Mr. Genz would like to continue this again next year and have it the first weekend in October with three boats.

- High Adventure: Isle Royale 2013 review: All crews had a great time, and trip went smoothly including the youngest Scouts who really trained well for the trip.  The great adult leadership they had was recognized in this accomplishment.

-High Adventure: SeaBase 2014 - nothing new to report. Still on waiting list for scuba.

- Campouts:

Namekagon 9/13 pretty much set; just need to call up and tell them how many canoes are needed. 

October 11-13 nothing is reserved yet as the PLC needs to figure out what they would like to do. 

November is Merit Badge Weekend 11/15 need location to reserve from PLC. 

December is the Lock-In 12/14 which is already reserved. 

January -- PLC should also start to think about January campout if they want to possibly do dogsledding at Spearhead, other ideas of ice fishing and snowshoeing/x-country skiing were also offered.

     - Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch - He just finishing up from Isle Royal trips.  The tents need to be inspected by the Scouts which will be put on the agenda for the next troop meeting.

4.  Advancement Committee – Christy gave an overview of ranks: current status is: 2 Scouts, 18 Tenderfoot, 5-2nd Class, 14-1st Class, 4 Star, 9 Life, and 4 Eagle. 

She reported there is a new document out on the website that explains the process of getting Eagle rank now.  The Eagle workbook has also been revised to allow including pictures. There is an Eagle Expo on Oct. 22 being put on by the district and are willing to come to our troop location if needed. 


The new list of counselors is out, but members should see if it is accurate. 


She announced new merit badges of: Game Design, Programing, Sustainability (beginning 1/1/14 it is an option for Eagle requirement) and Signaling. Cooking has been designated an Eagle required badge. Others that have been redesigned are: Computers, Cycling, Mountain Biking, and Mining in Society.  The district merit badge weekend will be Oct 11-13 and in the first weekend in April.  Marc J is heading the fall weekend.  John Mercier is a Cooking counselor and will need a new book to guide in the new requirements.  Christy recommended going to which shows all the changes in requirements as they update them regularly.


Shelly reported that she can take updates on rank status for the September Court of Honor until a week before. 

5.  Report from PLC – not in attendance.  Will get comments regarding Tomahawk and Isle Royal events next meeting.

6.  Fundraising Committee – Ryan reported that Jim will be heading up the wreath fundraiser again this year.  Ryan agreed to head up the popcorn fundraiser until a different volunteer comes forward.  Both fundraisers will be announced at the Sept 17th court of Honor.  Cory Mattson will  handle the webstore for these.


7.  Community Service Committee decided to change the lilac bush trimming at St. Stevens to an annual community event at the end of May/early June.

8.   Treasurer's Report – Ken reported that he tries to keep an eye on ScoutBucks activity before events so that accounts stay positive, but at times it is difficult.  Event participation hinges on having a positive account. Receipts from the recent events should be turned in as soon as possible so that he can complete financial statements.


9.  Other – No updates regarding the Website, Adult Leader training or Fun Nights.


10.  Old Business – Roger summarized the results of our troop Capital Campaign, reporting that we raised $5,895.  This was short of our $9,000 goal, but enough money was raised to allow us to purchase our new trailer and its shelving and 5 new tents.  The Committee decided that we don’t need the additional 5 tents or the 2 new patrol boxes we originally proposed.  We have a positive balance on the Campaign of $748, prior to collecting the money for the sale of the old trailer and paying the costs of the stickers for the new trailer.  The Committee decided to end the campaign and thanked Scott Wisgerhof, Ken and Roger for their efforts.


A group will get together to plan and carry out the trailer decals. 


A second order for fleece jackets will be put forth as we only need 10 to make an order.                                                          
11.  New Business – The Committee brainstormed ideas for the troop’s 20th anniversary which included: having a May picnic, Joe can put together a slide show, perhaps a Sunday evening before Memorial Day weekend, invite past Eagle Scouts, reserve Podvin Park, past T-shirts as decorations, create a hanger patch. 


Sam Hunter brought forth ideas for more Scout engagement and sustainability including: meeting format changes, incorporating more skills perhaps in a monthly theme into regular troop meetings, having higher expectations of Scout/patrol responsibilities and roles.  Other members shared other ideas.  The Committee supported these ideas which will be shared with the PLC. 


Marc shared thoughts about encouraging the PLC at Planning Weekend to try new/different types of activities and not settle for the bare minimum and routine activities, suggesting that adult supervision may be helpful to guide planning discussions.  Committee discussion revolved around that care would have to be taken to not be intrusive as too much adult contact changes the “Scout lead experience.”