January 29, 2013

TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2013 AT 7:00 PM

1. Welcome Roger Scherping

-Minutes approved from last meeting.  Roger introduced new a new parent whose son recently transferred to our troop.

2. Report from PLC Quintin A.

- The PLC decided on possible Grey Wolf Candidates and reported them to Jim, who will submit 2 names in February. Quintin reported that the PLC would like to have the February snow event on 2/16.  Troop elections: He noted that leadership positions are only open to 1st class and above for upcoming troop elections.  For Planning Weekend he reported that they will use the same template as last year to plan the year’s calendar.  The PLC would like to make the patrols more independent, so they will discuss how to do this there as well.  Jim advised that PLC needs to plan for Planning Weekend.  The PLC needs to put out sign-up sheets out for the 437 events coming up.  Jim would like the PLC to think about a fleece jacket.  Bill proposed a “Speed Career Exploration Night” to the PLC, so Quintin will bring this idea to them.

4. Scoutmaster Report Jim Letourneau

- Pack 437 recruitment: Jim will meet with Pack 437 in February to introduce himself in preparation for the Blue and Gold banquet.  Other events they have coming up are: Pinewood Derby 2/9, Blue and Gold 3/10.  So far there are 7 Cub Scouts that are committed to bridging over, with up to 10 total.  New Scouts Night is 3/12. Troop election was decided to be 2/19.  OA elections will be 2/12.  After seeing fleece jackets at Eagle cave, Jim discussed the troop having an optional Troop fleece jacket to purchase, and Committee members liked the idea.  Deb Clarke said she would look into pricing and report back. 

5. Camping Committee MarySue Abel

- February (snow):  Saturday, 2/16  Snow Fun day at Trollhagen for snow tubing hours 10-8pm, $12 for 3hours, snowboarding $16 and skiing $16 after 3pm.
- High Adventure: Isle Royal (August) 3 of 4 reservations in, 4th will go in tomorrow, so all will be in the lottery system to get the group sites.  Mary Sue explained that large groups can only camp at certain sites.  She will be looking at booking the ferry next. The troop is not considering this trip to be entirely a High Adventure Trip.  Concerns were brought up around proper age of scout for this type of trip and using High Adventure trips for scout retention.  Resolved that with the training beforehand it should be evident if the younger scouts are fully prepared to handle the trip, and now there seem to be enough different High Adventure trips to keep the Scouts interested.
- SeaBase : Mary Sue had tentatively put us down for 2 sailing, 1 scuba, 1 out-island adventure.  She will be looking at a more formal process of collecting money etc…later on.
- Tomahawk 2014 is planned for July 19-26th, 2014.

- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch: Isle Royale Scouts should think about using their personal backpacking tents as the troop will not have enough for all the crews.  Rick will give inventory lists to Jim for Scouts to view.

- Camping store - Jeff Abel-no report

6. Advancement Committee Christy Bartlett:

Christy reviewed the New Sustainability merit badge that is coming this summer, an Eagle required merit badge which is an alternative to Environmental Science.  She also reviewed a13th Eagle required merit badge: cooking.  Committee discussed how that could be included at Tomahawk.

- Road to First Class update Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen/Ken Rowe: Joe gave update regarding the Road to First Class Campout at Fred C on March 8-10.

- Advancement current status:
4 Eagle, 8 Life, 6 Star, 17-1 Class,  2- 2 Class, 17 Tenderfoot,  8 Scout.  Discussed troop participation regarding how active a Scout has to be in the troop.  There was some frustration voiced regarding decreased participation by some of the Scouts regarding their advancement as they near Eagle rank.  Reminders given that we need to be sensitive to what our role is in this process and let the Jim and Roger know if there are concerns about Scouts before their Eagle application is signed.

- Eagle Expo in February: It was decided that the troop should have an Expo this year as the 1st Class scouts should be exposed to it.  It was decided to take place on March 5th during the Troop meeting.

7. Fundraising Committee Ryan Solberg:
Ryan checked into doing more fundraising at the Ramsey County Composting Site.  He will try to schedule 2 or 3 October dates for this.
- Flowers Michele Willard: no report.  Bill will drop off the reservation request for the park for May 11.
- Electronic orders process – Roger reviewed that for future fundraisers the troop is going to use the website ordering entry process.  He will check with Tim and Michelle to see where they are at in the process.

8. Community Service Committee John Mercier:  
Scouting for Food needed to be rescheduled due to Basic Skills campout.  It was decided to schedule it for May 4th.  Heritage Park Clean-up also was scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd. 

9. Treasurer's Report Ken Rowe:
He reported that there are a few Scouts that still owe money from the fall fundraiser.  This prompted discussion of a “no-money- no-product” troop policy which could also be incorporated into the online ordering process.  All of our fundraisers are pre-paid activities now, and no cash is to be turned in by the Scouts, only checks.

- Insurance on troop trailers – Rotary has not provided us with a name yet.
- ScoutBucks statements have been sent out in the past few weeks.
- Financial statements reviewed

10. Other
- Website update Tim Willard – no report
- Adult Leader Training update Dave DiSera – no report
- Fun Night update Mike Pendergast – no report

11. Old Business
- Troop capital campaign update
Roger reported that we are now at $5,270 pledged, or 59% of our goal.  The Subcommittee will follow through with our open assignments through February, and then consider phase 2 of the campaign.
Marc Johannsen reported that pledges are being received.

12. New Business

Marc Johannsen discussed the idea of a metal display for showing all the Scouts’ ranks.

- Rechartering Report
Roger reported that we started the year with 45 Scouts.  We added 23, had 3 age out, had 6 older boys leave, and had 4 first years who didn’t recharter.  We ended the year at 55 boys.  We retained only 82% of our boys this year, which is still excellent, but we were below 90% for the first time in many years.

- Youth Protection Status
Roger reported that most of our rechartered adults have updated their Youth Protection Training.  He will email the District tomorrow to remind them not to drop any of our adults who completed their training.

- WB parade
Ann Cerney wants the troop to commit to doing the Manitou Parade every year.  The Committee decided that this should be given to the PLC to decide.